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Venture Catalysts announces the launch of a new health tech accelerator to fund new start-ups



Earlier in the week, One of India’s top integrated incubators, Venture Catalysts (VCats), announced that it has formed a partnership with London-based Well Tech (a health-focused innovation platform) for launching a health tech accelerator, to be called HealthCare Catalysts.

As per reports, this new accelerator will have offices in the UK, Sri Lanka, and India.

In an interview with YourStory, an official from Mumbai-based VCats stated that the firm plans to invest $15 million to $20 million in as, any as 20-25 early-stage health tech startups. Each of the selected start-ups shall receive between $500,000 and $1.5million in investments over a period of three years. Furthermore, the selected start-ups will also get assistance from the accelerator for conducting Seed and Series A funding rounds.

According to VCats Co-founder & President, Dr Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, “the chosen start-ups will gain technological and product support, international market access, strategic delivery guidance, and opportunities for concept-testing, in the Middle East, the UK, and South Africa, that, in my opinion, is more important than the money.”

According to reports, these start-ups will be diversified across various platforms, including, Mental health and wellness, chronic disease management, precision therapeutics, genomics therapy, child and maternal care, wearables and smart devices, AI and machine learning-led health care,  medical workforce training along with back office management.

The Co-founder and President of VCats further added, “The supply chain side of healthcare presents a huge opportunity for start-ups in India. Also given the nation’s vast population and the roughly 20 million additional people who will have access to fundamental healthcare as part of the Ayushman Bharat Yojana, start-ups will be bound to leverage the power of technology in order to scale up.”

General News

Role of Colorado in the Cannabis Retail Market




Governor Jared Polis declared that Colorado had brought around a huge deal of  $1 billion in the revenue for cannabis.

The cannabis industry is providing major assistance in growing our economy with the creation of new jobs. The generation of benefiting revenue is moving to protect the young population from consumption. It is also going for investment in constructing schools.

The sales have been increased up to $6.5 billion

The wholesale retailers for regulated cannabis have made sales for cannabis products that cost more than $6.5 billion. This is an estimation from the year 2014 when cannabis was made legal. This is a continuation of the ballot approval that happened in 2012. This retailing has collected more than $1.02 billion for the taxation fee for Colorado.

The revenue has several roles, which includes implementation payment, regulations enforcement, and drug prevention plans. Moreover, it also includes abuse and mental health concerns, construction of schools, and many other programs.

What is the role of the legislative bodies in the matter?

Amendment 64 is fulfilling the promise to increase important revenue for projects that involve school construction. Officials from Colorado’s cannabis legalization body are aware of the economic solutions that the legalization is providing.

Moreover, the legalization will induce a positive effect on the economy. Managers have been using the funds to build up schools, hire professionals for school health and anti-bullying programs.

Colorado’s program for legalizing cannabis is growing at a stable rate. In May, the governor signed bills for the legalization of cannabis for services relating to delivery and social use regions. Moreover, the bills involved the legislative bodies to allow traded companies on a public scale for holding business licenses for cannabis.

There is a room of improvement for cannabis legalization in the state

Current reports have been manifesting that the cannabis industry in Colorado is struggling. There is a dire need for improvement to grow big for competition at national scales. The officials are hoping for Colorado to be among the most competitive states for improvement for its economic sector.

People in favor of the legalization emphasize that the economic gains are only causing to support the amendment in the policy.

Some suggestions for the legalization of the substance from the Republicans include actions for segregation for municipalities. This is an integrated approach for the authorities at government and local scales rather than the provision of a unanimous mandate.

However, officials from the initial ballot for cannabis legalization stress that the generation of tax revenue is not the sole cause for cannabis regulation.

These revenues may start to rise more than one billion US dollars as in Colorado. It will count as a profit for them. It is not a logical approach to estimate the amount of money that the states are wasting by not legalizing cannabis.

In May, legislative bodies from Illinois signed a bill for the legalization of cannabis to the state governor, Pritzker. The governor ran a campaign for the end of cannabis restriction. He has promised to push the legalization bill towards the law.

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What is Proposal 1 Bringing For Michigan?



proposal 1

The war for cannabis legalization is not a 21st-century dilemma. Rather, it has been going on from decades, especially in cities of Michigan state. For instance, a poet John Sinclair got arrested for consuming the substance in the premises of a drug regulating officer.

This resulted in a huge uproar in the general public when loads of US citizens protested against the action taken.

