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Cannabis Can Relieve Menstrual Pain, Study Shows

Cannabis has several medicinal and health benefits and is currently being used for pain relief and inflammation. Studies have shown that it can also effectively reduce menstrual pains.

Owing to the widespread benefits of Cannabis, several nations are working to make it legal. Numerous states in the United States have already legalized medicinal or recreational use of the herb. However, there have been two extreme views about the reforms. While some believe normalizing Cannabis would remove the taboo that surrounds its use, others think it will lead to the drug culture and increased addictions.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Cannabis has a number of benefits. It has long been used for treating pains. Studies have shown that the drug can be used to treat or reduce the intensity of menstrual pains as well.

The Study

Cannabis is easily available for sale in Vancouver. A research study was conducted by the University of British Columbia. It included 192 women who were asked if they used cannabis to relieve cramps during their menstrual cycle.

Out of the 192 volunteer subjects, around 85% of the women said they used cannabis for treating their menstrual cramps. Out of those who used the drug, 90% said that it was effective in pain management and relieving the cramps in a few minutes.

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The most common way of consumption of the herb was by smoking or edibles. Although, effective in helping with pain, the usage led to some hormonal side effects, particularly affecting the hormones responsible for regulating the monthly menstrual cycle.

Side Effects

A study focused on determining the hormonal changes that take place in a female body due to cannabis consumption. It involved 47 subjects between the ages of 17 and 29. They were habitual users of the herb and had been consuming it for at least a year. The results showed changes in the levels of prolactin, testosterone and progesterone in their bodies.

Further, when compared to the non-cannabis user women, the cannabis user’s group showed more frequent variations in their period cycle, including heavier bleeding and shorter length of the cycle – between 2 to 5 days.

Currently, Cannabis is being used worldwide, both to get “high” and treat medical conditions. Particularly after the widespread legalization reforms, the average herb use has skyrocketed. However, despite offering some great benefits, Cannabis comes with its fair share of negative side effects as well.

Source: Medical News Today

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Cannabis use has been linked to affecting short term memory and also leading to anxiety and depression in the long run. Further, studies have shown that it might lead to some degree of visual impairment. A number of cannabis users have also shown symptoms of withdrawal when the drug consumption was stopped. It led to frustration and aggressiveness, that also indicate towards the negative nature of Cannabis use.

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