Wisconsin: Legalizing Cannabis Cultivation Can Help Farmers Financially

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Cannabis comes under controlled drugs at the federal and state levels, including Wisconsin. Lawmakers are making efforts to legalize and decriminalize marijuana-involved activities. Moreover, upon legalization of the cultivation of marijuana, farmers will be able to generate profits as the weed industry is evolving and expanding. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, people face the hardest time of their lives one way or another. The Hunger Task Force worked to provide healthy, fresh food to hungry people. 

Wisconsin Food Strategy For Hungry People

Earlier in February, Governor Tony Evers suggested a proposal to help Wisconsin agriculture with a budget of $43 million. Moreover, the proposal provides means to solve meat processing issues and aid local farmers of Wisconsin. 

Sherrie Tussler is the Executive Director of the Hunger Task Force. According to Tussler, the budget of $43 million is for providing prepackaged healthy food to the Wisconsin needy families. The distribution of healthy food to the needy will occur with the collaboration of Wisconsin-based farms and companies. 

Furthermore, Tussler suggests, according to the proposal, the governor and legislature will be using the farms of the state to feed needy families. 

Moreover, the budget for Wisconsin’s food share has further increased since the onset of coronavirus-pandemics. Thus, enabling the Hunger Task Force to help citizens that are unable to purchase healthy food. According to Tussler, Evers’ proposal budget will enable further expansion of the program. 

Sherrie Tussler further added that previously families were given a minimum household allotment of $16. However, as the nutritional budget expands, participants are receiving $234. Moreover, Tussler encourages them to continue the good deed of feeding the needy for as long as they can. 

According to the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation, Evers’ program will provide a budget for developing the meat-processing-industry. Moreover, it will lead to resolving the issues of the meat industry. 

What Do Others Say About Evers’ Proposal?

John Peck is the Executive Director of Family Farm Defenders. He also appreciates the governor’s proposal and is hopeful farmers will be able to benefit from it. Moreover, Peck believes the Evers program will enable farmers in Wisconsin to sell agricultural goods and earn profits easily. 

The farmers will not have to face difficulties in selling their agricultural products. Pecks said that it is hard for crop-cultivators to sell their goods in Wisconsin. Moreover, they are to sell their agricultural goods to big corporations and are not to sell their goods on their own. As a result of this cycle, farmers are facing bankruptcy.

Agricultural workers Facing Problems, Cannabis Cultivation can Resolve Some Issues

Moreover, the state needs Meat Processing Grant Programs to improve the meat processing industry in the state. Local meat processing farmers are not willing to work with Wisconsin companies. Furthermore, the complexity of the system drives agricultural workers away. According to Peck, the state is not utilizing local companies, and 90% of the food comes from outside the state. 

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As there are limited facilities and complex-system farmers are suffering a financial crisis. Moreover, the situation is leading farmers to mental health issues such as depression and suicidal thoughts. Furthermore, in rural areas, the rate of suicide has also increased. 

Peck suggests that the state should solve the bankruptcy issue by legalizing cannabis cultivation. The cannabis industry is expanding, and its demand is increasingly legalizing it in the state for cultivation will enable farmers to get rid of the financial crises. 

According to Peck, the proposal is merely a wish-list for Evers, as the Republican Senators will not agree to most of its measures. According to Tussler, there is hope that Senators will vote in favor of fellow Wisconsin farmers. Moreover, if the senate legalizes marijuana cultivation, it will ease the burden of farmers and enable them to get a better life. 

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