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Can Hemp Oil Treat Epilepsy in Dogs?



hemp oil for dogs

A research suggests that hemp oil is good for reducing epilepsy in dogs. It has the same effects as the medicine epidiolex which is a CBD based drug. People who actively use CBD agree to the fact that it has helped them in alleviating many issues regarding their health problems. They range from chronic pains of almost any type to insomnia. The benefits of the substance are not only limited to humans, but also to humans’ best friends: dogs. CBD is highly trendy among pet owners as it has been quite beneficial in treating certain conditions like pain and canine anxiety. However, experts say that there is a need to o more research before giving CBD directly to pet dogs.

They noted a considerable reduction in the epileptic seizures among the experimental group

The study consisted of 16 pets having epilepsy. Canine epilepsy is a common condition that effects 5% dogs. The Canine Health Foundation suggested that there is a need for innovative therapeutic substances for dealing with the disease. Out of the total, scientists dosed nine dogs with the CBD. The remaining seven were in the control group and given placebo. They found that CBD administration reduced the chances of the typical seizure up to 89 percent. The study opens up a possibility for researchers to dive further into its benefits and make the products commercially available.

Researches like these need to be conducted on a much wider scale to investigate proper results

However, there are some points of consideration regarding the study. Firstly, the results were observed for only 16 dogs. Secondly, Applied Basic Science Corporation sponsored the study that is itself a manufacturer in this emerging industry. The scientist leading the research has a 5 percent stake in the brand. There is a hope to see the same results on a wider subject ratio.

Scientists have conducted multiple small studies on the effects of CBD on dogs

In addition to that, the effects of CBD are also investigated regarding osteoarthritis, another common bone condition among dogs. This study took place in 2018 and researchers used 14 dogs. However, the most important thing, safety, is not put under notice yet. Moreover, Food and Drug Administration in US has not officially passed approval of CBD for dogs. They haven’t designed a chart for dosage.

Veterinary doctors suggest that pet owners must be considerate on choosing potential therapeutic options while treating their dogs. Despite the fact that marijuana does not involve any potential harming effects on overdose, it must not be applied for animals. In addition, hemp oil can be easily handled by anyone and its regulated administration goes unnoticed that can be damaging.

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Mayor To Cut the Ribbon on Cannabis ‘Cookies’ Inauguration



Mayor To Cut the Ribbon on Cannabis 'Cookies' Inauguration

Michigan is seeing an increase in activities and businesses trading in marijuana. As the marijuana economy grows, Cookies is the newest store that opens its doors to Kalamazoo city. The Cookies cannabis store will be functional from Friday, Feb. 26.

The mayor for the city of Kalamazoo, David Anderson, is the chief guest for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The store opening will be in the morning, according to the Cookies Cannabis Official press release. Also, the address for the store is 2712 Portage Street.

Medicinal Cannabis At The Curbside

The Cannabis Cookies store will not be offering curbside sales on its first day. For medicinal marijuana sales, curbside medical sales will be active from Saturday, Feb. 27, the press release further adds.

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Cookies is an international cannabis lifestyle brand founded by California rapper and entrepreneur, Berner.

Also, the Cookies brand is diverse and offers an entire family of offerings, including Cookies, Lemonnade, Runtz, Powerzzzup Genetics, Minntz, and Grandiflora product lines.

Expansion Plans

Cookies CEO Berner has high hopes for the Midwest. He thinks that stores like his will boost the marijuana economy and can support the economy even during slumps. Cookies has pinpointed the region as pivotal going forwards. The partnership with Gage Cannabis is also proving great for them as the demand for cannabis and medical marijuana is increasing day by day.

The expansion is driven by key partnerships and a high influx of consumers. Consumers are not only driving up demand in Kalamazoo but in the whole of Michigan. Cookies hopes to serve this rising demand as it strikes new partnerships throughout the region.

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The new store will be the second Cookies store in the state of Michigan. The original location where Cookies started operations last year is at 6030 East 8 Mile Road, in Detroit.
For the state of Michigan, Gage Cannabis is the go-to partner for the Cookies store. Through these key partnerships, the whole economy benefits as this will be Gage’s seventh retail point in Michigan state.
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Mental Health Issues Marijuana Use Rises In Teenagers Arising Concerns



Marijuana use rise in teens

The research finds that after legalization, the use of marijuana may increase in youngsters-extremely. Some government officials and lawmakers oppose the legalization of cannabis and favor banning and suppressing cannabis use. Such individuals highlight that the use of stronger cannabis drugs affects teenagers. Moreover, it affects their brain functioning. 

Such reasoning is an old social problem that drug addiction is spoiling the new generation of kids. There remains a gap or a gulf of the-gap in the character building of kids. A moral fault or weakness remains forever in their character building.

Lawmakers and the government have enabled the cannabis industry to overcome some of its problems and difficulties. However, certain matters still need to be solved. Decisions occur according to a new bill legalizing cannabis regarding cases and suits on high nicotine products in the court of law. 

