Coronavirus Vaccine Trials for Humans are Ready – Johnson & Johnson

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Johnson & Johnson brought a good news by moving the Coronavirus vaccine trials up to July from September. Johnson & Johnson is a family of 250 companies which operates on Consumer Healthcare, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals. It is one of the largest pharmaceuticals producing company. Johnson & Johnson started working on a vaccine for Coronavirus in January 2020.

Vaccine Trials Moved Up To July

Initially the company announced that they will begin the human trial of the vaccine in September. However, recently they announced that they will be shifting up the human trial from September to the second half of July.

The technology that the company is using to make a vaccine is the same as was used in the experimental Ebola vaccine that was provided to the people of Congo. The company further told that if the trials go well, they have enough capacity to produce 600 million to 900 million doses by April 2021.

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Vaccine Trial Plan

The vaccine trial plan consists of testing 1,045 people in the initial phases. Healthy adults ages 18-55 as well as aged 65 and older will be testes for the vaccine in this phase. The initial testing is going to take place in the United States and Belgium.

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This vaccine by Johnson & Johnson, if goes well, is going to be the solution to the Global Pandemic that has taken over the world by a shock. The Coronavirus pandemic which has infected 7,514,815 people and taken the lives of 420,316 people. The global pandemic has deflated many economies and also infused hunger and starvation. People are expecting a vaccine so they can get a sigh of relief.

This vaccine by Johnson & Johnson is one of the 124 potential vaccines to prevent Covid-19 as of June 2. 10 of these vaccines have entered clinical trials. Johnson & Johnson is working hard to bring out the vaccine by the end of this year.

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Development on Worldwide Vaccines

A biotech firm Moderna Inc. is also working on developing the Coronavirus vaccine. A phase three trial will start in the end of July with about 30,000 people. People have high hopes from Moderna Inc.

Right now, the situation is quite haphazard. Every day the count of coronavirus patients is increasing and the death toll is reaching the sky. While numbers are not so good and the curve is not really flattening, people expect the pharmaceutical companies to save them from these trying times.

Every pharmaceutical company is testing rigorously and trying to come up with a solution as fast as they can. It is expected that many vaccines will start running human trials in between July to September. With the filled up hospitals and zero available ventilators, people have to see their loved ones dying helplessly. The plasma treatment launched recently has helped many but it is not preventing the disease.

Vaccines are the world’s only shot at eliminating the deadly Coronavirus.

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