Biden Campaign Urges Voters To Speak on legalization

As Joe Biden approaches closer to victory in one of the most exciting US elections in history. His campaigners are asking voters to make social media posts announcing why they voted. There are a number of pre-made templates for users. Interestingly, one of the templates is about cannabis reform.

This template along with seventeen others is available on the Biden-Harris campaign site. People can use these templates with a photo of them in the frame. There are a lot of options, one for each policy change that you wish to support. The one about marijuana reads “I’m voting to decriminalize marijuana use.”

The Biden campaign team selected these topics from the ones trending mostly in young people. This way they were able to engage more and more voters on Election day. In addition,  although the template says “decriminalization” instead of “legalization”. Most of the Americans from 18 to 29 years of age want a bigger change as well (Gallup 2019).

In the past, the former vice president was a little skeptical about legalization he played a leading role in anti-drug legislation in the senate. However, that has changed now. He has regularly talked about removing penalties for marijuana possession and also believes that previous convicts must be expunged. Biden also highlighted that no one should go to jail for low-level drug crimes. Instead, these people need proper treatment and training.

Source: Biden For President.

Either way, the social media post template shows that marijuana legalization is an important issue in America and needs to be voiced.  Although President Trump has talked about him being the criminal justice reform candidate and supports all the sate base law changes. he has specifically not talked about legalization leaving doors open for Biden to Step up.

The Templates:

In addition to marijuana legalization, there are several other templates that highlight equally important issues. These include racial justice, LBGTQ+ equality, protecting the environment, and immigrants’ rights. Biden announced this tool on Sunday asking his supporters to try it out and post their stories.

Biden has some seriously bad senate record in terms of laws. His policies in the 1994 Crime Bill negatively impacted communities of color. According to him the policies that did most of the harm were not made by him. He also owned up to his bad decisions in the past saying some of the policies were a “Mistake”.

besides supporting decriminalization Biden is also in favor of medical cannabis. He supports states making their own laws and regulating this industry. Biden’s running partner Sen. Kamala Harris recently talked about a deal with him. She said that she will share her thoughts more regularly on progressive government policies such as marijuana legalization from now on.

She condemned the previous government policies on drugs saying that. “When you look at the awful war on drugs and the disproportionate impact it had on black men and creating then criminal records that have deprived people of access to jobs and housing and basic benefits,”

Lastly, Biden has talked about marijuana reforms a number of times in the past few days and we can hope the situation improves in the future.

Alan Bert: