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CBD Cream as a Pain Reliever?



CBD as pain reliever

CBD cream now comes out as a pain reliever in addition to all other benefits. According to newfound researches, CBD products can help alleviate different body pains such as joint pain.

It is already a fact that Cannabidiol products help a lot in pain-related and mental health issues. It is very effective in many cases such as anxiety, depression and other neurological problems.

Now it is established that the drug helps relieve pains in ailments such as arthritis and migraines. When used for a long period of time, they can help against pain, inflammation and overall discomfort.

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In addition to these problems, CBD products can also ease muscle soreness, menopause and other pain-causing illnesses.

CBD should not be confused with THC, which is a “high” constituent of the drug. It creates a sense of euphoria where a person feels extravagantly relaxed and relieved. Everything becomes funnier and comfortable.

Marijuana is the product of THC in the cannabis family and not CBD. CBD in person does not have any psychoactive effects. It works by inhibiting the production of a compound resulting in pain sensation.

CBD also reduces inflammation which is also one of the major pain contributors. Due to these combined effects, it reduces pain to a great extent, and one feels relieved after consuming the drug.

Now we are ready to discuss the ways in which CBD can be applied for these benefits. One most common and easy way is to use it topically throughout the day. CBD cream is a very good method and is absorbed easily in the skin.

Apply the cream directly on pain source and break free from the pain. This will help greatly against muscle soreness and skin conditions.

CBD is a great pain reliever which is also useful against insomnia, irritability and anxiety. In the age of contamination, people always try to look for a better and more natural solution.

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CBD is the answer for all the calls regarding a natural solution for undesired illness and pain. However, it should not be confused with real-time effective drugs.

While CBD is a good reliever, certified and tested drugs should not be ignored. CBD can help relieve pain to a certain extent but after that, you need professional help.

While FDA is trying to analyze the drug as much as they can, they are also making efforts to regulate its use. CBD joins itself to the pain receptors in multiple pathways and reduces pain sensation.

However, some researchers still argue the authenticity of these assumptions. Ziva Cooper, a PHD. Researcher at UCLA says that this drug is very messy and has a lot of targets. Due to this reason, it is not possible to relate it to potential pain-relieving effects.

It is difficult to study the effects of CBD on the body due to these complications. Experimental observations suggest that individuals intaking CBD undergo pain relief. However, it is difficult to pinpoint whether the drug acts directly to reduce pain or is just a third party.

It is entirely possible that the CBD product you get from the market does not directly affect you. It can be a result of a by-product or a combination of other agents. At this point, it is difficult to make a statement.

The authenticity of CBD as a pain reliever is questionable. However, there is no harm in using the drug as of yet.


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Better Keep your CBD Dosage in Check



CBD dosage control

Cannabidiol demand is higher worldwide than it ever was. People are going for cannabis products in crowds. Keeping your CBD dosage in check becomes more important under these conditions. Let’s discuss different techniques and methods for this drill.

The United Kingdom legalized cannabis products in the country sometime back. People in the UK are using CBD products in much more amounts. Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the extracts of Cannabis.

While there are benefits of CBD products, excess of anything always proves bad. People should avoid any type of activity that could compromise their health.

Physicians prescribe that CBD products should be used in controlled amounts only. Overuse could prove harmful. Such as, excessive use of THC can actually deprive us of dopamine in long term.

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CBD is legal in the UK as it does not have more than 0.3 % THC. THC is the psychoactive component of the plant. It produces “high” sensations which grade against the law.

However, CBD products cannot be marketed for medical use. There is a myth revolving that marijuana products can serve as medicine for everything.

While these products can be helpful in many cases, they cannot substitute medicine. People should use them as pain relievers and relaxers but not as medicine.

Until now the only medical use proven of cannabis products is the treatment of epilepsy in children. CBD products are available over the counter in the UK. But they are not regarded as medicine.

People use CBD products for different kinds of pains. They are reported for use in anxiety, depression and insomnia. Different types of pains such as arthritis pain, joint pains etc. also become better with CBD usage.

There is no proven benefit of cannabidiol products against these problems. That’s the reason CBD dosage should be kept in check always.


How much CBD to intake?

This question is interesting and confusing at the same time. There is no doctor prescription for CBD products as little research exists in this area.

This depends upon many factors. Your body size is one of these factors. Your state of health is also important. A patient needs more dose than a healthy person.

Strength of the dosage is also an important consideration. Strong CBD products with high proportions of THC are not allowed in large amounts.

Strength of dosage varies. CBD oils can be labelled from 25 mg per dose to 100 mg per dose. You need to remain careful and act cautiously.

To relieve this confusion, some dispensaries are keeping a separate dispensary agent that prescribes amounts differing from person to person.


CBD Guru Dosage Calculator

Some entrepreneurs recognized this opportunity and made life easy for many people. CBD Guru Calculator is just one of such projects.

This software is easy to use and gives accurate requirements. Bodyweight is the prime parameter considered when prescribing through this calculator.

This calculator gives three different dosages as low, medium and high. They mainly differ depending upon what type of consumer is there. You can decide the best for yourself!

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I think this calculator will ease the difficulty of many people. Now we can control our CBD dosage in a very efficient way. The methods applied are easy to use. Everyone can know the right amount of dosage.

Many governments around the world are looking into the legalizing option. However, not all of them will be able to regulate the usage of the product. We can only hope for the best for everyone!

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CBD Products can Save the Day against Skin Dryness in Winters



CBD aganst skin dryness

Apart from regulating and stabilizing skin functions, CBD gets credit in the skincare department as well. They will save you from your regular skin dryness by their chemical functioning. No need to worry about those itches anymore.

