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Warmer temperatures might be slowing coronavirus transmission



It is a known fact that warmer temperatures tend to reduce the transmission rates of majority of the viruses. Particularly, the ones related to respiratory issues, e.g. Influenza. A recent speculation suggests that the same is true for coronavirus.
In the past 8 months, coronavirus has spread to almost every country on the globe. Effecting more than half a million people and causing thousands of deaths, the virus is still actively spreading. Forcing nations into lockdown, the crisis has caused an economic crisis, along with a severe epidemic.
Based on the behavior of respiratory viruses, it is possible that warmer temperature might be affecting the coronavirus transmission. The impact can play a vital role in predicting if the following months would be better.

Research study

A research team from Mount Auburn Hospital, studied the effects of precipitation, temperature and UV index on the spread of the coronavirus. The analysis was primarily based on the death rate during the spring months.
A medical journal, Clinical Infectious Diseases, published the findings. Results indicated that the transmission rate of coronavirus did slow down up till 52 degrees Fahrenheit. However, increasing the temperature further had no impact on the virus.
Further, a greater UV index also reduced the average number of new cases per day. However, the impact was not that significant. Precipitation had no effect on the virus whatsoever.
The researchers evaluated regular reported instances of the coronavirus cases over the period of 2.5 months, from 22 January to 3 April. John Hopkins University’s Dashboard for coronavirus was the primary source for the data. Information about the environmental factors was taken from the National Centers for Environmental Information.


Researchers analyzed the two datasets using advanced data science techniques. However, the results did not show any promise as to a possible slowing down of the disease. According to Shiv T. Sehra, Director Internal Medicine Residency Program at the hospital, it is unlikely that the coronavirus’s spread would slow down in the summers due to the increasing temperatures.
The study divided the data into five possible scenario categories: < 30 degrees, 30 – 40 degrees, 40 – 50 degrees, 50 – 60 degrees and > 60 degrees. All temperature measurements were in Fahrenheit. The team observed the maximum number of new cases on days when the temperature was below 30 degrees. Similarly, the least number of new cases were observed when the average temperature was above 50 degrees.
As per the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, as fall and winter draw near, the crisis may get worse. The drop in temperatures will most likely cause a surge in the number of cases. Sehra stated, “We also caution that the disease may get worse in the fall and winter months.”


Even though, the research did not show promising results, it is to note that there were a lot of limitations in the process. The study extrapolated the climate related data for the whole nation. Further, the data was from a time period when the overall temperatures were below 70 degrees. Temperature in summers is generally higher in most states.
Moreover, there is no guarantee that the number of cases depicted the correct value. Everyday, there are hundreds of cases that go unreported. Hence, adding a bias to the results. Geographical data was also ignored, which could potentially have a vital impact on the number of cases.
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Cannabis May Be A Cure For Various Cancers




Various innovative and developing countries have acknowledged the healing benefits of cannabis. It has been used in herbal remedies for centuries. Studies have also shown that they can actively help in the treatment of various cancers.

Source: Arizona Natural Selections

The Study

A number of studies have been conducted to study medicinal uses of cannabis. These also include people going through a cancer treatment. The studies suggest that marijuana can help in controlling the following:

Pain: Like opioids, marijuana works as one of the strongest pain relievers while treating patients living with cancer related pain. In addition to this, it may have anti-inflammatory effects that may help in curing pain.

Neuropathy: It is a medical term for nerve damage and is a frequent problem of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. It’s characteristics includes a feeling of weakness, numbness, itching and a flaming sensation in the hands and feet. Hence, marijuana provides comfort and liberation of pain resulting from neuropathy.

Nausea and Vomiting: Nausea and vomiting are one of the side effects of chemotherapy. Many cancer patients encounter these side effects. Dronabinol is a synthetic cannabinoid which is approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration for such kind of side effects. Various other examinations clearly indicates that medical marijuana plays a valuable role in curing nausea and vomiting.

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Anorexia or Cachexia: It is the medical term for the loss of appetite. Cachexia is the phenomenon of unintended loss of weight specially the loss of lean muscle and fat often followed by tiredness and a reduction in functional abilities.

FDA has also approved the synthetic cannabinoid Dronabinol for anorexia associated with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). However, there are not enough researches that indicates the effectiveness of medicinal marijuana in controlling of these symptoms. But, marijuana may increase the intake of food in HIV patients.

Anti-neoplastic: Lab and animal testing shows that marijuana might be productive in slowing down or preventing the development of certain tumors.

Conclusion Of The Study

However, this study shows that marijuana can be safe and secure in treating cancer but it does not indicates that marijuana will help in curing the disease. Hence, people must not only depend on marijuana for treatment while keeping themselves away from conventional medical care for cancer.

Side Effects Of Marijuana

Although THC may assist in reducing nausea and other symptoms, it also has a few side effects such as inability to think clearly or focus. The long-term side effects include psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, depression or a person may become a bipolar patient. Additionally, respiratory disorders such as chronic bronchitis may also develop.

There is no as such evidence available that supports the use of medicinal marijuana. Moreover, since marijuana is considered as an illegal drug so the research and investigation on its medical use has been greatly reduced. However, interest in this field has greatly increased over the past few years. Furthermore, it requires a lot of studies in order to comprehend the benefits posed by marijuana to improve symptoms and standard of life for cancer patients.

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When To See Your Doctor?

It is necessary to maintain an honest discussion with your doctor about any sorts of symptoms you are experiencing. As a result, this will allow your doctor to decide whether there is a need to prescribe medicinal marijuana for treatment or not.

