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Could You Be Allergic To Marijuana? – Symptoms, Causes, And Prevention





Recently, in the past few years, the number of reports regarding marijuana-related allergic symptoms has significantly increased. One of the reasons may be the increasing popularity of the drug, especially as a medication for a variety of conditions. Moreover, a few states have even taken the next step towards legalization for recreational purposes.

CBD oil, however, can also induce unwanted reactions in some individuals. Over 50 million Americans are suffering from at least one kind of allergy. While marijuana could be potentially beneficial medically, the marijuana pollen could be responsible for triggering allergy symptoms in specific individuals. According to the AAAI (American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology), an individual is prone to developing allergies or any sensitization towards marijuana, after adequate exposure. here are the 4 ways individuals can be exposed to the allergens

  • smoking marijuana
  • eating marijuana
  • touching marijuana
  • inhaling pollen

Research from 2013 has shown that particular strains, such as Cannabis sativa, can cause irritation. A recent study from 2018, however, reported that individuals are more prone to cannabis allergies if they are also allergic to dust mites, molds, or plants. Regardless, further research is necessary for conclusive outcomes and the establishment of possible associations.

Allergic symptoms

General symptoms of allergies triggered by marijuana are not so different from seasonal allergy symptoms such as

  • congestion
  • dry cough
  • nausea
  • itchy eyes
  • runny nose
  • red, or watery eyes
  • sore or itchy throat
  • sneezing

One may also develop contact dermatitis y simply handling the drug. This skin condition can cause symptoms such as-

  • dry skin
  • itchiness
  • blisters
  • hives
  • red, inflamed skin

These symptoms of allergies caused by marijuana can be developed immediately after being exposed to the plant. However, in other cases, they may take an hour or so to begin. To reduce the intensity of the symptoms, the individual should stop smoking or touching marijuana. Anaphylaxis is an uncommon but severe allergic reaction and can be fatal. It is an immediate reaction that occurs within seconds after the exposure.


Cross-reactivity can be a potential risk for marijuana allergies and can occur when proteins in another plant have enough resemblance with proteins in the marijuana plant. An allergic reaction can be caused due to exposure to similar proteins.

Doctors conduct their diagnosis of marijuana allergies like they would, for any other allergy. The yr blood or skin tests.

Skin tests

Licensed doctors will analyze the medical history of a person to further perform a specific physical examination. Furthermore, they may use prick tests for the skin, which are not too invasive and provide fast results. Skin prick tests involve a diluted allergen like marijuana, using a needle on the skin. A red bump or any redness and itching in 15 minutes would indicate an allergic reaction.

An intradermal test may also be used which involves the use of a thinner needle to inject the diluted allergen.

Blood tests

Blood tests can also be used to check marijuana allergies. Samples of blood are tested for the detection of antibodies, to marijuana. Excessive antibodies can indicate allergic reactions to marijuana. Blood tests could be more preferable than skin prick tests due to the involvement of a single needle prick, and the lack of effect by other medications. However, the results may be delayed and they are usually more expensive.


Currently, no such treatment exists for marijuana allergies. Antihistamines are a possible solution for the management of symptoms and discomfort and can be easily purchased online or from a local store. For certain kinds of pollen allergies, allergy shots are recommended for the reduction in the sensitization of the person. However, they are unavailable for the marijuana pollen.

Owing to the lack of treatment options, it is best to play safe. If you feel you are allergic to marijuana, it would be advisable to avoid eating, smoking, or touching the plant for the prevention of allergy symptoms. An epinephrine injection (Epipen, Adrenaclick, or others) must be carried around at all times in case of severe allergies.


Avoiding the plant altogether is the only way to avoid an allergic reaction. In case of allergies to medicinal marijuana, the patient must consult alternative treatment options with their doctor. Meanwhile, people currently working in a marijuana processing plant should avoid their exposure with

  • face masks
  • gloves
  • allergy medications
  • inhalers

CBD oil

CBD is also a compound derived from the marijuana plant and its medicinal uses also involve the treatment of specific seizure disorders. THC and CBD are different compounds where the latter is the psychoactive substance which is also responsible for the “high”. However, CBD has anti-inflammatory and antipsychotic properties.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has by far, approved only 1 CBD drug, Epidolex. This medication is used for the treatment of 2 kinds of rare and severe epilepsy and was approved in June 2018. The FDA also declared the approval of 3 other drugs which consist of a synthetic form of THC. Syndros and Marinol are used to help with severe weight loss caused due to AIDS. Meanwhile, Cesamet can aid in the prevention of vomiting and nausea in individuals who undergo chemotherapy. However, like any other medication, it is also possible to experience allergic reactions or side effects to Marinol, Syndros, Epidolec, and Cesamet.

