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Recreational cannabis bill gets rejected in Germany




Cannabis legalization efforts in Germany faced stern rejection from the parliament.

Despite of having a lucrative growth potential, a bill to legalize adult-use cannabis was recently rejected by the German parliament. The ruling has enticed a lot of disappointment from legalization advocates in Bundestag who were looking forward to some serious policy reforms.

Cannabis Legalization Bill in Germany

The German parliament consists of six main political parties namely The Left, SPD, The Greens, The Union, FDP, and AFD.

Out of these parties, a coalition has been formed between The Union and the SDP. This puts these two political parties in a powerful position to get their stance approved on any issue.

This was also seen in the case of cannabis the legalization bill on the 29th of October. Although the support of legalization was significant within the Bundestag, this coalition put other parties in a weaker position.

Out of the 709 total number of seats, the coalition of these two parties constituted around 398 seats – putting them in a clear majority. Around 80 members of the FDP abstained from voting on the issue, further weakening the position of advocates of the bill.

Separate recommendations for the cannabis industry were also presented by the parties,  all of which ended up being sternly rejected.

Cannabis Laws in Germany

The legislations surrounding cannabis use in Germany are confusing to say the least. While there is no “stated-law” that prohibits its use, cannabis is still categorized as a controlled substance in the country.

Under the German Federal Narcotics Act, possessing cannabis in small amounts can lead to incarcerations ranging from 1-5 years. The duration of the arrests depends mainly upon the quantity possessed and the level of THC concentration. The definition of ‘small’ varies between different regions of the country, stressing the need to construct a uniform policy.

Although the drug was legalized for medicinal use in 2017, the implementation of these laws have been delayed time and again by authorities. The Federal Ministry of Health for example, has been accused with delaying the legislative process on more than one occasion.

Moreover, the country lacks a proper legal framework to regulate the industry. This has led to a lot to of bottlenecks for its stakeholders. Delays in the licensing process for producers, cultivators and retailers is just one of the many problems faced by the industry.

These problems have resulted in a mismanagment of demand and supply lack of supply for the German population. When the industry began its legal operations in 2018, Canada was quick to acquire a lot of German startups. However, they failed miserably in fulfilling demands partly because recreational usage of the drug was permitted back at home too.

Growth Potential of Cannabis in Germany

The medical cannabis market of Germany is the largest in the entire European Union. It  was granted a legal status therein during March of 2017, after which the industry has never stopped growing.

Ever since its legalization, Germany has become one of the biggest importer and exporter of cannabis oil in the EU. According to statistics from the New Frontier Data, the country has made massive sales of about € 75 million in the first half of 2020 alone.

In addition to this, big companies like Cannamedical have reported a capital surge of around €12 million in the region. This growth came in during April of 2020, when most other economic departments were struggling badly with the pandemic induced recession. Other medical cannabis suppliers like CanPharma, Emmac Lifesciences, Foliumed and Wunder’s iuvo are also interested in the German market.

All of these figures show that the cannabis industry has a lot of potential in Germany. If its adult-use is also legalized, revenues, tax earnings and job creations can reach a whole new level in the country.

Cannabis Support in the Public

According to an opinion poll conducted by VAAY in 2019, about 84.1% of Germans support cannabis leglaization in some form. The survey was one the largest polls conducted on the legalization issue in Germany and had around 12000 participants. the survey also found that around 42.1% of Germans were in favor of a full-scale legalization and 42% supported only medical legalization. In contrast to this, only 9% of respondents were in support of its illegal status. “Overall, the result is the largest representative survey on the legalization of cannabis in Germany, which gives a clearer picture of the current public opinion on the subject,” said VAAY.





A graduate in Bachelors of Business Administration, Yumna Haq is an ardent researcher and a dedicated writer. Having lived in three different counties, her cultural exposure is vast, allowing her to reflect more knowledge in her work. She's currently working for Cannabis Health Insider as a news writer.

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Your Guide To Caring For Your Cannabis Plant




How to take care of your cannabis plant

With legislations softening around cannabis, more and more people will find themselves involved in its cultivation either in-home for personal use or in green-houses for businesses. While the idea of having to take care of a cannabis plant may be exciting enough, taking proper care can be very fruitful.

Here are some of the most fun and inexpensive ways to take care of your very own cannabis plant. We have also listed how you can enjoy the leaves, stems ad stalks after the plant is fully mature.

