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Here’s What Happens When You Mix Caffeine with Cannabis

Cannabis and caffeine have been talked about as it gained popularity. Furthermore, different companies in the US have been developing products that combine cannabis and caffeine. Even before the mainstream acceptance of cannabis by the general public, enthusiasts of the drug were constantly in the process of investigating creative ways of mixing these two elements. This was attempted to be achieved by adding cannabis to oil or butter, and then later mixing it with their coffee, and going on to make recipes, which eventually resulted in a good high with a nice flavor.

However, more research needs to be conducted, to understand how these two elements work together. Furthermore, some anecdotal evidence notes were collected that have said that pairing these two elements will result in a high unlike any other.

Here is what is known about the relationship between cannabis and caffeine and the effect that they produce on the body.

Increase in dopamine levels

Both elements show an increase in dopamine levels. According to a study conducted in 2017, increased dopamine levels were found in subjects who consumed both cannabis, and caffeine. When the subjects consumed a combination of both elements together, there was an increase in boost, which resulted in euphoria. Furthermore, a different experience was received by the subjects, compared to those who consumed the two substances, separately.

Increase in heart rate

Caffeine and cannabis have both been reported to increase heart rate which is why it is essential to be careful when one is mixing them. This is especially for the consumers, whose heart rate increases or they can’t fall asleep, upon the consumption of 2 cups of coffee a day. When a consumer is mixing cannabis and caffeine, it is important to choose products and strains that do not contain too much of caffeine of THC, which leads to the elimination of as much discomfort as possible.

Prolonged high by caffeine

A study was conducted on monkeys which concluded in very interesting results for caffeine and cannabis. In the study, one milligram of caffeine was administered to a group of monkeys and leaving the other group of monkeys with no caffeine. However, both groups were given access to unlimited amounts of cannabis.

According to the study, it was shown that the monkeys, who had ingested one milligram of caffeine, were less likely to ingest more cannabis. Researchers thus concluded with a theory that the small amount of caffeine boosted the high of the monkey, which is why it lasted longer and didn’t require large doses of cannabis.

Feeling tired

Cannabis is a depressant and caffeine is a stimulant. According to Live Science, despite this nature, cannabis and caffeine do not cancel out each other. While caffeine sobers up a person when the consumer is drunk, consumption of caffeine when high will accentuate the high.

Care is mandatory

Like any other form of cannabis, it is necessary to find the right dosage of caffeine and THC that is personalized for you and works best for the consumer. If the consumer is interested in trying out this combination of caffeine and cannabis, it is preferable to prepare a cup and ingest it in the morning, so that there is a whole day to be active and test out its effects.

It is also recommended to do this on a day where there are no meetings or deadlines schedules, to eliminate any sort of pressure, as this will be a new experience and you are unsure of how you may feel during the day. It is necessary to start slow, so you can keep a close eye on your experience throughout the day.

Jane Clarke

Masters in Biotechnology, the author loves to write about health and fitness in her spare time.

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