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Your Ultimate Guide For The Longest Cannabis High



The duration of cannabis high is a tricky thing. It varies from person to person depending on their metabolism and bodies. The duration of cannabis high also depends on how you consume it. Moreover, cannabis is an ever-changing plant there are tons of strands in the market each with their own characteristic high. For instance, weed is the cannabis derived from the Sativa plant. Whether you’re using weed for medicinal or recreational purposes the longevity of its effects depends on specific compounds called cannabinoids.

The amount of cannabinoids varies in each type of plant. However, there are two main compounds of this type present in the majority of cannabis products. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) are those golden compounds. Now the time of high a person will get depends on the proportion of these two compounds. THC is the psychoactive compound while CBD is the relaxing reagent.

Here we have a few factors that govern the duration of your high as well as how you can prolong it. These include primarily the type of weed, personal tolerance and metabolism, consumption method, and lastly other substances in the body.

Type of Weed:

As discussed before the type of high depends on the concentration of THC and CBD in the cannabis plant. This concentration or also called the strain composition, in turn, depends on whether the cannabis plant is male or female and whether it contains seeds or not.

With the passing of a new bill in the House committee, researchers will have access to new sources for carrying out their medical marijuana researches.

Photo Credits: The Harvard Gazette

Now the strongest forms of weed are sinsemilla and hashish. These are the most potent because of the highest levels of THC than any other strain. Consequently using one of them will most likely give the longest cannabis high duration. Cannabis growers have also found ways to increase THC content in other strains as well. We discussed this in detail in our cannabis potency over the last 50 years article.


Method of Consumption:

Moving on the next factor that governs cannabis’s high duration is the method of consumption. The most common methods that people use in this case are smoking, vaping, and edibles. you’d be surprised how much the method of consumption affects your high. The feeling of high starts as soon s the THC reaches your bloodstream.

When you smoke THC reaches your bloodstream rapidly and creates a high of the duration of one to four hours.  The compound effect when consumed in this way also depends on the amount of tobacco in your cigarette as well. Vaping also creates a high of similar duration, however, the drug effect is stronger in this form. The vapor used in vape pens and devices contains cannabis resin, which forms when cannabis products are heated by the coils.

Black & Brown Cannabis Guild compensates convicts

Lastly, we’ll discuss the effects of edibles. Edibles are food products that contain cannabis. You can add cannabis to basically anything such s cookies or even brownies. In this case, the effects are a little bit different. They start about forty minutes after consumption however, THC levels in the bloodstream peak about three hours after consumption. Moreover, the high duration in this way is longer than other methods and can last up to six hours.

Meals before Consumption:

Certain foods have chemicals that can improve and prolong your high. For example, several people say that Mangoes can help increase your high. On the other hand, there are several food items that can reduce the effects of cannabis. Most food items rich in fat contents are believed to have these effects.

Alcohol Consumption:

Alcohol and cannabis are sometimes used at the same time. Both of these substances strengthen each other’s effects. Drinking alcohol while using cannabis causes it to stay longer in your bloodstream which means longer high time. Moreover, Alcohol also slows down the body’s metabolism which further enhances the duration of cannabis high. However, you should always take care when mixing up two drugs as they can have several health risks.

Personal Tolerance:

Personal tolerance is an important factor that can vary from person to person. However, in most cases, people who ingest weed more frequently will likely have a greater tolerance to the substance than those who do not. Higher body tolerance means that the person will likely find the effect lighter and not long-lasting.

Things that can harm your High:

While we have discussed things and factors that prolong your high, it is also important to discuss those which shorten it. Sometimes cannabis can trigger paranoia and anxiety, and some other uncomfortable effects. In such cases, you may also want to use these things to reduce or shorten your high effect. In such cases taking a cold bath or shower can help reduce the high and increase your alertness.

Effect of CBD or THC on sleep regulation

courtesy of

Moreover, evidence suggests that foods containing terpenoid compounds, such as lemon, pine nuts, and black pepper, can serve as an antidote to a weed high. The sourness of lemons can shock the person into being more alert in seconds. Lastly, the best possible way to wear off a weed high is by sleeping it off. It is the safest method and gives rest to your body as well.

General Precautions:

You must always consult your state laws before consuming cannabis. Recreational cannabis is banned in many parts of the world as well as several states of the USA. Hence, the first precaution is the legal purchase of cannabis. This also ensures that the cannabis you get is of good quality and is not contaminated. While consuming cannabis it is important to know when you’ve had enough. Consumption of cannabis causes some short term as well as long term risks. These include an increase in heart rate, anxiety, and paranoia in the short term. In addition, there are also risks of memory issues, difficulty in learning, insomnia, and schizophrenia in the longer run. using cannabis during pregnancy can also result in complications in fetal development.


