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Manufacturers Find Emerging Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry

A prediction was made last year regarding the recreational cannabis market. The prediction was that there was an expectation of growth of the market by 36.4 percent by 2025, with the increase in availability and drop in prices.

With the increase in the legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis throughout the U.S., an increasing number of consumers started exploring the benefits of cannabis products, where the market responded with an array of innovation. The question, however, is that in the growing, challenging market, how will the manufacturers be able to help the cannabis market.

Cannabis is legalized for adult use in 11 states and Washington D.C, as of January 2020. However, state legalizations are changing regularly, which can lead to confusion in trying to keep a track of.

The legal requirements of packaging, labeling, and marketing in the cannabis industry, and its complexity, are understood by manufacturers who are up to date on market research. While the legalization of cannabis and cannabis products may be fairly new, these manufacturers are focusing on flexible solutions, are also able to adapt well to the change in consumer needs.

As with any product or service, it may show agreement in the fact that half of a business’ success depends on marketing. A large part of marketing and branding initiatives, for cannabis companies, lies in their packaging and labeling. However, similar to the printing restrictions of the medical industry, label requirements are shown to be challenging for cannabis products.

An example would be Star Label Products, which offer the custom labeling options for cannabis products, which are cost-effective and ensure that all legal requirements are met and are custom according to the state-by-state regulations.

It is legally required for cannabis products to provide the following information on their label –

  • The cannabis strain name
  • The date of testing
  • The test number confirmation and name of the laboratory
  • The net weight (in grams)
  • Percentage of CBD
  • Percentage of THC

Cannabis products are usually small, and hence have a great amount of information that needs to put on a small surface, which includes the appearance of health warnings and adhering to specific color regulations. With the number of restrictions and updates to those restrictions, bulk packaging and labeling orders can prove to be challenging for cannabis companies. Manufacturers should focus on this as an opportunity to seek economical solutions for their consumers, along with the advancement of their digital printing capabilities to keep up with the changing industry demands.

The cannabis industry grows on the digital world and according to Forbes, cannabis and CBD companies need to utilize their current customer data so they can understand the type of people that interact with their brands, or purchase their products. Furthermore, as with any market, they must focus on educating instead of selling.

With the new COVID-19 regulations, there have been limitations for consumers in visiting brick-and-mortar shops, with many cannabis companies heavily relying on social media and e-commerce platforms, for their marketing this year. Cannabis companies are now starting to seek manufacturing partners, who can keep the complex regulations in check, while also strengthening their presence in the growing market.

Businesses are being reached by manufacturers and distributors in the cannabis industry, with their company profile on Buyers are turning to for their sourcing needs, from browsing cannabis and medical cannabis packaging suppliers to the private labeling manufacturers to CBD oil suppliers. has a company listing that ensures that one may be able to reap the benefits of the cannabis industry for one specific manufacturer – a Thomas Verified Supplier Badge, on an RFQ page, which has created a 92 percent improvement in submissions.

Saher Asad Mir

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