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St Olaf’s College Students Suspended Over Party Without Masks



COVID-19 and influenza may have twin pandemics

It’s no exaggeration to say this year has been pretty tumultuous. With world war III and wildfires an apt introduction to the devastating novel coronavirus outbreak, things could be better. Still, largely thanks to the introduction of safety masks and social distancing,  COVID-19 is under control, mostly. Yet the U.S. just loves to be different.

Right now, our best options are staying indoors as much as possible and wearing masks outside. Hopefully, the vaccine should be enough to get us back to our normal lives. But where there’s rules, there are teenagers flouting authority, risking others with selfish indifference. Like what happened at St. Olaf’s College, Minnesota.

Seventeen St. Olaf students were suspended for attending an off-campus party without masks

We haven’t explored the effects of such prolonged isolation, suggesting that the psychological cost of social distancing is more than it seems. Numerous studies have confirmed that virtual meetings over Zoom or Facetime are by no means substitutes for real, personal contact. And our youth, beset by raging hormones, might be the most affected demographic.

None of this is an excuse to break the rules and risk lives. Sadly, most teens think they don’t need to worry about COVID-19, making them prone to reckless behavior. St. Olaf’s students gave us a prime example of such irresponsibility in breaking quarantine and attending a party off-campus, where one attendee was COVID positive. As you may have already guessed, one thing lead to another.

The college’s administration was swift and severe in their response. All seventeen students were suspended from attending the fall semester, and had to take COVID tests. To absolutely nobody’s surprise, eight of the troublemakers tested positive. So that’s eight individuals more to the U.S.A.’s five million cases, disregarding the people they may have infected who might be asymptomatic carriers of the pathogen.

The United States leads in terms of COVID patients largely because of anti-mask sentiment

Nobody likes hearing they’re dead last. Not in a race, or tests. The United States, however, seems to be racing to get the most positive COVID tests. There are many different reasons why the virus has spread so quickly in America, and everyone has a different scapegoat. However, few other countries have shown such blatant disregard for following the World Health Organisation’s mandates for slowing transmissions of the disease.

Today, many people in the U.S. are skeptical of the actual cause of COVID-19. Theories range from the virus being radiations from new internet towers, to cover up for human trafficking, to as far as the virus being a flat out lie. While the reasons people have to be wary of a secret government agenda may be different, the net result is that most people don’t follow social distancing or wear masks.

Already hit the worst, America may have worse to come

Several states have delayed reopening schools as far as possible, but that may no longer be the case. Public theaters, restaurants; places where folks come into closer contact with each other than usual are all opening doors soon. Experts are uneasy about such plans, warning of the possibility of a second wave of infections, and medical facilities not able to accommodate such an influx.

It remains to be seen whether this virus can bring a great nation like America to its knees, but we need to be cautious. If anything can be learned from the shameful behavior of St. Olaf’s teens, it’s probably prevention is better than cure. Because prevention doesn’t cost more than three thousand dollars per dose.

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Medicinal Cannabis Costs are Back breaking- MPs raised Voices



Medicinal Cannabis in UK

Epilepsy affected families are finding it hard to deal with the crippling cost of Epidiolex. Some cross-party MPs in England recently appealed higher health authorities to ease the burden. Families are concerned about the trouble-free availability of Medicinal Cannabis.

The use of Cannabis is under debate for medical use worldwide. Governments are more interested in better regulations than the ease of the masses. While this approach is positive considering misusers, families with medical cases are suffering.

Cannabis is a chemical treasure with hoards of useful and harmful products. Some harmful products become beneficial in controlled amounts. Cannabidiol, an offshoot of Cannabis, is proving to be extremely helpful for the epilepsy children around the globe.

This use of CBD is official and approved by higher health authorities. CBD is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis and has numerous medical benefits. Many countries are legalizing over the counter sale of CBD products, especially Epidiolex due to this.

Regulations make access even more difficult

However, legalizing has a very uninviting condition of strict regulations. This includes high taxes and heavy prices imposed on the product in order to so-called maintain the public dosage.

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This problem is affecting the families in England. The members of parliament are now starting to raise voices against this calamity.

How did it start?

The tide started after a case got national attention on social media. Almost 30 members signed a letter asking the health secretary Matt Hancock to provide financial aids to affected families.

After Billy Caldwell and Alfie Dingley cases in 2018, there was a reform in the law. Medical access to Epidiolex with only CBD content was legalized. However, small doses of THC, the psychoactive part of cannabis, prove to be even more effective.

High costs of the product are alarming

Only a few patients have ready access to medicinal cannabis from the NHS. Even this access is more testing than relief. Families have to pay up to 2600 £ per month to get medicine for children.

This much amount results in severe adversity for their economic conditions. Families are appealing for funds after a new step by North Ireland where a severe case was awarded free medicine for a year.

However, the government of England and the health ministry is still hesitant for any reform. There is a case of a child Murray Grey who is suffering from extreme stage Epilepsy from 2017.

The family is allowed to access CBD drug legally, however, the drugs got from abroad are costing them 1400 £ per month.

The families repeat the results of cannabis medicine are extravagantly evident. Health official thinks otherwise. They are of the opinion that “observational study” is not enough for the government to come to a conclusion.

The patients report amazing results with up to 17 months of no seizures in patients previously having almost three attacks per day. The families are relying on donations. However, the COVID-19 conditions put a stop to that too.

Large scale donations are not feasible during the lockdown and Fallon-family from Mill Hill had to sell their house. The ministry of health wants to organize testing under controlled and properly monitored conditions.

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The idea sounds good; however, it is going to take a long time which the families don’t have. Industries should also play their part and invest in testing projects. In this way, the testing process will speed up and people will get access to medicinal cannabis in the earliest convenience.