In conclusion, the weed high generally can last between one to six hours and the time can vary with the ingestion technique as well as all the factors discussed above. Vapors are the fastest top work but edibles are the ones that last longest. Needless to say, you should always consult medical attention if you become dependent on cannabis, or experience the side effects, such as insomnia or memory loss.

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Best CBD For Rottweiler Dog: Treats, Oil and Soft Chews



rottweiler CBD products

A Rottweiler is a dog that is loyal, loving, protects its owner, and is known as an efficient working breed. Rottweiler has great strength and is a healthy playmate. Although a Rottweiler is a compassionate companion, it has some risks of developing problems. Thankfully, CBD products can help with them.

Despite their loyal and helping nature this breed of the descendants of the Roman legions develops some ailments. Fortunately, issues that Rottweiler experiences are treatable by using natural remedies and products obtained from natural resources such as Cannabidiol or CBD products.

Lovable and strong pets like Rottweiler require extra care, time, affection, and attention, especially when they are getting older. CBD-containing items, like cannabidiol gummies, chews, treats, tinctures, oils, and balms help improve health.

Multiple items already exist in the market, and new products are coming out almost every day. With multiple options, it becomes difficult to decide which CBD product will be best for your Rottweiler.

What Are CBD Products, And How They Function?

CBD products are those items that contain cannabidiol extracts from hemp or cannabis plant. Different strains of marijuana plants contain different compositions of cannabidiols. These products do not cause the consumer to become high. Various liquid and solid formulations contain different concentrations of cannabidiol.

CBD products affect the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and enhance its functioning. The ECS produces chemicals such as cannabinoids inherently. ECS of humans works similarly to the endocannabinoid system of Rottweiler. This system plays part in the complex nervous system and performs various functions.

The endocannabinoid system affects the functioning of the sleep cycle, sleep pattern, digestive system, reproductive system, immune system, pain pathways, bone, and joint health. By giving CBD products to your Rottweiler you can improve the mental and physical health of your pet.

Effectiveness Of CBD Products In Improving Rottweiler Health 

New pet owners have concerns about whether administering CBD products to their pets is safe and effective or not. They need not worry as formulations of cannabidiol pet products occur while considering the requirements of pets. Moreover, every formulation in the market is lab-tested, safe, and meets the demands of pets.

CBD products possess numerous benefits for your Rottweiler. The majority of dog owners administer these products to relieve their pets from pain, reduce inflammation, control or treat anxiety, reduce seizures, manage stress, and avoid the development of eating disorders.

In some cases, CBD products are used to cope with reproductive problems, immune disorders, GIT issues, and cancer. In short cannabidiol products that effects the endocannabinoid system can act as medicine to treat various conditions, and are useable as dietary supplements.

No serious side effects have been reported of CBD products on Rottweiler. Some Rottweilers may experience fatigue, dryness of mouth, and decrease blood pressure values after cannabidiol products consumption. To ensure the best quality outcomes, the pet owner needs to administer accurate doses of the products.

8 Best CBD Products For Your Rottweiler

There are thousands of options in the market of CBD products, and choosing a few that are the aptest items for your Rottweiler is a tedious job. This review article will help you in selecting the best cannabidiol items for your dog. Here are the top items to improve and help your canine friend.

1) Penelope’s Bloom CBD Heart Health+ Immunity Boost Bundle

Shop Penelope’s Bloom

The Penelope’s Bloom CBD Heart Health + Immunity bundle is an ideal package to improve your Rottweiler’s health. The products in the bundle contain organic full-spectrum CBD oil and contain plant-based ingredients. The absorption rate of the product is excellent, and as a result, the product is fast-acting.

The bundle contains one package of CBD treats that are formulated to improve cardiac health and boost immunity of Rottweiler. If your pet weighs

  • Up to 25lbs = 0.5 treat
  • 26-50lbs = 1 treat
  • 51-75lbs = 1.5 treats
  • 76-100lbs = 2 treats
  • Over 100lbs = 3 treats

The bundle also contains a CBD oil tincture and one cannabidiol pet balm. The dosage of the tincture is administered depending upon the size of your dog. Administer tincture in following doses, if your pet weighs

  • Up to 30lbs = 250mg
  • 30-90lbs = 500mg
  • 90-120lbs = 750mg
  • Over 120lbs = 1000mg

The cannabidiol pet balm keeps nails, skin, paws, nose, elbows of your pet smooth, soft, and moisturized. The products in the bundle contain vitamins and nourishing compounds that encourage the longevity and wellness of your Rottweiler.

