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COVID19 – China Expects a Developed Vaccine by November 2020




The increasing number of infected cases and COVID-19 deaths have led to nothing but fear and chaos worldwide. Governments are trying to control their respective nations and enforcing drastic safety measures, with nearly 6 million cases. All of this led to a global lockdown and economic crisis.

The outbreak particularly began in Wuhan, at the start of 2020, and infected enough individuals, to cause the start of strict actions in March, worldwide. With the flattening of the curve in some parts of the world, governments are uplifting the lockdown. However, the situation is still not under control.

Many researchers worldwide have been working on a vaccine or a cure for the coronavirus. Clinical trials are conducted for potential drugs as well. This led to researches on older drugs such as BCG or previously used drugs for similar illnesses such as Remdesivir. The U.S approved the anti-viral drug Remdesivir for the start of trials as it recovered 50% of the patients. 30% of the other half, faced significant recovery, if not complete.

During this entire time, the health care industry is an integral element. While health care workers are constantly risking their lives to save patients, researchers are constantly working on the cure and vaccine. The Chinese government, however, has declared a Chinese COVID-19 vaccine. They expect the vaccine to be ready by the end of the year.

The vaccine

Two companies are currently working on the vaccine. The Chinese states own them as well as the Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) who made a post on social media on Friday. They have stated that it is possible to release it by the end of 2020, or early 2021.

The two companies are the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products and the Beijing Institue of Biological Products. Reuters has reported that the 2 companies have begun the second phase of testing for their developed vaccines. Furthermore, they have completed the administration of doses to over 2,000 individuals during clinical trials.

The SASAC has reported about the production line of the Beijing Institute of Biological Products. It is said that the production can be anywhere between 100 million and 200 million vaccine shots in a 1-year period, at its full capability. furthermore, the Chinese researchers have 5 ongoing immunization tests, conducted on humans. This is currently greater in comparison to any other nation worldwide.

China is believed to be the origin of the deadly virus. This is mainly because he first infected case and outbreak began in Wuhan, China. However, the country exists with its own medical organizations, regulators, study groups, and other private companies. Each of them is on the mission to develop the first coronavirus vaccine. Consequently, there is an effort to team up, despite the overtime work hours.

Chinese President has vowed to share the success of any vaccine, with other countries. However, Bloomberg has reported the past issues of China with production quality and security disrepute.

Other vaccines and clinical trials


Deccan Herald

Earlier estimations had pointed towards the duration of another year. However, the Chinese who expect a vaccine by the end of 2020, says otherwise. Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci gave a statement regarding the potential vaccine. He stated that they could develop the vaccine by November after the FDA provides clearance for clinical vaccine trials.

Meanwhile, the Department of Health and Human Services has signed contracts. The contracts require the delivery of $100 million value of syringes. This will all lead to the vaccination drive. The World Health Organization has stated that over 100 potential COVID-19 vaccines are currently being tested. They are undergoing preclinical trials while 10 of those vaccines will be approved for human testing this week.

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Cannabis Rendered Helpful in Saving Lives of COVID-19 Patients




Recent Researches revealed how Cannabis plant can help in saving lives of COVID-19 patients. The active components found in Cannabis Plant make it seem as a possible treatment for coronavirus infections.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Cannabis

The University of Nebraska and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute are conducting further researches to study the utility of CBD to check its utility in treating inflammation of lungs caused by coronavirus. The anti-inflammatory properties of Cannabis can be especially valuable in improving issues related to behaviour, immunity and brain.

Researchers explained that the infection is related to a cytokine superstorm, that causes symptoms like cough, fever and muscle pain. The increased inflammation can even cause pneumonia and breathing difficulties. Breathing difficulties are the number one cause of deaths due to COVID-19.

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Reduction in the Amount of Cytokines

Previously, researches conducted on CBD show that it can bring down the level of several cytokines, that cause inflammation, including IL-6. It also helps in controlling interleukin (IL)-2, interferon gamma, IL-1α and β, inducible protein-10, macrophage inflammatory protein-1α, monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 and tumor necrosis factor-α. Excess of these leads to severe COVID-19 conditions. Moreover, CBD also increases the  interferons production. Interferon is a protein that prevents viruse replication and activates immune cells.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties have worked wonders for asthma patients by reducing the production of pro-inflammatory cytokine production. CBD also reduces pulmonary fibrosis. This condition causes scarring, thickening and damage to the lung tissue, along with making breathing considerably more painful. COVID-19 actually leaves patients with pulmonary fibrosis. This is the major reason why Cannabis can greatly help COVID-19 patients.

Recent Researches revealed how Cannabis plant can help in saving lives of COVID-19 patients. The active components found in Cannabis

Image Credits:

An insight into how COVID-19 works

Much like other respiratory pathogens, COVID-19 is also spread through respiratory droplets. However, it also has potential for contact and aerosol spread.

Coronavirus makes it way into the human body through receptor-mediation. This is done through angiotensin-converting enzyme II (ACE2). ACE2 is present in lung tissue, oral and nasal mucosa, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, and testes.

This information opens door to a new way of hindering the spread of coronavirus. Modulation of ACE2 could prove fruitful in this regard.

Cannabis’ prospects

A special strain of cannabis can render this function. Through ACE2 modulation it could block the virus’ entry into the human body. Nipping the evil in the bud.

Basically, ACE2 acts like doorways to the virus. The main idea is to temporarily alter the extent of ACE2 gene expression. Therefore, it could very well make the human body a no entry zone for the virus. The same strain could also be used to stop the virus’ propagation if it has made its way into a person’s body.

This is where Cannabis sativa comes into play. Plants with high CBD content have been proposed as a way to modulate the ACE2 gene expression in target tissues.

