The Best Alternative Cannabis Intake Methods

Weed, as many experts and connoisseurs across the world would agree, is an artistic experience. One simply cannot just consume the cannabis, but rather, needs to savor the entire affair. You would avoid chugging down a cup of freshly brewed espresso, so to must any bongs be completely cherished. Learn the benefits of slowly and deeply tasting your cannabis, to the pleasurable feeling of experiencing something so decadent. And now it all comes together. That is why we have compiled the alternative list of ways to get your ideal cannabis intake.

Sometimes, the traditional methods don’t hold their own against newer, more innovative methods

Keep in mind the fact that all articles mentioned below needed to fit into one of three possible categories. The first is those that are economical, or cost-effective, to use regularly. So while some would clearly need a $700 pipe, for others a DIY approach works better. Secondly, the item can simply come off as surprising, or ingenious, and definitely wacky. And last of all, the item may certainly be expensive, because only peak performance from your weed is needed. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Apple Core Pipe

If it sounds crude and primitive, that is because it certainly is. Designed so even a caveman could understand the principle, a hollowed-out apple core is still easy to make. Not only that, but the going price of a single apple is quite low in most places. So using this household item to deliver cannabis certainly proves unusual, yet is totally tried and tested.

Gas Mask

A gas mask certainly takes the cake as the oddest method we have come across. Not generally seen outside of battlefield trenches or in the military, you can still buy one. Because they qualify as PPE (personal protective equipment), they still do not cost very much. A skillful pothead can quite easily modify it to their needs. All that needs doing is connecting the vents to a delivery tube. Then, the user can sit back and inhale the pure, airtight fumes to their heart’s content.

Gravity Bongs

If the name sounds complicated, rest assured that the mechanism is not. Gravity bongs, much like its more widely known cousin, the standard bongs, hit hard. It uses the same water chamber design to create vapors and fumes of cannabinoids. However, the gravity aspect of it comes into play when the device is used. Using its natural gravity, the chamber is forcefully submerged and causes instant steam. The advantages of this technique primarily include a better yield. So, that translates to a much better high, as the vapor comes highly concentrated.

Traditional methods of cannabis intake may now face decent alternatives, so say goodbye to bongs as you know them

The days of bongs, joints and edibles ruling the social standards may now number in the few. No longer do newer, more financially constrained users need to invest heavily in inferior products. A single bong, for instance, can run you several of hundreds of numbers in the red. Similarly, even a standard joint, with legally obtained marijuana, and decent quality paper, at least $20. So for those purposes, it may prove much smarter to turn to an easy, homemade intake instead. Furthermore, even the best joints cannot outperform a gravity bong when it comes to effective cannabinoid delivery. So we hope that with the increasing acceptance of cannabis usage, comes a greater awareness of superior unorthodox methods. Only then will cannabis culture really come into its own.

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