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How These 5 TIFF Stars See the Devil’s Lettuce?



devil's lettuce

The Toronto International Film Festival is going on right now, and we have all the fun news of celebs enjoying the devil’s lettuce. Following are five celebs who are starring in movies at the festival that you might didn’t know were all about the devil’s lettuce.

  1. Susan Sarandon – A huge cannabis fan

The Academy award-winning girl is a huge fan of cannabis. The actress stars in Blackbird at 2019’s festival, and openly shows her love for cannabis. She openly expresses her love for cannabis and says she has showed up stoned in many of the events. However, she has not ever filmed high.

  1. Matt Damon – Doesn’t he have the world’s coolest parents?

The action film star tried cannabis for the first time with his parents, which makes him super cool. He is starring in Ford v Ferrari at the international festival and has tried it under parental supervision.

His mom and stepdad have been highly considerate of him when talking to him about trying the material.

  1. Kristen Stewart – People always judge

Unlike the celeb mentioned above, things were not that lucky for Stewart. The actress is coming in Seberg at the international festival. In 2008, the paparazzi photographed Kristen Stewart smoking cannabis on a porch. It was the time of the release of the Twilight, her blockbuster film.

At that time, people did not respond it positively and showed quite a repulsion. The actress knew it but blatantly admitted it saying she was a ‘weirdo’ and a ‘creative Valley girl smoking pot’.

  1. The Weeknd – You know the drill

Abel, popularly known as The Weeknd across the globe, is an obvious fan of cannabis and it is no surprise to anyone. His song lyrics have a lot of promotion for cannabis culture and the youth considers him a 420 idol.

The famous singing sensation is starring in Uncut Gems in the international festival this year.

It is coming off as a news that he is smoking cannabis in many of his songs. Kiss Land and Rolling Stone are two famous songs.

  1. Cardi B – Cannabis might not be for everyone

Cardi B, the bad ass rap sensation in the town is starring in the movie Hustlers at the international film festival. She used to smoke cannabis at one point in her career. Moreover, she has described in one of her Instagram posts how her cannabis first experience went awkward.

She took three puffs and then reported to get extremely paranoid that she ran all over and shouted out of paranoia.

After that incident, the Grammy-winning singer has not used cannabis because of her past experience with it.

These are some of the hot celebs in the stardom who shared their experience with cannabis. though many celebs have different experiences, it is creating a lot of hype in the fans. Fandom is all about getting highly engaged with the focused celeb.

Hence, we can say that celebrities are playing a huge role in bringing the cannabis culture into the spotlight. This will be a great influence for the global cannabis market.

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What Makes This First-of-Its-Kind LA Cafe Highly Interesting?



Cannabis cafe

The Lowell Cafe launches this week in Los Angeles – the first US city to have a license enabling citizens to smoke cannabis.

According to the owners of the cafe, it is a prestige that it is already invoking curiosity among locals as well as tourists. The restaurant director, Kevin Brady, has described it as “Disney World” where families may bring their family members from across the world.

Lowell Herb Co is a company from Los Angeles that owns the business and is one of the first to monetize hemp. Miley Cyrus has also backed this organization that has now launched the café.

The verdant-looking place comes with a Californian design that is in high demand these days. In addition to that, there is good air filtration and ventilation in the café. So, you will not be feeling any kind of suffocation coming out from the smoke there. This makes the place highly convenient and interesting for people of all ages.

Cannabis café staff and menu

With the open yet controversial nature of the substance, the new café has acknowledged that the visitors coming there might be in need of some kind of help. In this case, they have got cannabis guides. Lowell calls these cannabis guides as budtenders for guiding visitors about the do’s and don’ts.

If you are a pro or just an occasional smoker of cannabis, the staff is there to help you with choosing varieties for complementing the food and tastes. Moreover, experts in California compare the flower menu of the café to a wine list. The cannabis crop on occasion is seasonal and the newly launched café gets most of its supplies from the Lowell Farms that have their own plantation system in Santa Barbara.

Andrea Drummer is the chef for Los Angeles first cannabis cafe. She is the author of Cannabis Cuisine and is the former chef for Ritz Carlton. In the menu, smoked and glazed pork meat and mac and cheese with an awesome load of flavorings will be a part.

However, Lowell has a lot of responsibilities on its shoulders as it is the first restaurant of its kind to be taking such a step regarding cannabis. The closely regulated market is a thing under strong supervision.

General guidelines about the café

Some of the do’s and don’ts of the café are as mentioned:

  1. For entry in the café, you need to be over 21 and have an ID with you
  2. You are only allowed to smoke within the restaurant and its patio
  3. You can bring your own pipes to the place and smoke your own which is a tokage free option.
  4. Make sure to book your place as the café is likely to get all filled up easily
  5. If you are left with any unfinished cannabis, take it home in a doggy bag.
  6. You cannot smoke on the entrance
  7. The license will be only covering the front patio
  8. Make sure you do not smoke too much and put your health on risk by going extreme



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Martha & Canopy CBD products to hit the market mid-2020



Martha & Canopy

Also,2020 will be an important milestone when it comes to the progression of the Cannabis industry. Martha Steward’s CBD product line developed in collaboration with Canopy Growth- Canada based Marijuana company, will be ready to hit the shelves in the mid of the coming year.