2) Penelope’s Bloom Anxiety + Stress CBD Treats

Shop Penelope’s Bloom Anxiety + Stress CBD Treats

The Penelope’s Bloom Anxiety + Stress CBD treats are best for your Rottweiler in managing stress relating issues. If your pet experience anxiety in crowded areas or feel restless when alone these CBD treats can help. The net weight of the package is 300g, and each treat contains 10mg cannabidiol.

One package contains 30 treats, and all ingredients are obtained from plants. This Cannabidiol treat will keep your Rottweiler calm in stressful situations such as thunderstorms, fireworks, etc. the product meets the standard of safety and efficacy. It is produced by utilizing CBD oil, especially to manage stress and anxiety experienced by dogs.

The composition of these CBD treats contains chamomile powder and ginger root extract, both these ingredients reduce stress levels and lowers anxiety. Treats are infused with L-theanine, a chemical that helps in stimulating brain waves and aids in promoting relaxation.

Penelope’s Bloom cannabidiol treat for anxiety contains organic blueberries, organic spinach, sweet potatoes, brown rice flour, oats, flaxseeds, olive oil cinnamon, and molasses.

If your pet weighs

  • Up to 25lbs = 0.5 treat
  • 26-50lbs = 1 treat
  • 51-75lbs = 1.5 treats
  • 76-100lbs = 2 treats
  • Over 100lbs = 3 treats

3) CBD American Shaman Dog Chews

Shop CBD American Shaman

The CBD American Shaman Dog Chews comes in three flavors, that are peanut butter, turkey, and beef. The package comes contains forty chews each containing 5mg of cannabidiol, and has a net weight of 6 oz.

These Cannabidiol chews are ideal for your Rottweiler, if your pet is growing older and having difficulty in mobility or require support to improve joint health. Each chew contains multiple components, including eggs, canola oil, chicken stock, turkey, flaxseed, beef stock concentrate, hemp oil, Garbanzo bean flour, and potato flour.

The dosage of Cannabidiol chews is weight-dependent. It is suggested to administer 2.5mg or half a bite (chew) to a pet with a weight of up to 25lbs, once or twice daily. 2.5mg per 25lbs of body weight is suitable when administered once or twice per day or as required.

At an older age pets’ bones begin to become weaker, and their risk of developing joint issues like arthritis increases. Leaving the situation unaddressed can worsen the condition of your Rottweiler, especially of older age. CBD chews can solve the problem with just dietary alterations and can prove to be analgesic.

4) Sol CBD Liposomal CBD Oil For Dogs

Shop Sol CBD Liposomal 

The formulation of SOL CBD, particularly for pets, uses liposomal technology. The liposomal technology enhances the delivery of CBD oil products with salmon flavor.

The SOL CBD liposomal cannabidiol oil is available in three packages, one bottle costs $39.00, a pack of two bottles costs $75.00, and the third package of three bottles costs $108.00. each bottle contains about 120 servings. One serving is equivalent to ¼ dropper or 0.25 ml.

The product contains salmon oil, sunflower lecithin, purified water, glycerin, potassium sorbate, Acacia gum, and Xanthan gum. It also contains naturally occurring CBD oil 2mg and hemp oil extract 8.3mg. The Sunflower lecithin present in this formulation is a powerful antioxidant. It reduces the effect of free radicles, protects the body of consumers from oxidative stress, supports overall health, and boosts the immune system.

The unique formula of the SOL CBD product makes it ideal for daily consumption and encourages elevation in the health of your Rottweiler. It also reduces pain sensation, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and lowers stress levels in dogs.

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5) Receptra Pet CBD Chews – Full Spectrum

Shop Receptra Pet CBD Chews

Receptra Pet CBD Treats or Chews is best for your male Rottweiler. It is also safe for a female dog breed if she is not pregnant. One bottle of this product comes at the cost of $29.99 and contains 40 chews.

The product is a full spectrum and contains all the possible cannabidiols, cannabinoids, and terpenes. It is highly effective, and its absorption rate is also higher resulting in quicker absorption.

Receptra Cannabidiol chews container contains a total of 200mg cannabidiol and is for animals only. Also, the product is safe for pets with no allergies and contains 100mg salmon oil. It comes in a peanut butter flavor.

