UK in dire need of medical-cannabis

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Countless families with individuals suffering from epilepsy and other neurological disorders as well as charities have started to raise voice in the UK. The government promised easier access to medical-cannabis after legalization. However, the situation is growing severe with every passing day as NHS officials continue to hesitate to prescribe medical-cannabis.

Two years have passed since the government initially allowed the use of medical-cannabis in the UK. The decision took place after the high-profile campaigns by the families of Alfie Dingley and Billy Caldwell. Two boys diagnosed with intractable epilepsy. The majority of people hoped that this change in law will have some serious improvements to the medical facilities from the NHS.

However, according to the recent campaigners. Since the law was changed about two years ago in 2018. NHS officials have only written three prescriptions containing medical-cannabis. These include the initial two prescriptions for Alfie and Billy. This is an alarming factor that needs immediate attention from the officials.

The lack of access has left a number of families hopeless. These families were happy after the legalization to finally get the medical care they deserved. In addition, a lot of families are also forced to look for alternatives in the private sector. This means that people are forced right now to pay for something they should be getting for free. The recent outrage from families has finally sparked a fire.

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, previously instructed the NHS to carry out a review of the difficulties of accessing these products in the health service currently. The following report from NHS promised a solution for people accessing treatment privately. However, it looks like the officials as well as the government have forgotten about that promise.

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Acting on the Promises:

Access to cannabis-based medication is a major issue in the UK. We already highlighted how cannabis-based medicines can help in the UK’s major medical problems. However, the NHS is still reluctant and it’s about time that should change. Various organizations in the UK are asking the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England to urgently establish an ‘alternative study’ for this group of people.

One of the people raising their voice. Simon Wigglesworth said that. “Despite evidence that they can be effective and, in some cases, life-changing. Even more, families who had hoped to benefit from the change in the law are unable to afford these treatments at all.”

Opting for cannabis-based medicines is a favorable treatment for epilepsy. However, it can only take place after successful evidence from clinical trials. The people in the UK have demanded major clinical trials for a while now but the government has failed to deliver. Most of the children suffering from this type of illness don’t have much time. Every seizure they experience has severe effects on their health and can be life-threatening in some cases. the government must act before it is too late for these children.

Peter Carroll is the head of End Our Pain a campaign in the UK for legalizing medical-cannabis. He said that ” The law change on 1 November was visionary and much welcomed.  It offered hope to thousands of patients with a range of conditions and in particular to families caring for a young person living from intractable epilepsy. But these hopes have been cruelly dashed. ”

Families in the UK had to go to shocking lengths to secure Alfie Dingley his license last year. It is about time the UK makes the life of hundreds of families in the country easier.

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