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Lock Down Returns As Second Wave Of Coronavirus Hits Beijing

For almost two months, the capital of China, Beijing didn’t report a single new case of Coronavirus. However, things don’t always remain the same as all of a sudden lock downs have returned in the city.

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New Cases Of Coronavirus

A new outburst of COVID-19 cases has occurred. The first new case was confirmed when a 52 year old man was tested positive for the severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) on Thursday. However, it is still not clear that how he became infected as he has denied any travel history.

Additionally, 79 symptomatic new cases have appeared. Most of the cases are from Xinfadi wholesale food market in the south of Beijing. Hence, the authorities sealed off the market on Saturday morning.

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According to the officials, they tested 5803 people employed in the market on Saturday. However, all the tests were negative. They also tool 2383 samples from different surfaces in the market.

The officials have also appealed that the ones who were in contact with the market or the ones who have contacted the market since May 30 must willingly present themselves for nucleic acid test.

Apart from 79 symptomatic cases, the officials have also discovered 48 asymptomatic cases which clearly highlight that people bearing the virus are yet to show the symptoms but they are in isolation for medical inspection.

Lock Down Measures

As Beijing passed 55 days without reporting any new local Coronavirus case, there was relaxation in lock down measures. Hence, people started coming back to the normal life. Unfortunately, due to a sudden rise in the COVID-19 cases once again, the local government has closed down all the sporting occasions and tourism locations. Restaurants must also refrain from allowing large number of people to dine together.

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Eleven residential areas near the market are following complete lock down and the inhabitants aren’t allowed to leave their houses at any cost.

Transmission Of Coronavirus

Wu Zunyou, an epidemiologist at China’s center for disease control stated that the surfaces of the sea food and meat products were tainted. This might have happened when infected people handled these goods.

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Zeng Guang, another epidemiologist at China’s center for disease control told Chinese media that: “Two samples taken from the market detected variants of the Coronavirus that were more similar to those that are prevalent in Europe rather than the variant most commonly detected in patients in China.”

In addition to this, most of the grandeur restaurants of various cities have stopped serving sea food. Furthermore, they are willingly discarding their unprocessed fish.

Xeng, a former health commission senior expert, told state media on Sunday that Beijing will not become another Wuhan. They would not spread the virus to other cities of the country.

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