Most people, however, experience moderate and controllable allergic reactions to marijuana. Many of them are usually similar to seasonal allergy symptoms. Although, individuals may also experience skin reactions such s contact dermatitis. Avoiding the drug and its pollen could drastically improve symptoms and is the safest and best way to avoid allergic reactions in the first place.

However, those with severe symptoms, are required to consult with a professional. They must undergo medical treatment and explore their medical options to handle their allergies. Moreover, they will be required to carry their medication at all times owing to any accidental exposure to marijuana, despite precaution.

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Cannabis Industry- A Way to Business or Social Justice in Society



Cannabis- Business or Way to Provide Social Justice in Society

For many, the booming cannabis industry is a blessing. Within the passage of two decades, cannabis has become a taboo substance to a highly profitable thing available in the dispensaries. According to research in 2019 the cannabis industry has alone provided 33000 jobs. Also, these jobs come with an average income that is 10.7 percent more than the national average income. As cannabis is becoming more common and mainstream many people don’t see any harm coming their way. All they see is an opportunity. Legalizing cannabis can be a significant way to improve society.

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Cannabis Positive Side

Native cultures use cannabis for healing, spiritual and medical reasons. One of the largest cannabis markets in the world is America. Under federal law using, possessing, and sale of marijuana is still illegal. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, the laws are still shifting. The ballot states that soon cannabis will be legal for adult recreational use in many states. In addition to this, it is also estimated that medical use of marijuana will also be allowed in many states. Many people still don’t believe that marijuana is becoming a big business deal.

Decades of drug arrests, violence, sentencing, and imprisonment have tangled the relationship between black and brown communities. According to Stormy Simon, the executive director of the board for Mission Green states that there are many large companies making millions and many people remain in prison because of the classification of the marijuana plant as a Schedule 1 Drug in the same state where adults use is legal. It looks that the cannabis dispensaries are also increasing in number in society along with the pandemic yet the drug remains illegal in others.

A Quick View on the War of Drugs

Social equity becomes a key question. Advocates who look forward to legalizing marijuana have argued for social justice. After decades of the long drug war, they targeted minority, poor communities and societies only. Social justice has been a turning point that has also become the selling point of these drugs in Ney York and New Jersey among many other states that still wait to decide whether to join the states that allow the recreational use of weed or not. It is impossible to talk about marijuana and social equity without really knowing the war of drugs and its after-effects.

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Nixon Era

President Nixon is famously known for his racist views. He declared drug abuse as public enemy number 1 officially culminating the war on drugs. Many people argued that this move is targeting anti-war activists and wage a systematic war against Black Americans, fighting for civil wars.


Many people see a very positive side of the marijuana industry. According to Brittany K Barnett, a lawyer and co-founder state that bold and brave actions are required by the cannabis companies and legislation. She urges that marijuana justice means everyone can achieve economic equity and general social equity. The U.S House of Representatives has passed the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act that the bill has removed marijuana from the controlled substances list.
White believes that cannabis and its related industry can provide many advantages. Not only entrepreneurial opportunities for people of color. One day he expects as a culture and society people to learn the power of this plant. We are not going to over-consume it. Indeed we all are going to use it respectfully.

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How to Make Ice Cream Infused with Cannabis



Cannabis Infused Ice Cream

Some of the common ways to consume marijuana are smoking, vaping, and dabbing. Yet when it comes to edibles then it is another great idea. Some of the treats that you can enjoy at your home are cookies, lollipops, and cannabis-infused ice cream. You just need to follow the simple instructions and enjoy mouthwatering treats.

Initial Three Steps

There are three initial steps that you need to follow to make ice cream. You need to complete these processes before making ice cream because they may take several hours or even more time. The three steps are strain, decarboxylation, and arranging the equipment.


The first step is to select any marijuana strain depending on the effect that you wish for. Just focus on the 15 best strains that may be used for the edibles producing different effects and the ones that you like. The weed ice cream is defined by the potency and dosage depending on the CBD and THC ratio.


Decarboxylation is the activation of the compound CBD in weed. The process is a bit complicated. This process is time-consuming that may take several hours. You should start this process beforehand. To get the desired effects you should follow all the steps correctly.

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Equipment to Use

You require a stove, spoons, saucepans, bowls, and mixer or a hand blender. In addition to this, it will be a perfect idea if you have an ice cream maker. In case you don’t have it just make sure to have a container that fits in your freezer properly.