Its components are 7mg hemp flower extract (5mg cannabidiol), brewer’s yeast, citric acid, glycerine, sunflower lecithin, MCT oil, natural bacon flavor, natural peanut butter flavor (Non-allergic), organic flaxseed, organic palm fruit oil, tapioca flour, and per protein concentrate.

Dosage varies depending upon weight changes. If your Rottweiler is less than 20lbs I chew per serving is sufficient. Pet with weight

  • 20-35lbs = 2 chews per serving
  • 35-50lbs = 3 chews per serving
  • 50-75lbs = 4 chews per serving
  • Over 75lbs = 5 chews per serving

Salmon oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties. Each chew contains salmon oil with omega 3 fatty acids that make the product best for combating inflammation, reducing pain, and improving the motion of joints.



Zatural CBD oil is particularly formulated for dogs of every breed. The components are all-natural and organic. Also, the product comes in different packaging for different-sized Rottweiler.

The Zatural CBD oil contains no herbicides and pesticides. The product is freshly secured, and it is of the highest quality as it is doctor-formulated. You can dissolve it in the water and food of your pet.

It is suggested to shake the herbal drops before using them and administer them to your pet as recommended by a veterinarian. It contains broad-spectrum CBD. Administering 0.25 ml per 10lbs every day is advised, or you can consult the veterinarian.

The Zatural CBD oil is rich in omegas, vitamin E, and cannabinoids. It also contains hemp seed oil obtained. The formula has helped pet owners to improve the fur quality of their pets and enhance the skin health of their dogs.

7) CBDFX Calming And Moisturizing Pet CBD Balm

cbdfx balm pet calming moisturizing mg


The CBDFX CBD Balm is one of the best choices for your Rottweiler to moisturize its skin. The balm contains 750mg of Cannabidiol and provides soothing relief for your dog. If the skin, nose, and paws of your dog are inflamed you can apply the CBDFX CBD Balm to moisturize the skin.

The balm contains odorless Alaskan salmon oil and shea butter. It also contains essential oils like lavender, rosemary, and Roman chamomile. It costs $39.99.

Dogs’ noses usually in extreme weather dries out. Skin dryness leads to more damage and cracks formation. In humans, dryness cause chapping of lips similarly in Rottweiler it cause skin irritation. Thus, it is essential to take care of your pet and apply moisturizing balm regularly.

8) Joy Organics Premium CBD Dog Chews

Shop Joy Organics

This product also has hemp oil, and each chew contains 2mg CBD. There is a total of 30 chews, and the product weighs 60mg per jar.

It is one of the best chews with beef flavoring and is safe to use, effective, and easy to digest. If your Rottweiler loves beef-flavored chews then this product can be your best choice.

Final Verdict

Each of the above Cannabidiol products is best for their specific reasons and is reliable for Rottweilers. Also, it is essential to use CBD products to improve the health of your pet. Caring, loving, and keeping your pet in good condition improves your bond with your pet. Moreover, it can also increase the life expectancy of your canine friend.

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Apply For Medical Cannabis Cultivation License In Alabama



Alabama Cannabis

Alabama became the 36th state to permit medical cannabis usage on 17 May of this year. Governor Kay Ivey signed into law the Darren Wesley ‘Ato” Hall Compassion Act. The act provides a procedure to follow to get licenses that will allow people to conduct medical marijuana involving business activities legally. 


People can apply to access any one of the four categories of licenses. These categories are cultivator, processor, dispensary, and integrated facility. The “integrated facility” is a type of license under which an individual or firm that has it can cultivate, process, transport, and dispense medical cannabis under one license. The act also helps in determining the number of official permits for secure transporters and testing laboratories. 


The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries view and observe cultivation process of medical marijuana. The Medical Cannabis Commission, consisting of 14 members. The commission is responsible to issue licenses and regulating the medical marijuana program. The commission and ADGI work together to monitor and ensure the efficient performance of the medical pot program. 


Cannabis Cultivator License In Alabama


According to the act, those who will possess a cultivator license will have the authority to cultivate marijuana and sell or transfer pot to a processor. Moreover, they have the authority to sell or transfer medical cannabis raw form to a dispensary. However, this occurs only when the cultivator signs a contract with the processor to process its marijuana into medical marijuana on the cultivator’s behalf.

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In Alabama, there shall be 12 cultivator licenses as per the act. Three licenses must be issued to a business organization that is 51% owned by people of African American, Native American, Asian, or Hispanic descent. Individuals from these groups shall also be responsible for managing and controlling and shall fulfill daily operations of medical cannabis cultivation. 


