Does Cannabis Have An Expiration Date?

In the beginning of April, an episode of the Public Television Programme “Antiques Roadshow” was telecasted. During the episode, the owner of a 100-year old medicinal weed cabinet received both good and bad news.

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Good And Bad News

The cupboard contained 288 sections. It was designed to hold herbs which can be used for medical treatments. The value of these herbs was considered to be between $5000 and $7000. Hence, this was the good news. Unfortunately, the contents of three of the sections were absent. This also included the one labelled as “Cannabis Sativa.” Later, it was revealed that the brother of the cup-board’s owner discovered the contents earlier and smoked it already. So, this was the bad news.

According to the news, there are no such reports which show that whether the brother got high as a result of it or not. However, the question is that for how much time Cannabis maintains its potency. The answer depends upon a number of characteristics.

According to Miles Klee, who wrote the online magazine, it is a fact that weed cannot expire at all or decompose like the way milk and meat do. It does not lose its potency or age like a fine wine if you keep it for a year or more. Even so,” Klee added, “you might say that weed has something of an unspoken ‘best used by’ date.”

Factors Affecting The Potency Of Cannabis Or Weed

Leaves may become dry with the passage of time. The most harmful thing for Cannabis leaves is humidity. Particularly because it causes and further enhances the growth of fungus. Hence, it’s really important to learn the best possible way to store your stockpile.

A few months back in February 2020, a blog post was updated. In this post, Namaste, a premium Cannabis brand from the Canadian producer Zenabis. enlisted four factors which affects the freshness of Cannabis.

These factors included:

  1. Moisture
  2. Light
  3. Temperature
  4. Air

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Affects Of These Factors

Moisture may lead to mold that may cause a bad taste along with health problems which includes headaches, vomiting and diarrhea. Light may crack up cannabinoids. So does high temperatures. However, cold can again stimulate the formation of mold. Air can affect both the taste and reduce potency.

These various ways make sure that the product is fully preserved, kept in an air-tight container (glass, not plastic) and stored in a cool and dark place.

Potency Of Weed

According to Lindsey, if weed is suitably harvested, dried, preserved and then stored, it may remain fresh from between six months to a year.

Most of the people cannot replicate ideal conditions, especially involving light and temperature. Consequently, Lindsey advises them to consume the stockpile within the first six months.

Analysis of reduction in potency from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime states that weed reduces THC content approximately:

  • 16 percent  after one year
  • 26 percent after two years
  • 34 percent after three years
  • 41 percent after four years

This emphasizes that people should consume their weed as early as possible.

Other Ways For Consuming Cannabis

There are various other methods to consume Cannabis as revealed by legal Cannabis market. This includes edibles in oils, flavors, tinctures and topicals, wax with a dab rig. All of these must be packed up with precision by meticulous processors under the watchful eye of the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

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Advises By High Times

High Times suggests that edibles must be kept in their initial and native packaging. For weeds, keep them in an enclosed space, a specific distance away from light and temperatures.

Same goes for oils, tinctures, resins etc. However, place them in small containers, specially designed for dabs.

For vape weapons, there is no need to worry about moisture or subjection to air since the pens are already air tight. However, direct exposure to sunlight may cause problems.

In addition to this, Lindsey wrote, consider standing your vape pen upright “as this will keep all the oil at the bottom of the cartridge, ready for immediate use.”

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