Two New Coronavirus Cases Emerge: Did New Zealand lift lockdown too soon?

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New Zealand was declared a Coronavirus free country almost a week back. However, just recently, two new coronavirus cases emerged out of nowhere. Reportedly, these two cases are women who were visiting from England.

These women were visiting their dying parent. According to the protocol, they had to stay in self-isolation for two good weeks. However, due to the urgency of the situation they were allowed to leave on compassionate grounds. The condition on which they were allowed to leave was that they will use the maximum precautions. They were not supposed to touch or come in contact with any person.

To the dismay of the Kiwi Government, these two ladies tested positive for the novel COVID-19. They travelled to Wellington from Auckland by Car. They had no contact with anybody during their road trip. However, there is still a great deal of chance that anybody around them might have caught the virus.

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Isolating the Two New Coronavirus Cases

The government is trying to spot all the people who came in close contact with those ladies. They have asked the car driver, the passengers and staff on their flights, a family member they met at Wellington and all the people who were staying in Auckland hotel during their quarantine to test for the virus.

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These two women travelling from Britain will be staying in isolation till their recovery. They have also delayed the funeral of their parent. New Zealand had gone clean for three weeks without any Coronavirus positive patient. They were planning to further lift all the restrictions after the 28-day period has passed. On the other hand, Britain has encountered almost 300,000 cases of COVID-19 with more than 42,000 deaths. While the graph of Britain is flattening, it is still on a count of more than thousand patients in a day.

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New Zealand declaring itself a Coronavirus free state was a ray of hope for many people all around the world. People were happy that countries are recovering from such a setback. It seemed that humans can after all control and contain the virus. However, now some chances of a spiral continuing are possible.

New Zealand’s Strategies

New Zealand treaded with extreme caution. Their strategy for dealing with Coronavirus was commendable. They opted for a swift lockdown and closed borders in time. The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been highly praised for her skilled management. On the confirmation of these two Coronavirus cases she said that this failure is unacceptable. She further added that with more than 8 million cases across the globe, it is impossible that they won’t get cases at the border.

Prime Minister Ardern said that there will be no laid-back attitude in examining the COVID-19 patients. The government will be more cautious while dealing with the borders.

Worldwide Stress

The COVID-19 pandemic has frozen the world for the last three months. With zero certainty, people are getting anxious. This is a global issue very different from all the ones that we have previously faced. Leaders are coming up with new strategies and management policies. Doctors and Pharmacologists are coming up with new formulas to deal with the virus. However, there is only one sure way of protecting the world from the virus, social distancing!

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