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THC levels matter

Cannabis Farmers are taking a breath of relief now. They no longer have to worry about the grading of their products. They can use the test which the University of Minnesota developed in order to calculate the THC levels in their strains.

Why it is important?

Growing cannabis is now legal in many areas around the world. Farmers are trying to be as productive as they can. Many people around the world are depending upon the cannabis market.

Production licenses are availed from the governments by the farmers. The license is based upon mutual agreement and has certain restrictions. The states are trying their best to maintain drug control.

One of the regulations includes maintaining the level of Tetrahydro cannabidiol (THC) in the strain. Farmers have instructions about the strict maintenance of THC levels according to provided standards by the governments.

THC is the psychoactive part of the cannabis crop. It has a high effect. In its pure form, people use THC for ecstatic purposes. This drug mainly associates with recreational activities. It is also addictive if taken over a certain amount.

Most of the governments worldwide are against the legalization of high-THC content products. That’s why they impose regulations for maintaining low THC levels.

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What farmers are facing?

This leads to a problem for the farmers. Maintaining the THC concentrations of cannabis becomes difficult sometimes. Even if there is a pre-established concentrations chart, uncertainties can arise due to environmental conditions. They include extreme weather, pest outbreaks and early frosts.

If the standards are not according to the requirement, they have to waste the batch which is highly unfavourable. It becomes difficult to make ends meet under such circumstances.

What is the solution?

To overcome this issue, the University of Minnesota developed a genetic test that could predict the THC levels in the plant.

The researchers say that the test will extrapolate the amount of CBD and THC expected in the crop. This test will use a variety of cannabis Sativa plants.

While the nominal concentrations are known, peak concentrations can be troublesome. If they do not meet the federal concentration standards, they will not make it to the legal counter.

This is a great step for the hemp industry. The research published in the American Journal of Botany is a major breakthrough. It will help reshape the industry standards. The product can finally be under a specific type of certification.

Many businesses around the world and in the US depend upon the success of this new method. The cannabis industry will be able to avoid huge losses due to the said problems.

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Farmers will also get a sigh of relief from this newfound research. This will impact the overall economy of the US. Hemp industry plays a major role in the country’s economy and any betterment will have manifold impacts.

Being able to predict the THC levels under all types of circumstances is really going to prove extremely helpful. The researchers played a great role in the betterment of the farmers if the things work out. There will hopefully be new seed validations now. Good news for the farmers.

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Why UK’s Clinicians need medical cannabis training



migraine patients need CBD

Uk has been making the news recently thanks to the Medical Cannabis Awareness Week as well as its controversial laws on medical cannabis. Although the country is far away from recreational legalization patients still suffer from the incompetence of NHS staff to deliver cannabis medicine. Professor Mike Barnes, Co-Founder of Maple Tree Consultancy recently talked about this issue. He proves that the UK’s clinicians need training in medical cannabis from various facts.

On November 1st, 2018 the UK’s Home Secretary announced a change to the Misuse of Drugs Act of 2001. This change moved cannabis from Schedule I, labeled as having ‘no medical value’, to Schedule II which specialist doctors can prescribe. This gave a majority of people in the UK a ray of sunshine. However, even after two years. Only two people managed to get a prescription for cannabis treatment from the NHS. In addition, only 2000 other patients got private treatment. Private access to cannabis medication is also very expensive and requires a ton of resources.

The Doctors and Medical Cannabis:

Although a growing ratio of doctors and healthcare professionals are understanding the effects of medical cannabis. This is still the place where most of the problems lie in the system. Although extensive research is done on CBPMs across the world. The UK government prefers trials done in their own country. The issue with that is there are currently no trials scheduled by the NHS on any of the medical cannabis products.

In addition, there is a lack of training of medical professionals to administer and handle medical cannabis products. This results in a lack of confidence in doctors to prescribe such medicines. This means that although over 80,000 doctors across the UK being permitted to prescribe medical cannabis none of them are doing so. NICE produced inadequate guidance on medical cannabis, consequently, doctors are hesitant to prescribe it.

Medical cannabis has some really good effects on conditions like epilepsy, chronic pain, and anxiety and we must get access to it. Since not a lot of doctors are prescribing cannabis right now this issue is likely to stay that way unless the government does something about it. To solve this issue officials need to consider third-party studies such as observational studies and patient audit studies.

Project Twenty21, for instance, is a study by Drug Science in 2019. The aim of this study is to provide up to 20,000 patients with medical cannabis by the end of 2021. They also hope to gather enough evidence to convince the UK government to take steps. The doctors also need training in specific areas such as the endocannabinoid system alongside the medical efficacy of the cannabis plant.

Future of UK :

The steps we have discussed will ensure that the issue of access to medical cannabis is addressed by 2021. Cannabis is also an extremely political issue in the UK. This is primarily because of the lack of policymaking and implementation in the country. The lack of access is ridiculous when you also consider that UK is one of the biggest producers of medical cannabis in the world. It produces almost forty percent of the cannabis in the world used for medicine. However, the country exports most of the cannabis because of poor laws and implementation.

A policy to legalize interstate cannabis trade has been proposed by a coalition of marijuana advocates.

Photo credits: shutterstock

The UK government has failed hundreds of people seeking medical attention currently. For the future to be any good the political community needs to understand the importance of medical cannabis. Proper training is extremely necessary. Two years have already passed and teh people are in dire need for a solution. We recognise that this is a sensitive issue. However, that in no way justifies the wait that people in teh UK have ot endure.

