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California: New Measures to be Taken to Put Down Illegal Cannabis Business

According to the new law by the state assembly, people who would provide space to the illegal cannabis dealers now also have to pay a fine of $30,000 per day. The decision came unanimously by the legislation, however, is pending in the Senate for approval. The lawmakers would finalize it after they come back to Sacramento in a few days.

Since the rate of unlicensed sellers on the pot market in California has drastically increased, the lawmakers are making another move to put a stop to this illegal act. Several new laws against businesses helping or promoting any kind of illegal CBD sale have been made. According to which both would be held equally responsible for these illicit operations.

NORML Stance on the Bill

The United Cannabis Business Assn. is the backbone of licensed firms. It has asked Rubio to acknowledge and implement the Assembly Bill 2122, as it would help in the enforcement of the law.

Even though the licensed retailers are struggling, the California chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws states otherwise. They comment on how the bill is extreme and heavy-handed.

The group believes the existing law would still help if followed properly. It states that it is mandatory to have a state license number for advertising the cannabis business. NORML officials state that illegal sellers are easily getting fake licenses. They are using them and making people fool, especially the ones with whom they are doing business.

Komp said the state could implement ways to support the licensed business by allowing them to work all over California. It is because two-thirds of the cities do not allow them to do so.

Protection under the 1996 Communications Decency Act

The state Bureau of Cannabis Control, in 2018, sends a letter to Weedmap. They were asked to put down the unlicensed business to promote legal ways of selling cannabis. Weedmap gives consumers easy access to cannabis firms. However, the Weedmaps showed that they are not responsible for it under the 1996 Communications Decency Act.

According to the 1996 Communications Decency Act, platforms like YouTube and Facebook are on the safe side. They cannot be charged for the content their users are posting. However, the firm, then in August, reported for no longer supporting the unsilenced cannabis business through its Yelp-like-platform.

However, the official still asserts that, besides these platforms, the ads for unlicensed cannabis business can still be seen on the internet and should immediately be addressed. Weedmaps shed light on the fact that this bill would also cost charges on the people who are unintentionally involved in this illicit business.

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To address the concerns, Rubio bill highlights that charges will apply to those who have the intention of “aiding or abetting” the illegal cannabis business. The publishers would not be accused if they collaborate with the licensed business who would later have an expired license.

If ads on the site are found to have fake license numbers, they could be taken as evidence. It would be considered that the advertiser knew that it was for an unlicensed firm and was committing an act of “aiding and abetting.”

Property owners Responsible for Illegal Cannabis Business

The bill would give the bureau more power if a property owner knowingly rents his space to illegal marijuana retailers. Cannabis kept in such places is not safe or pure and therefore, can put peoples’ lives at risk.

In 2019 December, officials got search warrants for 24 shops in Los Angeles. There they caught $8.8million in cannabis products, 10,000 illegal vape pens, and $129,000 in cash. Despite a little success from the legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes, the illicit market has been flourishing. It sells marijuana at a low cost, as it does not have to pay for state taxes or other purposes.

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