This partnership was announced back in March, where Martha decided to contribute her efforts in the ever-growing cannabis industry. She took up an advisory role in the launch of these CBD products. She was to assist in the company in the development and positioning of broad range CBD products. Her experience and help played an important role in exploring the effectiveness of these products.

The big news about the date of the launch of Martha & Canopy CBD products was big news during Toronto’s Elevate Tech Fest’19. Stewart also discussed that she is working on several relevant projects with the company. She stated that they are working on many home products, foods and much more. Apart from this skincare products are also her primary interest. Also, they are considering pets products as well. Contrary to her previous engagements, these products are CBD based, which is a non-psychoactive ingredient of the cannabis plant.

Martha Stewart is a well-known name when it comes to recipes, DIYs and home décor ideas. In short, she is a lifestyle guru and diva that every cannabis lover should follow. Putting Martha’s face to this collaboration will surely steer her huge fan base and followers towards the acceptance of cannabis products and to view them open-mindedly. The hesitant consumers might also come forward. This will sever the purpose of creating social acceptance of CBD products. This Canadian-American cross over suggests that conditions are becoming more receptive to cannabis. Diva also hopes that cannabis will be legal in the U.S. in the coming days.

Many other celebrities are also into the cannabis business industry. Several also have products launched under their brand names. Snoop dog and Willie Nelson are among the list. Willie’s Remedies serves the medicinal purpose. One of their specialized products is coffee beans infusion with high-quality CBD oil. Snoop’s line under the brand name ‘Leaf by Snoops’ is more on the recreational side. Three varieties of cannabis were launched under this name.

Also read- Which Kardashian Has Joined the Cannabis Business?

Canopy Growth, formerly known as Tweed Marijuana Inc. is a leading cannabis company based in Smith Falls, Ontario. The company’s stocks are already in the New York stock exchange. Illegal trade on the enterprise is not allowed. The company doesn’t sell any products in the U.S. This collaboration is one of its kinds that will allow the Canadian company to introduce its products in the American world.

While many are still hesitant towards the utilization of cannabis products, ventures similar to these are opening gateways for the expansion of the industry. If the launch goes successful, new room of consumers would be generated.

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“Lowell Cafe”: First Restaurant in the United States History to serve Fresh Food along with Cannabis



lowell cafe

The first legal cannabis cafe is going to open in the Los Angeles next month by the name of “Lowell Cafe”. This restaurant would be the first venture ever in the United States of America having a license to serve food along with cannabis to its customers. The waiters there would welcome their customers and present them the menu having dab rigs, joints, bong service and other treats of cannabis in it.

The entrepreneurs of the United States of America consider the popularity of cannabis for social and recreational use a turning point and also a positive step towards the legalization of cannabis in the country.

High time for America

Andrea Drummer, one of the chefs of the Lowell Cafe kitchen, addresses that the concept of cannabis restaurant is exceptional. He says that cannabis users need privacy and they don’t want to be judged as well. Hence, it is a great initiative for them to consume cannabis in the company of like-minded individuals.

The inauguration ceremony of the Lowell Cafe would be on 1st October. It is a high time in the United States of America because cannabis is still illegal in many states of the country. Also, for every single minute in the United States, more than 1 person is seized for marijuana.

Among different states of the United States, California has always been the key driver regarding the reforms of cannabis. It was the first state to allow medical marijuana many years ago. Recreational cannabis got legal officially in the state in 2016. However, due to a sluggish process of regulations, retailers and entrepreneurs could not take full benefit of the law.

Jackie Subeck, a cannabis advocate who just got a license of West Hollywood and also plans to inaugurate a marijuana café in the city, also says that it is a big moment for the city to be the first in this business.

Some features of the first legal cannabis cafe

Kevin Brady, the director of Lowell Cafe, plans to install a system of air filtration in the cafe so that no smell of cannabis remains inside or outside the cafe. The restaurant timings would be from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Also, the restaurant has already started to take bookings from people in different countries including Russia, Japan, and Greece. Brady is very passionate about the cafe and want to set a high benchmark. He says that the cafe would become a favorite place for customers including celebrities, tourists and screenwriters.

Lowell Cafe is not allowed to serve food infused with marijuana. It is because there is no law of the United States Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) permitting this. However, the cafe has the permission of serving both food and cannabis at one place in the Lowell Cafe.

As mentioned by Sean Black, co-founder of Lowell Herb Co, more than 8% of the staff of Lowell are the individuals who have a record of marijuana violation. He says that it was the main requirement for candidates in hiring of the restaurant. He hopes that the restaurant would help to eliminate other stigmas related to marijuana consumption of society.

Experts are hopeful that this kind of business would furnish in other states as well in the future.

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