1. Choose seeds wisely

How difficult can it be to choose seeds? Well, Sativa, Indica, ruderalis are just a few of the most prominent names. When you decide to make the decision to grow the plant, picking the best can become quite overwhelming.
We suggest you pick the seeds that match your circumstances. Do you have a lot of growing space? Do you expect quick results? What tastes do you prefer?

Keeping these factors in mind can make the hunt for good seeds systematic if not very easy.

2. Control Light, Air, and Water

Your cannabis plant requires your love and demands your attention. Therefore it is very important to strike the correct balance between light, air, and water that your plant will need.

Most cannabis strains usually require up to 18 hours of light. Decide on a location that can provide your plant with that amount of light on a daily basis. Over-watering and humidity are NOT YOUR FRIENDS. In addition to reducing flower growth, these can lead to the growth of grey mold on your leaves – something that no plant lover will ever want to see.

Cross ventilation spaces between plants is also important to ensure protection from diseases and pests.

3. Maintain temperature

Cannabis is a hardy plant. This means that it can tolerate heat and cold quite well. But it cannot survive extremes. These can result in plant death or a state of stasis, lack of blooms, or no flowers at all.

4. Provide Nutrients

Like any other plant, cannabis also requires good soil and nutrition to give off healthy foliage and flowers. Experts usually recommend using specially formulated nutrient blends for cannabis plants. A soil mix that contains enough compost, vitamins, minerals, and other necessary nutrients are absolutely necessary for a healthy life-cycle of cannabis.

What to do with Cannabis Stalks, Stems, and Leaves?

Now that your time, love, and energy have finally paid off, its time to enjoy the fruit. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy your crop:

  • Make your own concentrates

The trim of the cannabis plant contains a lot of compounds that can serve quite well for making concentrates. Be warned here though – smoking them directly will make you regret your time and energy investment in growing the plant. (pssssst it tastes quite dreadful!). Therefore, your best bet here is to make homemade concentrates.

  1. Hash: Just remove the vegetable matter and reserve the trichomes for obtaining these crystalline by-products of your cannabis plant. Use your fingers or a block to press the trichomes to get your very own fresh hash.
  2. Tinctures: These can be made by placing the trim in a jar filled with potable alcohol. Store the jar away from light for a week or so, until it matches your desirable potency. Make sure the place has a cool ambient temperature.
  3.  Shatter: Don’t worry, you won’t be needing industrial tools and appliances to get this purest form of concentrate. Just proceed with the method of extracting hash, except this time you will need some parchment paper. Wrap the trichomes with parchment paper and press the package with iron or hair straightener for a couple of minutes. You will get a light brown, maple syrup-like residue – enjoy your shatter.
  • Make your own customized edibles

You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to test your skills at making cannabis edibles. Here are two best ways you can put your stems, stalks, and leaves to perfect use in your kitchen:

  1. Cooking Oils: If you want to limit the loss of cannabinoids while cooking, it is recommended to use slow cookers for any recipe. For cooking your favorite food, simply infuse the stalks or stems with any oil of your choice ranging from coconut oil to canola oil. Remember to keep the cooking temperature maintained and avoid going too high to avoid loss of cannabinoids.
  2. Tea: Good old tea to the rescue! Just seeping the trim in warm water will give you access to cannabinoids, however, they won’t taste as good on their own. For this, you can either use a herbal tea blend or add lemon or honey for better taste.
  • Add it to your compost

To maintain balance in the compost, make compost tea out of your stalks. This will maintain nutrient ratios and maintain eco-systems for the micro-organisms.



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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Using CBD Gummies



People nowadays are well aware of their personal health than in the past. We eat healthily and exercise to keep in shape. Individuals also use various herbal and other solutions to improve their body systems and have a better life. Different types of these supplements and products can work in different ways. However, one of the most recent additions to this range of products comes from CBD. With the recent research as well as legalization in various states CBD has gained huge popularity among people.

CBD has a lot of benefits quoted by a number of research papers as well as healthcare professionals. Moreover, since the compound is less psychoactive than the alternative THC is widely available throughout markets. Because of its popularity, CBD is available in a variety of forms depending on specific public needs. The stores have everything from topical products to CBD drops and tinctures to choose from.

One of these products is CBD gummies. They are a popular choice between people who prefer the edible form of CBD. This article has some interesting uses as well as the health benefits of using CBD gummies. The gummies can provide a number of health benefits. These can range from anxiety relief to the user as well as several skincare benefits. Some of the prominent ones are below.