The supreme court of the state released the poet in 1972 over the fact that the authorities violated the constitution of the state. It went through irrational justifications on categorizing cannabis in the list of hard drugs that year.

The authorities arrested over two hundred thousand Americans who were African natives for the use of cannabis in the 2000s. This happened between the years 2007 to 2016 in the US states.

What is the current situation in Michigan and how proposal 1 changed the game?

Cannabis legalization for recreational purposes was not made possible until 2018. It was when Michigan became the first among its neighboring states in the Midwest to have legalized the substance for recreational use. Last fall, authorities called the people of the state for voting on the subject.

More than three hundred thousand signatories made the ballot voting happen in the Midwest state. The votes were in favor of the question as the passing percentage was 56 percent. Similarly, Illinois is going to have cannabis legalized for recreational use next year.

There is no restriction for cannabis usage in the state. However, the limbo takes over

The drive for full legalization of cannabis across the states is blurry. It is because there is still discrimination among the states in terms of its legalization. The amendments, prohibition, and allowance will remain confusing until there are unanimous and uniform advancements.

The proposal 1 in Michigan state is aimed at acknowledging all regulations and provisions that would be supervising an industry. It is aiming to generate an amount of $134.5 million annually in taxation by the year 2023.

Is Michigan effectively regulating cannabis in its state?

The state of Michigan legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes a decade ago. However, it still has not found ways and means to how profoundly regulate it effectively according to the state development authorities.

The old committee for the regulation of cannabis is now fallen for segregation. It has been replaced with a dual functioning one that would be responsible for regulating both recreational and medical cannabis.

Further details about the cannabis legalization through Proposal 1 in Michigan State in the US

The proposal 1 allows cannabis usage for all purposes for adults aged 21 and above in the state of Michigan. It also permits carrying up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis. There is permission for cultivating a dozen of the plants in the premises of a single residential area.

One can gift cannabis in the state, but sales for recreational cannabis are not legal at the moment. This has paved the way for many entrepreneurs to monetize the opportunity and make a profit for it while it exists. The ban, however, is temporary.

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Is CBD Harmful for the Liver?





Analysts from the University of Arkansas for Medical Science investigated the effects of cannabis compound, cannabidiol, on the livers of mice. According to the results, people who regularly consume the compound have greater chances of developing liver cancer.

The study appears in the Journal Molecules. It suggests that even though cannabidiol is good for relieving pain in comparison to painkillers, it is harmful to livers. Examiners at the University of Arkansas for Medical Science gave various doses of the compound to the mice under study. They gave lower doses to some mice, while they administered more doses to other mice.

Scientists used a new term for the various doses given to the mice

They gave them a technical term, ‘Mouse Equivalent Doses’ (MED) that suggested optimum dose in human maintenance in EPIDIOLEX. The dose was equal to 20 milligrams per kilogram weight.

The results were surprising. Scientists found that the mice they gave larger doses of CBD to had signs of liver toxicity within a day.

What did the results indicate?

After noting those results, they found that two-thirds of the mice in the subacute stage were either dead or were about to die within a week of the consumption. The scientists went into in-depth analysis and analyzed mice that were administered with different doses of CBD or mouse equivalent doses.

The study finds that the compound CBD in cannabis can intervene in the drug and nutrient interactive process.

CBD differentially influences around fifty genetic variants. They were in association with oxidative stress response due to more than normal free radicals. These free radicals resulted because of the response of the body. In addition to that, there was also some association found in the lipid metabolic pathway and enzymes that were involved in drug metabolism.

Previous studies do not show unanimous results about the effect of cannabis on liver

Previous researches have shown that there are certain components of cannabis that are hazardous to the liver. Out of these researches, on the contrary, one study suggested that the compound reverse the damage.

The liver damage, in that case, points to the damage done as a result of alcohol abuse, like fatty liver disease. In other cases, the compound further worsened the signs.

Moreover, hepatitis C patients who consumed cannabis showed more scars on the liver tissues than those who didn’t consume it. There was a general progression of the viral disease. Doctors are concerned that there might be certain components of cannabis that can result in liver diseases such as fatty liver diseases.

However, there is a dire need to study the effects of the compound on the liver on bigger levels, so there is no misunderstanding. At this point, it is not ideal to believe in a few types of research.

Government funding for researches is essential to provide a bigger framework and capital for more beneficial studies. However, the products for cannabis that are legal in the market do not pose such serious threats to the liver health of the consumers.

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