How To Apply For Medical Cannabis Cultivator License


Applicants are requested to submit a non-refundable application fee worth $2500 for the cultivator category. Every owner, stakeholder, director and board member, and economically interested individual in the applicant must submit a document. The document is a state and national criminal background check report. 


If anyone of owners, stakeholders, board members, directors, and individuals with an economic interest in an applicant are convicted, then the applicant is ineligible. If these members are convicted or released from incarnation for any controlled-substance-related felony within the last ten years, the applicant is ineligible to apply for a license. 


What Is The Requirement For The Application?


The act requires applicants for medical cannabis licenses in Alabama to provide some information with the application. The information must include the identity of every individual with direct or indirect ownership interests of applicants.


There are applicants or individuals with an ownership interest in the applicants that have entities involved in the marijuana industry. Such applicants face a requirement to provide the identities of their entities. 

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The criminal history of the last ten years of the owners, directors, board members, and controlling shareholders is essential. Applicant must provide financial information as required by the commission and a total number of employees. 


Records Submission


Applicants are to submit records, which indicate that the majority of the ownership is an individual. Also, there are individuals with an Alabama residence. The proof must ensure that individuals are in this state for no more than 15 years preceding the application date. 


Attachment of records with the application must occur to indicate that the majority of the owners have knowledge and experience in the field of commercial horticulture. Understanding and experience of agronomic production are also vital for application submission. The experience must not be of less than 15 years. 


According to the act, the applicants for medical cannabis cultivators’ licenses in the state must maintain at least $2 million in liability and casualty insurance. There are some other financial guarantees that the applicants must meet. Otherwise, they cannot get a license. The applicant must mention that it does not have any economic interest in any other Alabama medical cannabis license.

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All That Employers Need To Know About Connecticut Cannabis Legislation



Connecticut Cannabis

Connecticut passed legislation to legalize and decriminalize cannabis on June 23. It allows recreational usage of marijuana products within the premises of the state.

The legislation contains instructions and rules to address employers and what actions they can take about employees who use cannabis for recreational purposes. The instructions include drug testing procedures. The law also mentions the conditions under which if employees have positive drug test results, they can lose their job or other punishment.

Cannabis Legislation And Employers In Connecticut

The cannabis legislation will be in practice from 1st July 2022 onwards. Employers in Connecticut have time till the mentioned date to understand the new requirements and policies of the employer-employee relationship. Moreover, employers will have to make necessary changes in the existing policies. It is better to practice the new policies, or employers shall begin to consider doing so.

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Under cannabis legislation, the employer has the authority to prohibit employees from performing their job duties when they are under the influence of cannabis. The rule applies to all employees that have cannabis in their possession, are using pot products within employer’s property, or use pot during the job for recreational use.

The statute permits employers to take adverse employment action under specific conditions. If the employer has a written policy stating that their employees do not have permission to consume marijuana outside the workplace. Then any employee who violates their policy can face adverse employment action. However, the written policy must state everything clearly.

An employer can take action against an employee if the employer observes symptoms of cannabis use or drug use in employees. employers have permission to discipline their employees. Especially when employees damage their surroundings, equipment, working area, or property.

What Can Employers Do If They Have Written Policy In Connecticut?

A well-formulated written policy is essential for employers. Without a clear written policy, an employer cannot prohibit or take adverse action against employees. Employers cannot enforce anything regarding the use of cannabis outside the working hours and workplace.

An employer can give a written policy to employees before they join their firm or organization stating that employees are not permissible to use marijuana. Before enactment, if employees agree to a written policy and follow the rules, employees can begin their duties. After understanding and agreeing with rules, if employees use or possess pot, they can face consequences.

In Connecticut, the employer can have clear instructions for employees. They are authorized to take action against employees who do not abide by the policy. Employers have this right as it is part of the cannabis legislation passed in the state.

An employer may discipline or terminate an employee if the employee uses cannabis items outside the workstation. An employer can demand an employee to submit a drug testing report. This can be in the form of a duty evaluation or they may ask for a fitness report.

Employers have the right to refuse the hiring of an employee or discharge a current employee solely because of a positive drug test for 11-nor-9-carboxy-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol.

Connecticut law allows action against cannabis users belonging to some professions. Individuals working as firefighters, emergency medical technicians, police workers, and peace workers can be subjected to disciplinary action.

Non-Policy Workers

Certain people cannot have a policy in the contract. This is because having one would be inconsistent with federal law. It also applies to those that have a potentially adverse impact on the health and safety of employees.

According to Connecticut cannabis legislation, in some situations, adverse employment action can be taken by an employer. This is particularly true against employees without a written policy.

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