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Cannabis Strains Perfect For Parents During Back-To-School Season




migraine patients need CBD

During the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have been closed leaving teachers and students to adapt to a new way of learning online. When the hysteria began, we all figured that it’ll end in a few weeks. However, that was nowhere close to the truth. Parents are now looking around for safer schools and have added a new component to their criteria list while searching for good schools – safety. Parents now have more on their plate to figure out the safety of their children during a global pandemic.

It was almost as if starting our own school at home. Most parents (besides essential workers) have stayed home during this quarantine and indulged in their kids more than ever. With summer over and schools back on, the adjustment back to reality isn’t going to be the easiest, and neither has it have. Routines have drastically changed way too many times during this year, with drastic changes and additions. But it’s time for parents to sit back and relax, so they can have some free time to energize themselves and get ready for another day during this hard time.

Cannabis strains

Different cannabis strains are helpful for different experiences that you may want. To relax, be productive, or sleep, whatever it is, there has to be a perfect cannabis strain for you. However, it is important to note that each strain affects a person differently and each person has their own ideal preferences. The cannabis strains below are described with the common experiences by most consumers who have used this strain

It is also necessary to understand that children must be kept away from cannabis at all costs as it can prove to be dangerous. Here are some strains perfect for parents to make the most out of the situation

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is the perfect wake and back strain for you in the morning. It blends perfectly with coffee and makes up for the tasty breakfast you deserve every day! It provides enough focus, energy, and an enlightened mood like coffee would but eliminating the crash or jitters.

This strain is ideal because it provides the consumer with a productive high, and a clear head, which makes it perfect for consumption during the daytime.

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is the perfect evening strain when you don’t want to sleep, but tucking your children in bed for the night. Let your children relax and sleep, and finish your work, to give yourself the free time you deserve after a long day! The strain allows you to relax and provides enough mental capacity to finish all your leftover tasks. This strain feels smooth and doesn’t affect your sleep in any way as long as it is consumed an hour before the rest.


Harlequin is a strain with low THC content, but high CBD content. It is an ideal option if parents want a mood enhancer or just something to soothe their anxiety or manage pain. Moreover, this strain is potent and the low THC content helps keep most of the psychoactivity away.

CBD Critical Mass

As the name suggests, this is another powerful strain with CBD. It is commonly popular in the medicinal cannabis community as a strain that works as a mood enhancer. It also reduces muscle spasms, eases pain, and helps with inflammation. Moreover, this strain adds pronounced psychoactivity than other strains such as Harlequin and can help put you to sleep. CBD does not produce the feeling of a “high” and can be the ideal choice for consumers who are trying to avoid it as well.


Breathwork can be your next favorite strain if you want some peace from the constant overthinking and racing thoughts in your head. Given the pandemic, this has been a constant concern as we tend to overthink the existing situations it is. However, this strain will help switch off the negative thoughts in your head, while physically relaxing your entire body. It promotes better sleep, making you wake up energized in the morning for a more productive day. Try this strain if you want a complete night of relaxation and a well-deserved good night’s rest.

Weed Journal

A simple notebook or a fancy journal, depending on how you like it, could really help map out your consumption of cannabis. Maintaining a journal is another way to relax for many. Writing down detailed experiences with each new strain and consistent results will help you understand which works best for you. Write down the effects induced by the cannabis strains to determine the best strains for you. After journaling your detailed experiences, take it with you to the dispensary when you go for cannabis shopping next.

Show it to your trusted budtender who’ll go through your journal and give ideal recommendations to enhance your experience, depending upon the cannabis profiles you love. This year has been nothing less than a challenge and a rollercoaster. Almost every aspect of every individual has been drastically affected and it can be hard to keep up and return back to your original life like it was last year.

However, whether your child is attending school online or in person, or have different education plans, take one day at a time. Help out your kids and give them your time and energy but don’t forget to relax when you have the time to do so. Relax with whatever helps, to make this year more tolerable. Also, remember to always keep your cannabis away in a secure and childproof jar which will be out of reach of your children.

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Cannabis Packaging- Need to Recycle



Cannabis Packaging Recycling

Have you ever purchased a few buds of cannabis? You must have noticed the excessive packaging that comes along with it. Based on the laws and regulations it is that way but something can be done in this manner to make our campaign go green running. These packings are thrown away, adding more waste to the landfills.