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Israel to legalize recreational cannabis



COVID-19 and cannabis usage leaves mixed data

With the new laws being shaped in the US, several other countries are taking initiatives to legalize cannabis use. In the latest news, we find out that Israel is playing to legalize cannabis. The country is looking forwards to legalize recreational cannabis in the next nine months. Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn said on Thursday that they plan to do so while preserving “liberalism and responsibility.”

Nissenkorn presented the recommendations drafted by his team that was reviewing this decision. This team includes Likud MK Sharren Haskel and Blue and White MK Ram Shefa. Both of these individuals led their parties in the efforts of legalization.

The justice minister also explained the process. He said that they are working on an in-depth draft of the bill that agrees with team recommendations. They hope to publish this bill by the end of November. Once the bill is approved the legalization will take place after nine months. These nine months will serve as a probation period for various government entities as well as companies to prepare themselves.

Avi Nissenkorn stressed that ” It’s time to make progress and legalize cannabis in Israel.” In addition, he also explained that it is an important reform in the world and Israel will not stay behind other countries. Most of the developed countries are moving towards more liberal laws and this is what Israel wants to do as well.

The new law will enable people above and at the age of 21 to legally buy and consume cannabis from stores. The government will establish specialized stores for this task. However, people buying cannabis will have to show their identification for verification purposes. Moreover selling cannabis outside of Israel and importing it will still be illegal.

cannabis for treating coronavirus patients

The New Law:

The new law drafted by the Justice Minister in Israel also states that the stores cannot produce and sell cannabis edibles that resemble candy. The inter-ministerial team also recommended that the government will regulate the prices of cannabis products in order to discourage black market sales. The new law will also discourage the public smoking of cannabis.

In terms of home growing cannabis, you will have to obtain a license. However, the team says they can change this decision later. In terms of ads, cannabis ads will also be prohibited just like cigarettes. They also suggested that hiring comities that disqualify people for using cannabis also need to change their policies.

Deputy Attorney General Amir Merari said the government’s opinion is to favor legalization over decriminalization is a good one. Most of the countries favor decriminalization. However, “decriminalization doesn’t provide a solution for problems such as the black market.” Haskel and Shifa also hailed this decision by saying that “ (it) does justice to more than a million lawful citizens” they also said that “We will not let anyone in the Knesset or outside it stop us.”

Israel has already taken steps in the past to ensure medical cannabis access. The country is also among some of the major exporters of cannabis. Although access is a bit of a problem for local users right now we hope that general legalization might solve it. The recreational use of cannabis is still illegal in Israel. However, offenders get treatment and fine instead of criminal treatment after 2017 decriminalization.

Prime Minister  Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud and Defense Minister Benny Gantz’shave already said that they would advance legislation “to resolve the issue of decriminalization and legalization.” Therefore, we can hope to get marijuana legalized in Israel in the upcoming year just like most of America.



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Lessening Financial Hurdles Could Ease Medical Cannabis Access



Can the benefits of CBD replace pharmaceutical drugs like gabapentin?

The Medical Cannabis Awareness Week took place in the UK from November 1 – 8. During this time the Saphire Medical Foundation worked to raise as many funds as they could for the financial help of patients. These funds will reduce the financial barrier to medical Cannabis access in the UK.

Although medical cannabis is declared legal in the UK as of November 2018. The NHS practitioners still never prescribe it, consequently. A lot of patients looking for this treatment have to resort to private options. Saphire medical Foundation worked to reduce this problem this year. They raised awareness about the financial barriers and also collected funds to help the deserving. To do so the industry teams walked, ran, and swam the 550km journey from London to Holland.

This journey holds a lot of importance in cannabis history. Before legalization in the UK. The majority of families had to travel from London to Holland in order to gain access to the medicine. However, after the legalization, UK families still spend hundreds of pounds to get treatment each month. A recent survey shows that about 1.4 million people in the UK are accessing their cannabis medicine on the black market.

Due to financial barriers and the remaining stigma associated with cannabis products. People are forced to treat chronic health conditions in this way. Dr. Michael Platt who is the co-founder of the Sapphire Medical Foundation and a Consultant Pain Physician at Sapphire Medical Clinics explained the efforts. “Our teams across the industry are taking on the challenge to help raise awareness and funds for Sapphire Medical Foundation,” he said.

Moreover, he told that his organization is committed to reducing the financial barriers in cannabis treatment in order to help the patients. However, the ongoing pandemic made fundraising difficult this year.

Cannabis Treatment in the UK:

Although organizations like Sapphire Medical Foundation are trying to get the cost down. There is a limit to what they can achieve. Cannabis costs remain a barrier to access for many patients. These patients are missing out on a treatment that can change their lives. The circumstances are likely to stay this way until the NHS is completely sure of cannabinoid medication. Although they are working on new research topics several private organizations are also working to familiarize doctors with this treatment.

In addition, the government has promised to hold trials for epilepsy medication using cannabis. That will likely start the next year after we get rid of this pandemic. As for how you can help you can contribute funds to these devoted NGOs working on cannabis medication.  You can donate to Sapphire Medical Foundation via their website.

These funds will not only help patients in need but will also help these organizations keep their voices afloat. The clinic recently announced a new medical cannabis range at a lower cost to help reduce financial barriers to access. This will likely be available for patients soon.

Lastly, medical cannabis is a new chapter in medical history. while the governments are justified to approach changes and decisions with caution. the slow speed is denying a lot of people the treatment they deserve. The UK has a lot of medical issues that can be solved by improving medical cannabis access. Moreover, a lot of people are spending their fortunes on private treatments. The government promised these people quality healthcare for free and they must deliver.

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