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Authorities are considering the possible results of the new policies on marijuana. The cannabis industry is still facing weaknesses and faults in its policies controlling the cannabis situation. The marijuana industry also plans of introducing rules and regulations to solve the problems.

Survey Reports Highlight Increase Trends Of Marijuana In Teenagers

According to last week’s study, teenagers of grades 7, 9, and 11 are more likely to use cannabis upon approval of legalization and decriminalization. It can make youth addicted to cannabis. 

The report in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs highlights that in 2016 when California legalizes marijuana, younger individuals of grade 9 and 11 use 23% more cannabis at the end of the year. 

The 2016 survey study regarding drug use was the first research study of its kind. Previously, cannabis use in teenagers did increase. However, the rise in the number of teenagers involved in drugs has risen remarkably. Moreover, it is likely to rise further. Thus, the situation is increasing concerns. Another research study in Colorado elaborates on the rise in the number of adults involved in cannabis activity from 2017 to 2019. 

Concerns Regarding Cannabis Abuse

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, cannabis excessive use and early on-set of use cause irreversible damage to the brain. Furthermore, it also increases the risk of drug abuse, addiction, and schizophrenia

The U.S. Cannabis Council is working on the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis. Moreover, the council came into formulation this month to discuss and manage issues regarding cannabis. 

According to Steven Hawkins, the matter of teen use of cannabis is a critical issue for the public. Moreover, he added that even if the bill for legalization and decriminalization of cannabis passes, still, efforts are to be taken for discouraging underage use. 

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High Potency Users 

The use of high-potency psychotic drugs is dangerous for the health of individuals in the longer run. New cannabis products on the market contain a high dose of THC. Authorities have concerns that the use of high THC marijuana products could potentially increase the risk of addiction. 

Moreover, according to a 2019 study, the use of high potency cannabis products daily increases the risk of having a psychotic disorder as compared to those who avoid marijuana products. Individuals who begin using cannabis high-potency products at the age of 15 have a higher risk of developing a psychotic disorder. 

In Colorado, a proposal suggests banning cannabis products containing more than 15% THC. Moreover, only patients will get approval to buy cannabis products of high-potency containing more than 15% THC. However, the U.S. Cannabis Council does not want anything like that to happen. According to Hawkins, the manufacturing of cannabis products of high demand in public shall occur.

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Cannabis Intake Can Help With Controlling Blood Pressure



Cannabis Intake Can Help With Controlling Blood Pressure

Medical cannabis usage is on the rise as more and more states legalize it. Cannabis provides some undeniable medical advantages and among them is the miracle of lowering blood pressure. According to a new study, medical cannabis may have the potential to keep blood pressure in check.

The research is part of a study at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU). The University has affiliations with the Soroka University Medical Center. The study got the nod from the European Journal of Internal Medicine and is part of the current volume.

The participants in the study were adults ages 60 and above. The aim of the study was to focus on the effect of cannabis on blood pressure, pulse rate, and other metabolic processes. This is particularly important as more and more people are resorting towards the recreational drug. If there are benefits of its use, they should definitely get the spotlight. As an increasing number of above 60 people use medical cannabis the effects warrant a study.

Decreased Blood Pressure Due To Cannabis Use?

The participants are all under evaluation and the study took 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. Alongside the monitoring, ECG, blood tests and body measurements were also taken. This was done before the study took off and after three months of cannabis therapy.

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The study is a first of its kind and was shown a lot of promise. There was a significant drop in the average blood pressure levels . The lowest point of the blood pressure was about three hours after taking cannabis. This intake could be in any form. Also, the fall in blood pressure is consistent both in the daytime and nighttime.

The BGU research team also thinks that the relief from pain that participants go through is also due to the cannabis. In actual, they believe it is a combination of both, cannabis intake and reducing blood pressure.

The BGU facility of Health Sciences is one of the best medical facilities in Israel. The BGU Soroka Cannabis Clinical Research Institute aims to link the actual physiological effects of cannabis to the frequency and amount of use.

A Study In the Right Direction?

This aspect of cannabis use is unheard of before but is definitely worth the attention. The study aims to provide clinical research to support the medicinal use of cannabis. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about the effects is the fact that all forms of cannabis, whether oral, oil extract or taken in smoking form produce the same effect. The most significant change in the blood pressure is at night. This piece of information needs some more research to replace bedtime hypertension control drugs. Although the research available on the use of cannabis is not much, but it is a step in the right direction.

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The absence of relevant literature is largely due to the illegality of cannabis in the past. But, as mentioned, it is a thing of the past and the future is ready to embrace cannabis and its medicinal wonders.

The chief executive officer of American Associates at Ben Gurion University, Negev also thinks that it is a little early for forming conclusive opinions. The research is indeed a first but he thinks that more effort needs to be focused on the subject. Once enough clinical evidence is available to support the claim, we can head into the future with hopes of an all-natural deterrent to counter silent killers like hypertension.

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