3000 Cannabis Plants Seized At Lake Elsinore Residencies

A Lake Elsinore house was converted into an illegal marijuana growing green house. The police discovered more than 1,000 cannabis plants inside the property. According to the authorities, the officers seized the plants and have arrested a 31-year-old man on suspicion of administering this operation.

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Discovery Of Marijuana Plants

The lieutenants of Riverside County Sheriff’s Department swooped the premises in the 35000 block of Desert Rose Way, near Trailside Drive. According to agency spokesman Sgt. Glenn Warrington, this incident took place on Thursday at around 8:30 P.M.

In the beginning of this month, a few anonymous people alerted the lieutenants about the possible illegal cultivation of marijuana at the site. As a result, they carried out an investigation. This lead to the attainment of a search warrant.

Warrington stated that: “The criminal used common building materials to transform the residence into an illegal marijuana cultivation site.” He further stated that they hit upon round about 1,500 marijuana plants in different stages of growth inside the residence. Hence, they seized the plants to dismantle this operation.

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The officers arrested Justin Jun Shen without a hitch. He was booked into the Byrd Detention Center in Murrieta on suspicion of illegally growing marijuana plants. His bail was set as $5000. He paid it to the jail cashier. Hence, the officers released him from the imprisonment a few hours later.

Alteration In Electrical System

The criminal made a few amendments in the electrical system of the property. Particularly in order to assist the sun lamps and other hardware needed to support the growth of marijuana plants. Technicians from Southern California Edison visited the site upon request in order to stop the supply of power to the house. It’s no more safe to inhabit this house as announced by the workers from the Lake Elsinore Department of Code Enforcement.

Previous Discoveries Of Marijuana Plants

Since April, the officers have carried out several raids all over the Lake Elsinore. Their main aim was to discover illegal indoor grows.
Recently, on Wednesday the officers raided a property after obtaining a search warrant. The property was in 30000 block of Skylark Drive. The officers were able to confiscate 1,200 cannabis plants as told by Sheriff’s Sgt. Jeff Reese.


Angela G. Bright, 76 was the only person living inside the house. Hence, the officers arrested her on suspicion of illegal cultivation of marijuana plants. However, her bail was set as $10,000. Similarly, she also paid the amount to the jail cashier. As a result, the officers released her from the Murrieta jail that evening.

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