Save The Earth

We need to save earth from the landfills. The containers that we use currently are decent in size and shape. However, these containers are made up of cheap plastics and cardboard that add up to the wastes. It doesn’t matter whether you are a chain smoker or an occasional one but the amount of waste from purchasing the cannabis keeps on adding up. Imagine a person who smokes cannabis every day. Then this person is likely to go to the dispensary every week or might be on alternate days. The amount of packaging waste will be a lot. Imagine accumulating the packaging waste for a month, two, and then might is a year or two it will be a lot.

Recycling Cannabis Packaging

We can have a system where we can recycle all the cannabis packaging just the way we do in the case of cans and bottles. Might be the government can add a small incentive so that people dispose of the packaging properly. This incentive will help to reduce and lessen the impact of disposal on our environment. The Alberta Bottle Depot Association in Canada states that only cannabis producers will be responsible for innovating, investing in, and funding cannabis package recycling solutions.

Think Twice Before Throwing

Before you even think of throwing the cannabis packaging you should consider recycling the packaging. Just give it some time. You can come up with a variety of ideas. Consider using it for a variety of purposes like using glass jars for growing flowers at home. We can even reuse rather than recycling. Make it a point to ask your dispensary about their reuse or recycling program for cannabis packaging.

Also, some dispensaries will allow you to reuse the exit bags; most of them will not allow customers to reuse the packaging that contains marijuana products earlier. On the other hand, some dispensaries do offer recycling services and incentives for bringing old containers. In case your dispensary doesn’t offer any recycling or reusing of the exit bags then you should contact them on their website or their social media page. The very successful dispensary owners pay a lot of attention to their ratings and reviews.

How to Recycle Cannabis Packaging?

Even if none of the local dispensaries offers recycling options you can always use your creativity. There are several options to reuse the cannabis packaging. Companies like Colorado’s Green for Green are working to transform Cannabis container usage. Not only this, but it also aims to provide recycling bins around the Front Range.

Another very good option is the charitable organizations that accept such containers and sends them to countries that need medical supply containers. You can remove the labels on the glass and plastic containers by removing the glue from hot water. Also for recycling the plastic containers you need to watch the bottom of the container to see the triangle and the number that it contains. You have to act according to the number in the triangle. It looks like coming to the culmination but recently recycling has a different story due to China’s denial to accept any more American waste.

Some More Tips

You can even use the glass jars and excessive packaging to organize your things like screws, small pins, and nails, or any of the loose items lying in your drawers. You can make a pen and pencil holders for your office desk by simply cutting the top of the plastic containers. Try using DIY hacks too.

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It’s high time that cannabis is legalized and there is a boom in sales so its manufacturers should just not focus on the green plants but also the planet. It is an ideal condition that everyone pays a little attention to this concern and invest in a proper reusable container that they can refill every time.

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Abuse of Marijuana Leads to Suicide Attempts and Self-Harm



Marijuana Abuse leads towards Suicide

Recreational use of cannabis can result in addiction. One, two, three, and if the puffs are never-ending and controllable then they may bring you a lot of harm. Usage of cannabis by teens and adults is leading to disorders such as mood swings which are highly connected with self-harm and suicide attempts.
According to the latest research, the high potency of weed raises the risk of anxiety and addiction. The three most important factors contributing to death are overdosage, suicide, and homicide.

Two Sides of Marijuana

The usage of marijuana has two sides. It provides relief from chronic pain and increases appetite that proves to be very useful in case of cancer. On the other hand, one perception is that cannabis is safe to use. We need to educate parents and kids about the risks that are interlinked with the heavy use of cannabis.
Fontanella states that clinicians need to intervene to identify and treat cannabis use disorder as well as kids with mood disorders.

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Disorder by Cannabis Usage

The dependence on the use of weed causes cannabis use disorder. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse a person who is dependent on cannabis when they feel a lack of appetite, restlessness, and sleep difficulties after quitting. NIDA advises that people who begin to use cannabis before the age of 18 are more likely to develop marijuana disorders than adults. According to research back in 2015, it was estimated that 4 million people are likely to suffer from this disorder.

Studies Reveal Bitter Facts

Experts expect that the number will grow due to a rise in varieties of weeds and due to the legalization of marijuana in several states of the USA. Also, studies have revealed that there is a strong relationship between the uncontrollable use of cannabis and suicide attempts and death.
A study discloses the fact that twins adults of the same sex had the urge to commit suicide because of the dependence on marijuana. The ones who were dependent on marijuana were three times more likely to attempt suicide.
In addition to this, another study portrays that 1463 suicides and 7392 natural deaths reported in the USA have a link in between. There is an increased risk of suicide for adults of any sex who are dependent on marijuana.