During summer, one does not need to put special effort on the skin. It is because humidity levels are adequate and there is no “moisture problem”. However, with a change in weather, the privileges also vary.

Everyone loves winter because why not? You get to wear fancy clothes, there is sweat and the best of them all- you can sleep in a blanket again!

But these roses come with thorns of course. With the decrease in temperature, humidity also goes down. This results in dry skin, chapped lips, itchiness and breakouts.

This is where CBD comes to the rescue. Research suggests that CBD products can prove helpful in countering dry skin.

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We will discuss in this article where and when CBD comes in handy with these issues. Cannabidiol being the second most prevalent constituent in marijuana can make your life easier.

The proper prospects of the drugs are still far-fetched. However, its effects on the skin are proven and tested. FDA is still trying to study the drug officially and quantify the drug in proper proportions.

The first step CBD takes against dry skin is hydration. If the skin is moisturized to an adequate level, you do not need to worry about those itches.

The reason CBD is effective for skin hydration is the presence of oils and vitamins. The generous combination of vitamin A, C and E helps a lot in skin matters.

In addition to these constituents, a good level of antioxidants also proves good. Antioxidants can fight skin dryness by protecting from radical free damage. Radical free damage results in skin looking more aged and dehydrated. It also results in wrinkles formation.

In this regard, you can use CBD products such as CBD oil. You can add other oils such as grapeseed oil, coconut oil, Jojoba oil etc. for even better results.

In the case of chapped lips, you can use CBD integrated lip balm. Another great benefit of CBD is that it soothes the skin.

The soothe and calm achieved by CBD products make skin fresh and long-lasting. People with red dots and spots on their skins as soon as winter starts can relate to these issues.

CBD fights these problems by helping regulate and stabilize skin functions, study shows. As it is anti-inflammatory, it will make your skin clearer and calmer.

The oil production in the skin lessens and redness also goes off with time with the use of CBD. The last but not the least benefit of CBD includes conditioning of the skin.

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Skin conditions like eczema and atopic dermatitis get worse in the winter season. Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action, CBD also helps to fight against these problems.

However, these matters could get complex so always consult with your doctor for applying CBD products on skin conditions if you are availing other medications.

The FDA is still trying to regulate the use of CBD in the US after the recent legalization. In these conditions, this fact gives the market a light of hope.

Keeping all these perks in mind, it is safe to say that CBD products can be used for skin dryness. Now all of us can enjoy winters in peace!


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Healthcare Workers In The UK Have Never Been This Overburdened



Healthcare workers overburdened

The average doctor, nurse, or other healthcare worker sees much in their career. From traumatic injuries in the Emergency Room to the life-threatening tumors in the oncology departure, they see suffering on a daily basis. Yet typically, healthcare providers face the expectation that they always unflinchingly perform their tasks.

And if they are ever tired on a shift, they get sharply scolded for not thinking about the greater good. As some nurses say, their field is one where other nurses “eat they’re young”. That refers to the way older, senior healthcare providers often overwork and abuse the newer ones.

If you feel surprised that the healthcare environment seems this toxic, we don’t blame you. Media portrayals of stoic doctors never failing to serve a patient and depictions of some sort of honor in overworking themselves only perpetuate the belief. In addition, even the concept of a doctor visiting a therapist or taking a vacation seems odd. After all, the relatively high salary and job security must already sweeten the deal, according to many. But take a look at the UK, and it is clear how naïve this impression is.

The second wave of COVID-19, now imminent, threatens to make healthcare workers collapse

The UK, a nation that offers affordable healthcare to all through its National Health Service (NHS), now comes in danger. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, that swiftly toppled economies and taken lives, is due for a comeback. The resurgence of cases indicates that herd immunity is not yet reached. Furthermore, the number of patients admitted versus patients discharged is no longer on the positive side. 

The constant strain ever since the start of the pandemic, nearly 8 months ago, took its toll. Deemed ‘essential’ workers, these doctors, nurses, and paramedics never caught a break. They all face countless shifts, overtime, long hours, and sudden calls to work. This was due to the sudden influx of patients with coronavirus. With a finite number of healthcare providers, but many new cases, they grew overburdened. 

New statistics taken indicate that these workers almost unequivocally bear overburdening

Due to a shift towards public concern for the utterly swamped healthcare workers, new polls took place to assess their feelings. A recent NHS survey showed that almost 99% of all individuals said that they had some degree of abnormal stress about work. Another paper showed that more than a third of hospital trust workers worried that they did not receive adequate funding. Hence, countless appeals and petitions arose to the British government to increase NHS funding and medical salary raises.

The same papers also showed clear cases of severe distress, anxiety, and fatigue across almost all participants. As many experts note, the extreme mental toll of this line of work is not insignificant. Watching and trying to prevent many deaths a day, tending to too many patients at once, and not receiving adequate rest all harm mental health. Aside from that, some doctors and nurses reported body aches, cramps, and fatigue from long, grueling hours.

A series of unfortunate factors may lead to this new wave of COVID-19 becoming a disaster

The lack of a vaccine means constant, potentially dangerous, exposure to the virus. Lack of finding means that resources, now scarce, may fail to provide adequate control of virus spreading. The scarcity of hospital beds, underpaid and exhausted healthcare providers, and the upcoming influenza pandemic may worsen things too.

Only time will tell what will happen. If the UK government wants to avoid what happened in America, it’s time to prioritize the people and workers. Stay tuned for the latest!

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