Voters in South Dakota decide about their Legitimate Marijuana Future

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South Dakota voters remained successful in legalizing marijuana in two forums. Legitimate marijuana will now be available on both medical and recreational forums.

The tide for cannabis decriminalization is catching air this election in the US. Many more states are starting to add marijuana reforms into their legislatures. Voters are coming in storms to get their demands from the states.

In the US, the approach was first put into use by Washington DC and Colorado states in 2012. These states raised their voice and legalized marijuana on medical fronts.

This led to a nationwide campaign which is meeting its final stages in the elections 2020. Almost half the states in the US have now legitimized either medical or recreational marijuana or both.

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Why Legalize Cannabis?

There are countless benefits of cannabis on medical fronts. We support controlled use of CBD and THC which is to the extent that it gives benefits and not addiction.

CBD is the non-psychoactive part of cannabis which is helpful against many neurological and other issues with the human body.

The drug is available in many countries worldwide for providing relief against many issues. The only medically certified use of it is, however, in Epidiolex. It is a medicine for fighting epilepsy in children.

Opposition’s Arguments

It is still illegal on federal grounds and hence it becomes difficult for the medical agencies to study the drug and grade its benefits or demerits.

That is why governments are worried about the regulation of legitimate marijuana dosages. If recreational use for drug propagates, addiction rates can become higher. It will result in an increase in car accidents, lack of productivity at work, domestic issues and much more.

However, the drug is in use a lot by the patients for relaxation purposes and if it legalizes and moves through a regulation channel, the access becomes very difficult.

For this reason, voters are pushing to get the state into legalizing possession and usage of up to one ounce of the drug by adults. Voters in South Dakota were successful in the legalization this election time.

Adults will be able to keep and distribute the drug and three plants will be legal per patient. This will help in the decentralization of the economy as the market will not be concentrated by two or three parties anymore.

Patients will be able to grow their own marijuana plants. It is easy to access and less effort requiring as well. Patients with debilitating illnesses will be able to purchase up to 3 ounces over the counter.

South Dakota Revolution

The state of South Dakota is meeting a newfound revolution under the most complex circumstances. It is the only state that went from the forbidden zone to complete legitimization real-quick.

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The state went for the ballot votes because officials were unable to take the required actions. They were conservative while the public is not. They are against the criminalization for possession of the drug which results in ruining many lives.

The prosecutors against the legalization deem the act as reckless. They are of the opinion that full-fledged possession and usage of the drug should not be promoted because of the high effect.

They also repeat that proper research is yet needed for the supervision of drug usage. And that regulation is not possible with downright quick legalization.

The officials and public in support are now celebrating the legitimate marijuana law which will be applicable by July 2021. This is a great day in the history of South Dakota.

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