Cannabis Startups With a Bright Future

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The recent legalization of Cannabis has led to many brilliant minds coming up with various ideas to utilize it in the best way possible. It seems like Cannabis Industry is going to be the next ultimate step. Many cannabis startups with a bright future are ready to contribute to the industry.

These startups have taken the utility of Cannabis and Cannabis related products to another level. From developing stress relieving gums to CBD-infused tampons for pain relief, they have revolutionized the Cannabis industry.

Innovative Startups in the Industry

Blossom genetics is one such startup launched in 2019. It aims at utilising the experience of growing and breeding soft fruit to develop medical grade cannabis genetics and products. For now they are focusing on two different portfolios; cannabis genetics and medical cannabis

Demecan is the only German company legally allowed to grow Cannabis from 2020 onwards. Launched in 2017, it is all set to deliver the first supplies of medical cannabis to German patients towards the end of 2020. This startup has been a great attraction for all the investors from all over the world.

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Another remarkable startup is the Cannamedical Pharma. Cannamedical Pharma is the only independent German cannabis wholesaler that has established business relationships with around 3,500 pharmacies throughout Germany. Cannamedical Pharma has the largest and most stable supply chain in the EU with access to 40,000 kilograms of medical cannabis.

Creative Cannabis Startups

Working under the philosophy of ‘Life Enhanced by Nature’ Grass & Co (2018) offers a THC-free CBD oil, specially blended using the highest quality organic CBD and therapeutic botanical ingredients. It promises to calm stress and makes you more at ease. They are soon to launch their products at the luxury department store Selfridges.

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Another London-based startup is Cannaray which has a team of conscious people that hopes to empower people to live better lives via its ‘gold standard’ CBD. It manufactures different kinds of hand creams, balms, drops and capsules that fit into our daily routines with ease. They raised £8 million last year. A plus point is that they manufacture 100% recyclable products.

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Rainbow is a French startup that has combined ancient healing techniques with modern technology to create unique stress relief products. With its creative and unique products, it aims to relieve stress. Rainbow has two wellness brands Kaya and Peach & Skin under its umbrella.

Startups with an AIM

Daye is another promising startup that aims to raise the standards in female health and bridge the gender gap in medical research. Breaking the barriers, they developed a tampon that uses CBD to help tackle period cramps as an alternative to traditional painkillers. It is amazing that a team of 40 people has raised £5 million.

Another startup that hopes to become a catalyst for positive change in the cannabis industry is Alphagreen. Founded in 2019, Alphagreen wants to bridge the gap in the market for trustworthy and effective CBD products that go beyond oil and vapes. With only 30 plus employees, Alphagreen has landed on a seed funding of £950k.

Recent researches and studies on Cannabis have revealed its usefulness in many aspects of life. Cannabis. It can treat something as painful as Sciatica. The use of Cannabis not only alleviates the frequency of seizures but also helps with PTSD. Best of luck to all the startups that are working to make the most out of Cannabis!

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