At this point in time, it is more of a theory than a confirmed fact. However, it sure opens a new avenue with promising prospects. If it proves successful, the next step would be to start manufacture that particular strain into a medication.

It sure looks like CBD properties of cannabis can prove fruitful in the treatment and prevention of coronavirus. However, further research will prove whether it is the case or not.

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Cannabis Found Effective in Treating Pain With Zero Side-Effects




Recent Researches on Cannabis revealed its efficacy in Treating Pain with zero side-effects. A survey conducted as a part of this researched showed that patients experienced relief using cannabis for pain.

An Effective Substitute of Opioid

The survey also showed that Cannabis has greatly substituted Opioid. Opioid is a harmful drug which is used for managing pain. Previously, Opioid was the only drug effective in treating pain. However, it had a lot of side-effects. It causes drowsiness, mental fog, nausea, and constipation. It can also cause slowed breathing, which can lead to overdose deaths.

The daily use of cannabis in patients showed prolonged improvements in pain management and increased quality of life. In just a short interval of only three months, patients began to feel improvement in overall physical and mental health.

Effectiveness of CBD Oil in Pain Management

CBD (Cannabidiol) exists as a chemical compound which is obtained from the cannabis plant. Moreover, it decreases the pain with no development of any mind-altering or psychoactive effects. Additionally, CBD oil is produced by the extraction of CBD powder from the cannabis plant. Recommendations involve the use of olive or coconut oil, as a mixture, for better use.

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The latest studies on CBD oil have unveiled its neuroprotective, anti-seizure, and pain relieving qualities. Owing to its remarkable impacts on the human body, several celebrities are advocating for CBD.

Worldwide Legalization of Cannabis

It is essential to note that 33 states of the U.S. have legalized the use of medicinal Cannabis. Moreover, 11 states have legalized the use of medical Cannabis. With the legalization of Cannabis, the demand and supply of cannabis increased by multifold.

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Cannabis has proven to be extremely useful in treating various medical conditions especially depression, anxiety, insomnia and PTSD. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a winner in treating breathing conditions as severe as asthma.


In view of the recent pandemic, COVID-19, Cannabis has also found its utility in speeding up the recovery of COVID-19 patients. COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease that has infected over 11 million people in the world. It is a cause of nearly half a million deaths worldwide. Medical marijuana has helped many people recover from the deadly disease.

In the view of the situation, many different countries have also relaxed their laws on the use of cannabis and cannabis related products. COVID-19 very badly affected economies all around the world. Tax revenues generated by the sales of Cannabis might help lift the deflating economies.

DANGERS of Cannabis

Cannabis plant consists of 2 major compounds; CBD (Cannabinol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). While CBD is responsible for relaxing and calming the brain and nerves, THC is responsible for the ‘buzz’ or ‘high feeling’. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) acts on the specific receptors in brain cells and slowly deteriorates our brain.

However, Cannabis is an extremely useful drug if used in optimal amounts.It is highly effective in Treating Pain With Zero Side-Effects.

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Asian Visitor Caught Smuggling 6kgs of Cannabis in Dubai




Dubai’s airport authorities caught a 24-year-old Asian smuggling 6kg Cannabis. The man was arrested in early March on the charges of possession of illegal dried Cannabis flower. The defendant was in detention since his arrival at the Dubai International Airport (DXB) on March 3.

The customs agent at DXB told that they got suspicious of the man after his luggage went through the X-Ray machine. After a thorough search, the authorities found Cannabis stashed in fabric bags. The convicted man has been sentenced to a decade in prison for smuggling 6kg Cannabis. He will also have to pay a fine of Dh50,000. According to the laws of UAE, the convicted man can appeal the ruling in the Court of Cessation within 15 days.

UAE & Cannabis Smuggling

The UAE has very strict rules regarding the possession, consumption, or transportation of prohibited drugs. Previously, the UAE authorities slapped a British tourist along with a 10-year sentence for bringing CBD oil into Dubai. It is to note that the maximum penalty for drug trafficking in the UAE is execution.

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According to the recent 2020 World Drug report, the trend of use of illegal cannabis is increasing in the developing countries. Afghanistan and Morocco are primary suppliers of illegal Cannabis. It also showed that the illegal sale of cannabis has skyrocketed in Asia, Africa and South America.

Dubai’s airport authorities caught a 24-year-old Asian smuggling 6kg Cannabis. The man was arrested in early March on the charges of

Image Credits:

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Illegal Drug Trade

The illegal Cannabis trade includes cultivation, distribution, manufacturing and sales of drugs against the law of a state. Most states prohibit the trade of drug unless done with proper licensing. It might vome as a shock to many that illegal drug trade made up 1% of the total World GDP. The illegal drug trade is so widespread globally that it remains difficult for authorities to to thwart its popularity.

Illegal drug trade dates back to the 18th century when China first banned the use of opium in 1729. However, the illegal drug trade found its way to China which is how the number of drug addicts in China reach 12 million in 1838. This led to China banning the import of Opium which resulted in the First Opium War between the United Kingdom and Qing-dynasty China.

Since then, many countries banned the use of drugs which led to the black marketing of drugs.

Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis is an addictive drug but its utility goes beyond that. Cannabis contains CBD which helps with anxiety, depression, insomnia and many other medical conditions. It has greatly helped people with autism. It has proven to relieve symptoms including tics, seizures, depression, rage attacks, and restlessness.

Its anti-inflammatory properties made it an extremely effective drug in treating COVID-19 patients on ventilators due to breathing problems. The use of medicinal Cannabis greatly decreased the rate of death in COVID-19 patients. Moreover, asthma patients reported that the long term use of edicinal cannabis helped them during seasonal changes.

The UAE has very strict policies regarding the possession of drugs. You should double check your luggage for Cannabis before landing into Dubai.

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