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First CBD Vending Machines Seen in the Czech Republic

CBD is one of those popular ingredients that has miscellaneous health benefits. The Czech Republic has decided to arrange several CBDmats around Prague, Olomouc, Pasohlavky, and Ostrava in the upcoming days after the legalization of it in 2013 for medicinal purposes. All in all, it has been reported of planning the use of CBD vending machines in about fifty locations in the Czech Republic.

Now the tourists and Czech citizens can have easy access to cannabis products. As per the information by Siry, Czech Republic, up till now, has decided to arrange only the basic CBD products. It includes buds, CBD oil, CBD drops, and hemp disinfectants. A bag of three grams of hemp flowers costs 750CZK.

Several studies support the use of cannabis in different health sectors. This is why the Czech Republic is looking forward to ways to spread and make the use of CBD vending machines common, like in the US and Canada.

Usage and Safety Concerns Associated with it

The CBDmats work like an ordinary vending machine. The person needs to choose the desired number of products he likes to buy and then pay for it. It was in 2015 when the Czech law imposed conditions for the use of medical cannabis, including its distribution, supply, prescription, and individual use.

It is clearly stated in this law, that a person can only legally consume 180 grams of cannabis a month, with a proper prescription. Otherwise, he may face imprisonment of one to eight years. Therefore, all the products in the vending machine before go through under an in-depth analysis of their THC content.

Every product is solely being sold for health purposes and is not intended for smoking. A safe amount of tetrahydrocannabinol is used in the products, which does not cause any kind of addiction. The products come with labeling collectors’ items.

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Siry clearly mentions how he has condemned the act of smoking cannabis by keeping the level of THC below 0.3%. It is the maximum legal amount a product can have. However, one can use it for the purpose of evaporation and ointment.

He has taken every possible step to avoid moving to the edge of the law. SIry has also labeled the products to let people know that it is not for children under eighteen. Cannabis products designed for psychotropic effects contain a high level of THC that is around 15%.

Future of the Vending Machines in the Czech Republic

Even though it is just the beginning, the Czech Republic is far behind its competing neighbors. In Austria and Poland,  the use of such vending machines has become quite common. Therefore, Siry, the general manager of CBDmat, is eager to launch CBD vending machines in gyms, hotels, and airports.

Siry is least interested in selling high THC CBD products. He wants to instead focus on other products like candy bars, drinks, soaps, or pads, the way the US and Canada are doing. CBD pads can be quite a useful product for hotels as they have the potential to reduce jet lag.

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The laws concerning the sale and distribution of cannabis in the Czech Republic are still not yet so clear. As when people are cultivating and using hemp with THC below 0.3%, the Ministry of Health of Czech warns that the sale of products with any content of THC, even if it uses as low as 0.3%, has to face the legal restrictions.

Siry wants the vending machines to be useful. Therefore, he is focusing on using cannabis for sedative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and other medicinal purposes. The spokesperson of the Health Ministry of Czech, Gabriela Štěpanyová told, asserts that the law does not allow people to take in addictive substances anyhow, except if they have a prescription or doing it as a part of hospitalization.

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