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Jay-Z Enters Cannabis Distribution Under New Brand  



Jay-Z To Sell Weed Through Monogram

That’s right, folks. There is a lot to say about the world famous rapper Shawn Corey Carter. His music work alone merits essays and discussions. Arguably the most famous rapper alive, Jay-Z has swung from success to success. It’s been vidi, veni, vici for the twenty two time Grammy Award winning musician. His genius doesn’t end there, either. Jay-Z has become the richest musician alive through his numerous brands like Rocawear and more recently, Tidal, his streaming service.

An adept businessman, Jay-Z is one of the most influential rappers in history. His albums redefined hip-hop, and made budding artists like Kanye West into the music giants they are today. And without even looking at his extensive work as a producer, the ubiquity of his name alone tells us all we need to know about this man’s achievements. It seems like Jay is looking to add a venture in cannabis distribution with his latest reveal, which he calls Monogram.

Jay-Z and other black musicians are largely responsible for normalizing weed

As long as thirty years ago, when using marijuana was a lot more censored and niche, rappers like Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg broke the mold in more ways than musically. They popularized a style of hip-hop, one that focused on telling the stories of people’s lives and incorporated almost every style of music you could imagine. And central to that new identity was a thought process previously never questioned before. The openness of such artists in their support for cannabis directly was a bold move. In the nineties, things weren’t as open as they are today. In all fifty states of the U.S., the prevailing mindset was pretty much blind hatred for cannabis. You didn’t talk about marijuana back then, or at least not in a good way.

And that’s where these rappers came in. They wrote lyrics about growing up in the face of adversity, boasted unapologetically of their numerous accolades and appealed to a wide audience. The name “Jay-Z’ became synonymous with a new wave of African American musicianship and began to blur the line between racial distinctions. Their music had an appeal to people of every walk of life. That is why their staunchly pro-cannabis lyrics had the ability to change public opinion since Jay-Z has long used marijuana and it’s censorship as a motif of sorts. Over the course of an illustrious musical career, the work he has done to normalize cannabis is irreducible.

Monogram is Jay-Z’s newest project

The new brand is with collaboration with Caliva, a well established cannabis producer with roots in California. Monogram is a new line that promises a signature quality that accompanies Jay-Z’s work. Not much is known about it at the moment, but a website is currently up, which you can check out here. Stay tuned, though, because we’re sure to have updates soon.

Jay-Z’s track record on business ventures is solid

This isn’t the first time the rapper has branched into alternative businesses. First, he launched a clothing brand in 1999 called Rocawear, and was so successful that Jay went on to found a sports bar chain called the 40/40 Club in 2003. Both businesses value in the millions today, showing that Shawn Carter really knows how to sell things people want.

Then, Jay pushed the envelope even further in 2015 when he acquired Aspiro, a tech company. Using their infrastructure, he proceeded to launch Tidal, a music streaming service to rival Spotify. Monogram released a short list of songs exclusive to Tidal, featuring many famous artists. So we’re comfortable saying this will be another feather in the iconic rapper’s cap, since there is plenty of evidence.

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Italy’s Medical Cannabis Market under Legal Threat



Medical Cannabis in Italy

The new law enforced in Italy recently is no good news for marijuana fans. Pharmacies warn that medical cannabis Market is prone to the legal threat. They are not able to ship marijuana packages due to newfound restrictions.

These new laws are harming Italy’s 30-year old industry. The major source of customer access to this legal drug was the shipment process.

Cannabis in Italy is a major economic source in the country. The medical cannabis industry is vulnerable as cannabis is a controversial drug.

Italy is the second-largest legal market for the Cannabis plant and its full-scale extracts. In a recent document from Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Service of the Italian Ministry of Health, the state highlights the intention to enforce the law.

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States’ Intentions

The states around the world are legalizing marijuana. They are doing it as an act of recognition of its benefits. However, they are also concerned about the illegal use of the drug.

For this reason, they are implementing different kinds of strategies. While some strategies are justified and helpful, others can also be undesirable.

Such regulations which aim to control the marijuana consumptions are a great barrier to industry. Probably the biggest one. They often lead to only a fraction of patients who could actually benefit from the drug, accessing it.

In Italy, most pharmacies prefer shipping over the counter sale. It is because of the specialization required for the exact prescription. Shipping remains Italy’s method for a long time now. It was the prime method in lockdown season.

This practice is vulnerable under the new law that requires the drug to be handed over to the patient only. While the notion behind it is good, it could push citizens into the illicit market. It will be their only hope for getting their hands-on medical cannabis Market.

The state’s intentions are dual-sided in this. They also want to decentralize sales. At present, only a few companies are enjoying the maximum market share by shipping across the country.

If the law is imposed, pharmacists will themselves hand over the drug to patients on every front. This will promote equal growth for everybody.

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Patients’ Concern

In an open letter this week, a group of pharmacists and patients addressed their concerns. Many of the patients are too far from a dispensary to first go for prescription and then for the drug.

The letter reached the minister of health. Other pharmacies also argued that the system of prescription and distribution created over years will be destroyed after this.

Plant-derived CBD

Ministry of Health also published a new decree this month. A new strain of cannabis of ingestible formulas with flower-derived CBD in the table of medicines.

The decree included composition for oral administration of CBD extracts. They basically want to authorize the sale of Epilepsy drug Epidiolex in the country.

Once the drug becomes legal, pharmacists will be able to prescribe it legally under non-repeatable prescriptions. This is a good move by the state.

However, this law will restrict the use of single prescription multiple times by the masses.  It will be easier to control consumption this way.


Such regulations are important because, without them, there will be no monitoring of medical cannabis Market. If the state leaves everything to the dispensaries, it will be chaos if the matters start going downhill. We can only hope for the best for everyone.

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