Americans Find Smoking POT ‘Morally Acceptable’

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According to a recently conducted survey, 70% of the Americans said they didn’t find anything wrong with smoking pot. The number of weed smokers has increased by multifold over recent years. This increase can be accredited to the legalization of recreational and medical Cannabis in many states.

A Gallup poll asked 1028 Americans from all 50 states and nation’s capital, if they approved 21 different behaviors and policies. These 21 different behaviors and policies included using birth control, the death penalty, abortion, having kids outside of marriage and wearing fur.

Public Opinion on Different Behaviors

When compared to the use of marijuana, people believed divorce, drinking alcohol and abortion were morally more acceptable than smoking pot. Moreover, respondents found smoking pot more acceptable than abortion, pornography, having children outside of marriage and wearing fur. Public opinions also show the tolerance of people towards different behaviors that are not normal.

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This survey gave an insight on how the opinions of people are evolving over the period of time. Not many years back, divorce, abortion, smoking weed, drinking alcohol and having a child out of marriage were considered a taboo. Politicians should take note of these polls and work on policies for the betterment of people. Polls are a decent window to the public insight.

For the coming 2020 elections, these polls can help amend the failed policies and address the inequities and injustices brought for generations, particularly against communities of color.

Legalization of Cannabis in the Recent Years

Note that 33 states of the U.S. have legalized the use of medicinal Cannabis while 11 states have legalized the use of medical Cannabis. Many countries all over the world have also legalized the use of Cannabis. Turkey, Peru, England, Romania, Greece, Germany, Mexico, Malta, Italy, Finland are some of them. The legalization of cannabis in the recent years has opened many avenues for the cannabis industry. The legalization resulted in icreased demand which in turn led to excessive research on the subject.

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The utility of Cannabis cannot be easily described. Cannabis has the ability to cure something as painful as sciatica and something as severe as PTSD. Cannabis not only work wonders for epilepsy patients but also helps people fighting with anxiety. Many people have reported that Cannabis helped them with asthma and breathing problems.


In view of the recent Coronavirus situation, Cannabis has also found its utility in speeding up the recovery of COVID-19 patients. COVID-19  has reportedly infected over 9 million people in the world. With half a million deaths worldwide, COVID-19 has affected many people mentally and physically. According to recent researches on cannabis for Coronavirus patients, researchers found that Cannabis worked wonders for the patients on ventilator.

The utility of Cannabis is indisputable. However, people easily fall a prey to cannabis addiction. Addiction has many adverse short-term and long-term side-effects on the brain. The governments must regulate the use of Cannabis as consumption in high quantities can be very harmful.

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