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Argentina May Take a More Progressive Approach With Cannabis

Argentina legalized medical cannabis way back in 2017. However, it’s been somewhat stagnant in the medical cannabis scenario in Argentina since. But, that may be about to change.

Ginés González García, Argentina’s Health Minister, created quite a stir in the scenario last Wednesday. The Health Minister revealed a new draft for Argentina’s medical cannabis plan. It is to keep in mind that it was just a draft and nothing is final yet.

Reports expect the government to chalk out a final proposition in the coming weeks. But, it is good to see some development nonetheless.

The Health Minister presented the draft, along with members of the Ministry of Health. The draft, per se, is a set of regulations presented to the Honorary Advisory Council.

The council has not only aided in shaping the regulation since February, but also comprises of members from the National Drug, Food and Technology Administration, scientific circles, NGOs, and universities.

Medicinal cannabis in Argentina

The draft proposes some leniency in cannabis cultivation and sales for medical use. If implemented, it would legalize the home-based cultivation of cannabis. However, the government is yet to give a specific amount. The sale of oils in pharmacies would also be streamlined.

The existing cannabis regulations are rather narrow and a broadening of scope is much needed. For now, only high CBD products can be imported into the country. Health care workers use these imports for the treatment of patients with epilepsy or some limited clinical uses.

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There is no denying the fact a lot of people in Argentina still consume cannabis and its derivatives. The strict laws are more of a burden for now. A lot of people who have to use cannabis-related products for treatment have to adopt other means than legal because of the restrictive rules. However, they intend to welcome progressive reforms with open arms.

What does this draft imply?

So far, the new much-needed reforms seem to be much realistic.

People or families that register in the national cannabis program shall be able to cultivate cannabis at homes in a specific amount. However, the ministry has yet to determine that amount. As of now, possession of cannabis is punishable by up to 15 years of imprisonment.

The national cannabis plan shall also incorporate researchers as they shall be allowed to cultivate the plant. However, they still need to decide upon the specifics.

The legislation will also enable the local pharmacies to manufacture oils and sell them to prescription patients. The cannabis supply for such drugstores is yet to be determined.

The import of cannabis shall also gain some perspective with these reforms. Pharmacies will be able to import cannabis products not just for epilepsy patients. However, they still require further discussion regarding the details of these new import regulations.

Take away!

The government has not announced a definitive date yet but there are speculations that it may not take too long. The new reforms do face some criticism here and there, but what doesn’t?

All in all, these new reforms are much welcome. It is time that Argentina broadened its horizon and allowed broader and well-regulated use of medical cannabis. The agreement of the meeting members reflects this issue.

One can hope that these reforms will solve some major issues and bring some much-needed changes across the board.

Ahmed Hassan

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