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PTSD Patients in Texas and Cannabis Regulation

In 2015, Texas approved The Compassionate Use Act. This act is a wonder for people using cannabis for medical purposes in limited ways, exempting PTSD patients. Precisely, it allowed patients with schizophrenia to use medical cannabis in small amounts of tetra hydra cannabidiol.

Many of the Texans suffering from chronic pain had to move to other states so they could use medical cannabis for pain relief. At the current time, the legislative authorities worked to rectify the restrictive act and make it beneficial for the state residents.

The group suffering the most from this restrictive act is the one who has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. People in favor of cannabis legalization think that the cannabis act in Texas is a result of the fear imposed by the Republicans and enforcement agencies. These groups have a huge impact on the final decisions of the state.

Republicans have been going against the legalization of cannabis in the state

There is a lack of research on cannabis that leads to false claims going against cannabis legalization. The Rural Sheriffs Association of Texas artificially claims that cannabis lowers IQ scores in humans. Also, it falsely claims that cannabis causes addiction, and it increases crime rates.

Science has negated all of the claims with evidence in the form of research. There is always an environment of danger in the big houses when talking about full legalization of cannabis. In fact, according to research, many PTSD patients have shown improved signs after using medical cannabis to treat their symptoms.

Lack of research for cannabis has lead to even more opposition to cannabis for PTSD patients

Moreover, cannabis usage has also helped people in alleviating symptoms of anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia, in addition to post-traumatic stress disorder. Many Republicans have been citing claims with unknown sources which suggest cannabis to be harmful to consumers.

For instance, recently, Senator Campbell gave a reference to a study in opposition to cannabis. It concluded that THC was found in the bloodstreams of seventy percent of veterans who had committed suicide.

The Suicide Prevention Center has negated these false claims. It says that there is no association between the suicide of the military individuals and consumption of cannabis. When the experts tested bloodstreams of the victims, they found the substance in only 9 percent of the individuals. Henceforth, the evidence was insufficient to make a hypothesis.

Cannabis legalization for PTSD will be a lot of help to returned military personnel

A study from Rand Corporation last year stated that 2.77 million military individuals had to terminate 5.4 million military jobs globally since 2001. The total number indicated all arms of the United States militia. It also included the total duty tours as per soldier on application.

Out of the total, around 25 percent of combat military individuals returning from abroad get PTSD after their services. If there is full legalization of cannabis for PTSD patients, this can be of massive help to the suffering veterans.
Texas has a very important role to play in the US military and has a long history of service in the industry. Legalizing the substance will be of great help.

Megan Stevens

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