Reducing Anxiety in People:

Using CBD products is a great remedy for people who suffer from anxiety symptoms. The CBD gummies are proven to ease the effects of anxiety on a person. They are convenient and easy to use. The benefits of using CBD in people with anxiety are evident from the improvement in their quality of life. People worldwide are now moving for this alternative treatment of this common mental health issue.

The way cannabis affects the brain

Lifting the Mood:

Another common mental health issue among individuals is the low mood on regular basis. It can be there for a lot of reasons and seriously harms your productivity and daily tasks. CBD gummies can help the release of serotonin in your body which in turn lifts the mood and makes you feel better. You can then enjoy your life a little better.

Improving Sleep Cycle:

CBD has proven benefits in improving the quality of sleep as well as the sleep cycle in individuals. Many people struggle in terms of sleep at night. This can ruin their daily routine, health, and even appearance. Higher levels of serotonin from CBD gummies can result in better sleep at night boosting the individual health and freshness in the day.

does cannabis work as an effective sleeping aid?

Illustration: Jeannie Phan

General relaxation:

For people getting frequently tired from their daily routines, CBD can be a life-saving drug. Many types of research prove that CBD has good relaxation effects that can cause individuals to just switch off and unwind at the end of the day.

Benefits to Skincare:

CBD oils also have various benefits to skincare which you can also get from eating the gummies. these include Acne treatment as well as anti-aging effects.  While topical applications will have better effects on these problems. CBD in your system can help with the internal systems of your body. It can aid your body to function properly and deters the aging effects.


These are some of the main benefits of using CBD gummies. the are is still fairly new but more research is being done on the field. Every now and then we hear how CBD can be positive for some new aspect of life.



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Mexico legalizes cannabis in a senate bill



New cannabis reforms in mexico have legalized adult-use will legalize adult-use marijuana upon approval.

Mexico recently passed the senate bill to legalize marijuana last Tuesday. However, before the bill goes ahead for legislation it requires another approval. The second lawmaking body of the country, the Chamber of Deputies also has to pass this law. The bill was in the works for a while now. An early draft was circulated in the congress earlier this month. The new set of rules will establish a regulated cannabis market in Mexico.

The bill allows adults 18 and older to purchase and possess up to 28 grams of marijuana and cultivate up to six plants for personal use. The initial draft went through a lot of thought and changes. In addition to the technical modifications, there were some notable amendments as well. One of these changes was to the original allowed number of plants. Originally the bill allowed up to four plants per person which were changed to six.

This will facilitate people who use cannabis regularly as well as the regulatory authorities. Another amendment of the initial draft requires the government to clear criminal records of marijuana offenses within the next six months. In addition, the lawmakers also removed the limit of only one type of marijuana license per person. This will allow for vertical integration of the cannabis business.  The previous implementation only allowed people from vulnerable communities to have more than one license type.

The last modification that cannabis advocates weren’t happy with is that nonprofit association of consumers that collectively cultivate cannabis must be located at least 500 meters from schools, sports, and recreation centers. Moreover, these people also have to stay away from properties whose owners prohibit cannabis smoking.

The Senate Vote:

Congress passed this bill on Tuesday with 82 to 18 votes and seven abstentions. They also noted some changes to be made later in a virtual session. The members of the Senate’s Justice, Health, and Legislative Studies Committees already approved the bill back in March.

The cannabis advocates throughout the country rejoice. Now that the legislation is on the way for legal implementation. However, their journey was not easy, these people have fought hard to get here. The new changes will better protect consumers’ rights and promote social equity in the legal market of Mexico.

The legislation committee in Mexico also took steps to avoid the influence of big marijuana corporations on the market. The new law states that for the first five years of legalization. 40 percent of cannabis business licenses will go to those from indigenous, low-income, or historically marginalized communities. The Mexican Institute of Cannabis will issue these specific licenses to people.

Public consumption laws are similar to smoking laws already in place. However, consumption is also prohibited at locations where you can expose under 18 individuals to the smoke.

Homes with more than one individual can have a maximum of eight plats. The law also says that people should take care of minors in their homes and states that people  “should not” consume cannabis in homes where there are underaged individuals. Lastly, the possession of more than 28 grams but fewer than 200 grams is an offense punishable by a fine but no jail time.

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