There are numerous ways of consuming marijuana such as vaporization, edibles, pills or oils. If your doctor prescribes medical marijuana as a treatment for you then you must also discuss the most suitable form for you based on the availability of the products in your region. Moreover, it’s essential to remember that the side effects vary from person to person based on the product you have used.

Hence, you must also discuss the side effects you’re experiencing with your doctor in order to prevent further complications.



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Smoking Cannabis can Improve Your Sex Life, Study Shows




A recent study has revealed that smoking cannabis before sex can significantly improve the pleasure.

According to the federal law in US, cannabis is still a Schedule I drug. However, in the last couple of years, numerous laws have been passed to legalize it in the country. Currently, medical marijuana is permitted in 30 states.

The legalization means an increased accessibility to the drug. This has led to numerous research trials being conducted to study the affects it will have on people’s life. From improvements in mental and physical health, to infusion in numerous food items, researchers have been trying to study its long term implications.

Source: TimesofCBD

The Study

A recent population based study has showed that smoking a cannabis joint before sexual activity can improve orgasms, libido and also increase the sexual drive. The study was published in Journal of Sex Medicine.

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The main idea behind the research was to establish a relationship between cannabis use and frequency of having sexual intercourse. The study was managed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and comprised of 51,000 participants from across the nation.

Apart from sexual drive, researchers also focused on the changes in mood, weight, metabolism, blood circulation and sleep patterns of the subjects.

Previously, there has been no study that links the two factors together. However, cannabis users have reported that it has a number of sexual benefits to offer.

The cannabinoids in cannabis attach to CB-1 and CB-2 receptors in the human “endocannabinoid system” (ECS). ECS is a network of neurotransmitters and nerves that runs through the whole body. It is responsible for maintaining and regulating mood, bodily functions, sleep, pain, appetite and emotions. Therefore, cannabis is also used for pain relief and treating inflammation.

Cannabis is also linked to an increase in the production of endorphins, also known as “feel good” hormones. Researchers believe these chemicals are responsible for improving the sex drive and “lubrication” in women.


The study, however, did not show any link to increased lubrication. Around 68% of the subjects reported an improvement in libido, pleasureful orgasms and overall sex drive. The research also suggested that cannabis use promote the production of a natural endocannabinoid known as 2-AG, during intercourse. This interacts with the ECS and improves the overall experience.

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Smoking cannabis has the same effect on males as well. It is a vasodilator, which means that it increases blood flow. This can significantly help males in delivering a pleasurable experience. It also works for people with erectile dysfunction, allowing for longer erections.

Cannabis is loaded with THC and CBD. They are majorly responsible for the benefits of cannabis use. CBD, particularly, has a number of medicinal purposes. Hence, making it ideal for pain relief. It also reduces anxiety, which in turn results in a better sexual experience.

You can take cannabis in numerous forms. The most common way is through smoking a joint. Dried herbs are rolled into a cigarette and the smoke is inhaled. This gives an instant feeling of euphoria, also referred to as being “high”.

It can also be consumed through vaping or by infusing it in brownies or other edibles.

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Colorado Government Offers Pardons For Marijuana Convictions In 90 Days




Colorado Government Jared Polis have signed a bill into law on Monday. According to this, the Coloradons with inconsiderable marijuana ownership convictions will be reprieved. However, he has not stated yet that how the whole process will function.

Source: Denver 7

The legislators passed the House Bill 1424 on June 15, the last day of the 2020 parliamentary meeting.

Main Purpose Of The Bill

The main purpose of the bill is that people of color can have more access to the legal marijuana industry. The government will offer pardons to the ones previously sentenced to imprisonment for marijuana offence. Moreover, the government will not treat them as criminals anymore.


The citizens of Colorado were arrested or declared guilty on a marijuana offence. Moreover, their assets were confiscated by the law enforcement officers since they were suspected of being involved in marijuana offence. Furthermore, they lived in an area classified as high crime or economically disadvantaged.

However, this bill has broaden the justice and fairness social policy for the license of marijuana business to the inhabitants of Colorado.

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According to Rep. James Coleman, decades have passed and still the black community is unreasonably criminalized because of marijuana whereas others are obtaining profits through it. Hence, there was a need to take action against this injustice for decades.

The legislators have also decided to add another element to the bill. According to this, the governor has the authority to reprieve the residents of Colorado for convictions of acquiring marijuana of 2 ounces or less, instead of doing them on an individual basis.

Longmont Democratic Rep. Jonathan Singer added this emendation after the pandemic impelled him to release strategies for a more comprehensive marijuana expungement bill.

Polis signed the bill on June 15, Monday night at Simply Pure in Denver. Wanda James and Scott Durah are the owners of this dispensary. According to their website, they are the first Black couple in the country to possess a dispensary, a cultivation facility, and an edible company.

Statement By Colorado Government

As stated by Jared Polis, he will initiate the provision of pardons in ninety days. 

He further said that there are several people that have a prior conviction of possessing personal amounts of cannabis which is fully legal today. This prevents them from getting leases, from getting loans, from getting employment opportunities, from raising capital, from getting licenses and from getting mortgages. Hence, this is wrong.

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“We hope that this measure will be a first step for new opportunities for thousands of Coloradans who should not be living with a cloud over their head simply because they were a little bit ahead of their time.”

Boulder District Attorney Michael Dougherty supports the notion of offering pardons as a matter of “fundamental fairness”. However, he desires to have much more time in order to scrutinize the amendment and process.

He further trusts that the governor’s office will analyse each individual case thoroughly and will make public each pardon decision.

Polis has received a letter by the Black Cannabis Equity Initiative and the Colorado Black Round Table. In this letter, they are asking to release low-level cannabis criminals instantly and to record the release before signing.

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