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Who is more likely to abuse?

According to studies children with mood disorders have a very high chance of using and abusing marijuana. Mood stabilizers and psychotic medications can cause weight gain of up to many pounds. People in such cases try to self-medicate with cannabis to treat mood disorders. Research shows that the use of cannabis has an association with the early onset of mood disorder. This leads to the onset of severe mental illness. Whether you use it legally or illegally there is a very high chance of getting dependent on it. Marijuana has the chemical THC which resembles the one that the brain also produces. The main point of concern is when you use cannabis regularly your brain stops producing its version and gets dependent on THC.

Signs of marijuana addiction

There are many signs of becoming an additive person towards marijuana. Some of the symptoms include feeling irritable or moody, anxious, and not being able to sleep. The obvious indicator that this abuse has turned into addiction is when it’s affecting your professional and personal life, and even then you can’t quit it. Ultimately the depression causes you to self-harm and brings suicidal thoughts.


Many studies reveal the fact that marijuana abuse can trigger suicides and self-harm. Treatments for marijuana abuse and addiction include talk therapy, motivational incentives, and medication.

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COVID-19 Sparked Anxiety- Triggering usage of Cannabis All over the USA



Cannabis Reduces Anxiety

The troubled and engrossed state of mind all over the world is pushing people to use cannabis. It enables them to feel relief from anxiety and depression. All over the world, people have lost jobs; countries are on the verge of economic wreckage. America has a very bad example of pandemic suffering. COVID-19 infections are spreading and increasing. According to research, ten million workers lost their means of earning bread and butter. When people assume about the prospects of getting new jobs they find themselves surrounding by gloominess. Until now unfortunately there is no end to this sight. It seems like the world is coming to an end now.

How to lessen anxiety?

Marijuana and anxiety are going hands in hands. Now to relieve anxiety Americans are looking forward to their favored and favorite leaf, marijuana. The only positive thing that has come to witness about a pandemic is the changed perceptions about marijuana. A New Jersey doctor and founder of Doctor THC clinic, Dr. Allan Tiedrich, reported an increase in the issuance of medical cannabis cards via Telehealth Services to reduce the personal visits that might accelerate the spreading of risk of infection. According to a study, 30% of people suffer at the hands of anxiety but as the pandemic hits the percentage has increased to 70%.

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An uptick in Anxiety as Pandemic Prevails

As we see coronavirus spreads quickly across America and has left a hole in the budget, every other American is labelled as anxious and nervous. Using cannabis has a stigma and shame but as COVID-19 prevails the secrecy is not important. According to research, it is reported that in March 2020, as coronavirus increased and as the cities were imposed with quarantine there were record-breaking sales of cannabis. The lines were long which led to 23 states marking cannabis as important as bread and milk.
Dr Laren Hightower, reports that since the quarantine started in April, she has witnessed a large increase in the number of patients requesting medical cannabis to help them in relieving pain and majorly from anxiety. It is very clear that the new financial statements from job losses, furloughs, and shifting to work from home can’t lower anxiety levels. Covid’19 cases are increasing daily in at least 40 states.
The role of dispensaries is significant. They remain open in Florida and Arizona as essential businesses. They have experienced extraordinary sales in cannabis which have exceeded pre-pandemic sales clearly.

Anxious Floridians Propel Cannabis Sales

Florida, California, and Oklahoma are few states that allow card-carrying medical cannabis patients to fight anxiety and depression easily. A recent study also reports that there is an increase in Cannabis purchases by 40% during March, April, and May.
Sharkey states that stress levels and mental health levels are extremely high. He also reports that he has spoken to several people who have increased their cannabis use.

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Arizonans and the increasing cannabis use

The Executive Director of the Arizona Dispensaries Association reports that there is an increase of 40% in cannabis sales year over year during the pandemic and they expect it to grow. There are no signs of slowing down. Richard emphasizes that it is not only the quantity and the reason behind their usage indeed it is the way that they are using it up. He also says that pandemic is allowing experimenting to the ones who are quarantined and unemployed. Not only this he also says that if you are consuming a 10mg gummy and now you want to try out a 100mg cookie that might not be a good idea but you can always try because you don’t have to work out for a couple of days.


With the growing usage of cannabis, the world seems to become a peaceful place. Also not to forget that in these unprecedented times the society can have immense benefits from the usage of cannabis. A recent study also reveals that dispensaries report having an increase of 159% in sales in a single day.

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