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11 Surprising Health Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis is getting popular very quickly across the world. It is found in many different forms. And the reason of its popularity is that it has many health benefits. Cannabis can be used for both medical and recreational purposes.

Cannabis consists of two chemicals i.e. CBD and THC. CBD influences the brain allowing it to operate better and THC helps to relieve the pain.

Following are some of the advantages of cannabis.

1- Enhances the capacity of lungs

The interesting fact about cannabis is that it helps to enhance the capacity of human lungs. Unlike smoking cigarettes, which causes such harm to human body especially lungs, smoking cannabis does not create any harm. In fact, studies say that cannabis helps in expanding the capacity and life time of the lungs.

2- Gives comfort from chronic pain

Cannabis has many chemical substances in it which are known as cannabinoids. These cannabinoids help to relieve chronic pain in patients because of their chemical makeup.

3- Helps in losing weight     

Among all the health benefits of using cannabis, the most important one is that it helps in losing weight. A devoted cannabis user can’t be overweight. The reason is that cannabis helps in regulating and controlling the insulin of human body. Also, it efficiently manages the caloric intake.

4- Helps to cure cancer

Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases for human health. Cannabis helps to treat cancer too. This is the biggest advantage of medical cannabis. Studies suggest that cannabinoids help to cure certain types of cancer in human body.

5- Regulates the diabetes

As already mentioned, cannabis helps to regulate insulin of human body. Therefore, it prevents diabetes. According to the research of American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC), cannabis helps to stabilize blood sugars and blood pressure. Also, it improves the blood circulation in human body.

6- Provides assistance to treat depression

Depression is the most common medical illness people are going through these days. Cannabis has endocannabinoid compounds which help to regulate mood shifts. Ultimately, it helps to ease depression.

7- Make the bones stronger

According to the research studies of Bone Research Laboratory, cannabinoids help to heal the broken bones of human body. It nourishes the broken bone, hence quickening the procedure. Also, cannabinoids make bones stronger.

8- Provides aid to medicate ADHD/ADD

Patients suffering from ADHD and ADD have trouble maintaining focus on the job at hand. They face difficulty in maintaining concentration and lack cognitive performance. Cannabis helps to cure this disease too. It is a safer and more reliable alternative to Ritalin.

9- Diminishes anxiety

Cannabis is only useful and productive if it is taken in a certain amount and properly monitored. Despite the fact that cannabis is usually known to induce anxiety, but when it is taken in a proper monitored way, it helps to diminish anxiety and calm the users.

10- Helps in arthritis

Individuals who suffer from arthritis can take benefit from cannabis as well. THC and CBD, both the components of cannabis help to treat arthritis. Creams, balms and oils of cannabis are very useful for this purpose.

11- Minimizes the side effects of hepatitis C

Fatigue, muscle aches, and nausea are some of the side effects of hepatitis C. Cannabis helps to lessen these side effects as well, making the treatment more fruitful.

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