Cannabis Basic Ice Cream Recipe

The taste of the ice cream differs. Majority of people like the taste of cannabis-infused ice cream. It is an easy recipe followed by 4 ingredients. You will need 4 eggs, ½ cup caster sugar, and 1tsp Vanilla extract. To make simple cannabis cream use 2 cups of heavy cream and 5-10g of marijuana, decarboxylated.
An important thing to consider is the dosage of the weed material that varies according to the strain and individuality. The additional equipment to make this ice cream are cloth or fine mesh, saucepan, and hand mixer. Firstly take a medium saucepan. Secondly, take cannabis and heavy cream and combine them. Then cook below a simmer for 1 hour, strain it through fine mesh or cheesecloth. Lastly, add the non-infused ice cream and mix it with a blender or mixer for half a minute. Just chill it and then it’s ready to use for the ice cream.

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Methodology to Follow

The first step is to take 2 large bowls, separate the yolks and the egg whites and place them in the other bowls. After this, you require to beat the egg whites stiff with a mixer. You can test the consistency by seeing if the peaks form. Once you are done with this then you may add the caster sugar gradually; 1 tsp at a time until 1/4th cup of castor sugar is consumed. Mix the yolks with the rest of the castor sugar and you will find a thick mixture. Add vanilla extract to the mixture and combine both the egg mixtures while folding them smoothly. Now is the correct time to incorporate cannabis cream into the egg mixture. Make sure they are combined perfectly without any lumps. Lastly, you can take any container and pour all the mixture. Allow it to freeze for 3-4 hours.

How to create cannabis ice cream for vegans?

An alternative to heavy cream can be used to make it suitable for vegans. You can use 1 can of coconut cream instead of heavy cream. Also in place of milk, it is suggested that you use 1 can of coconut milk.

Can You Calculate the Potency of Weed in Ice Cream?

Several factors come into play to determine the potency of any edible. For instance, strain, dosage, health conditions, and susceptibility of an individual. Therefore it is advisable to start with a small dosage as it is very hard to calculate the potency of the homemade food items.


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Cannabis Packaging- Need to Recycle



Cannabis Packaging Recycling

Have you ever purchased a few buds of cannabis? You must have noticed the excessive packaging that comes along with it. Based on the laws and regulations it is that way but something can be done in this manner to make our campaign go green running. These packings are thrown away, adding more waste to the landfills.

Save The Earth

We need to save earth from the landfills. The containers that we use currently are decent in size and shape. However, these containers are made up of cheap plastics and cardboard that add up to the wastes. It doesn’t matter whether you are a chain smoker or an occasional one but the amount of waste from purchasing the cannabis keeps on adding up. Imagine a person who smokes cannabis every day. Then this person is likely to go to the dispensary every week or might be on alternate days. The amount of packaging waste will be a lot. Imagine accumulating the packaging waste for a month, two, and then might is a year or two it will be a lot.

Recycling Cannabis Packaging

We can have a system where we can recycle all the cannabis packaging just the way we do in the case of cans and bottles. Might be the government can add a small incentive so that people dispose of the packaging properly. This incentive will help to reduce and lessen the impact of disposal on our environment. The Alberta Bottle Depot Association in Canada states that only cannabis producers will be responsible for innovating, investing in, and funding cannabis package recycling solutions.

Think Twice Before Throwing

Before you even think of throwing the cannabis packaging you should consider recycling the packaging. Just give it some time. You can come up with a variety of ideas. Consider using it for a variety of purposes like using glass jars for growing flowers at home. We can even reuse rather than recycling. Make it a point to ask your dispensary about their reuse or recycling program for cannabis packaging.

Also, some dispensaries will allow you to reuse the exit bags; most of them will not allow customers to reuse the packaging that contains marijuana products earlier. On the other hand, some dispensaries do offer recycling services and incentives for bringing old containers. In case your dispensary doesn’t offer any recycling or reusing of the exit bags then you should contact them on their website or their social media page. The very successful dispensary owners pay a lot of attention to their ratings and reviews.

How to Recycle Cannabis Packaging?

Even if none of the local dispensaries offers recycling options you can always use your creativity. There are several options to reuse the cannabis packaging. Companies like Colorado’s Green for Green are working to transform Cannabis container usage. Not only this, but it also aims to provide recycling bins around the Front Range.

Another very good option is the charitable organizations that accept such containers and sends them to countries that need medical supply containers. You can remove the labels on the glass and plastic containers by removing the glue from hot water. Also for recycling the plastic containers you need to watch the bottom of the container to see the triangle and the number that it contains. You have to act according to the number in the triangle. It looks like coming to the culmination but recently recycling has a different story due to China’s denial to accept any more American waste.

Some More Tips

You can even use the glass jars and excessive packaging to organize your things like screws, small pins, and nails, or any of the loose items lying in your drawers. You can make a pen and pencil holders for your office desk by simply cutting the top of the plastic containers. Try using DIY hacks too.

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It’s high time that cannabis is legalized and there is a boom in sales so its manufacturers should just not focus on the green plants but also the planet. It is an ideal condition that everyone pays a little attention to this concern and invest in a proper reusable container that they can refill every time.

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