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Could You Be Allergic To Marijuana? – Symptoms, Causes, And Prevention




Recently, in the past few years, the number of reports regarding marijuana-related allergic symptoms has significantly increased. One of the reasons may be the increasing popularity of the drug, especially as a medication for a variety of conditions. Moreover, a few states have even taken the next step towards legalization for recreational purposes.

CBD oil, however, can also induce unwanted reactions in some individuals. Over 50 million Americans are suffering from at least one kind of allergy. While marijuana could be potentially beneficial medically, the marijuana pollen could be responsible for triggering allergy symptoms in specific individuals. According to the AAAI (American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology), an individual is prone to developing allergies or any sensitization towards marijuana, after adequate exposure. here are the 4 ways individuals can be exposed to the allergens

  • smoking marijuana
  • eating marijuana
  • touching marijuana
  • inhaling pollen

Research from 2013 has shown that particular strains, such as Cannabis sativa, can cause irritation. A recent study from 2018, however, reported that individuals are more prone to cannabis allergies if they are also allergic to dust mites, molds, or plants. Regardless, further research is necessary for conclusive outcomes and the establishment of possible associations.

Allergic symptoms

General symptoms of allergies triggered by marijuana are not so different from seasonal allergy symptoms such as

  • congestion
  • dry cough
  • nausea
  • itchy eyes
  • runny nose
  • red, or watery eyes
  • sore or itchy throat
  • sneezing

One may also develop contact dermatitis y simply handling the drug. This skin condition can cause symptoms such as-

  • dry skin
  • itchiness
  • blisters
  • hives
  • red, inflamed skin

These symptoms of allergies caused by marijuana can be developed immediately after being exposed to the plant. However, in other cases, they may take an hour or so to begin. To reduce the intensity of the symptoms, the individual should stop smoking or touching marijuana. Anaphylaxis is an uncommon but severe allergic reaction and can be fatal. It is an immediate reaction that occurs within seconds after the exposure.


Cross-reactivity can be a potential risk for marijuana allergies and can occur when proteins in another plant have enough resemblance with proteins in the marijuana plant. An allergic reaction can be caused due to exposure to similar proteins.

Doctors conduct their diagnosis of marijuana allergies like they would, for any other allergy. The yr blood or skin tests.

Skin tests

Licensed doctors will analyze the medical history of a person to further perform a specific physical examination. Furthermore, they may use prick tests for the skin, which are not too invasive and provide fast results. Skin prick tests involve a diluted allergen like marijuana, using a needle on the skin. A red bump or any redness and itching in 15 minutes would indicate an allergic reaction.

An intradermal test may also be used which involves the use of a thinner needle to inject the diluted allergen.

Blood tests

Blood tests can also be used to check marijuana allergies. Samples of blood are tested for the detection of antibodies, to marijuana. Excessive antibodies can indicate allergic reactions to marijuana. Blood tests could be more preferable than skin prick tests due to the involvement of a single needle prick, and the lack of effect by other medications. However, the results may be delayed and they are usually more expensive.


Currently, no such treatment exists for marijuana allergies. Antihistamines are a possible solution for the management of symptoms and discomfort and can be easily purchased online or from a local store. For certain kinds of pollen allergies, allergy shots are recommended for the reduction in the sensitization of the person. However, they are unavailable for the marijuana pollen.

Owing to the lack of treatment options, it is best to play safe. If you feel you are allergic to marijuana, it would be advisable to avoid eating, smoking, or touching the plant for the prevention of allergy symptoms. An epinephrine injection (Epipen, Adrenaclick, or others) must be carried around at all times in case of severe allergies.


Avoiding the plant altogether is the only way to avoid an allergic reaction. In case of allergies to medicinal marijuana, the patient must consult alternative treatment options with their doctor. Meanwhile, people currently working in a marijuana processing plant should avoid their exposure with

  • face masks
  • gloves
  • allergy medications
  • inhalers

CBD oil

CBD is also a compound derived from the marijuana plant and its medicinal uses also involve the treatment of specific seizure disorders. THC and CBD are different compounds where the latter is the psychoactive substance which is also responsible for the “high”. However, CBD has anti-inflammatory and antipsychotic properties.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has by far, approved only 1 CBD drug, Epidolex. This medication is used for the treatment of 2 kinds of rare and severe epilepsy and was approved in June 2018. The FDA also declared the approval of 3 other drugs which consist of a synthetic form of THC. Syndros and Marinol are used to help with severe weight loss caused due to AIDS. Meanwhile, Cesamet can aid in the prevention of vomiting and nausea in individuals who undergo chemotherapy. However, like any other medication, it is also possible to experience allergic reactions or side effects to Marinol, Syndros, Epidolec, and Cesamet.

Most people, however, experience moderate and controllable allergic reactions to marijuana. Many of them are usually similar to seasonal allergy symptoms. Although, individuals may also experience skin reactions such s contact dermatitis. Avoiding the drug and its pollen could drastically improve symptoms and is the safest and best way to avoid allergic reactions in the first place.

However, those with severe symptoms, are required to consult with a professional. They must undergo medical treatment and explore their medical options to handle their allergies. Moreover, they will be required to carry their medication at all times owing to any accidental exposure to marijuana, despite precaution.

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Four Tips to Secure Cannabis Dispensaries in Oregon Today



cannabis dispensaries with grilles

Since the chain of cannabis crime is being beaded at a much faster rate in Portland, Oregano, there is a dire need to enhance the security measures. Robbery of a cannabis dispensary is as money-spinning as of a bank. Until an act is passed to allow the transactions, cannabis dispensaries remain the prime target of a robbery as all dealings continued to be done in cash.

Tips to Fortify Cannabis Dispensaries Security

The recent report by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission showed almost 120 robberies since march 2020  in Portland Metro alone. It resulted in a total loss of $500,000 in terms of both products and cash. To strengthen the security around the dispensary in a quick and easy way, a key step is to install rolling doors to keep criminal activities at bay.

Tip #1 – Tight Security Measures at Storefront

One of the most popular yet helpful ideas to prevent looting is to install heavy-duty steel doors, which can help add an extra layer of protection for the cannabis business. The plus point is that the manufacturer can directly mount it into the already existing buildings exteriorly. Also, these are significantly helpful in protecting the glass windows, which can be expensive to replace.

What’s more, it can block the view of the thieves to the merchandise. These are different from the other standard rolling grills. With these, the criminals won’t be able to see the stockware when the door is closed. Some of the dispensaries have tested their door against the Department of Defense to assure that even no violent attack can harm them. These doors are lift- and pry-resistant.

Tip #2 – Need of Visibility and Ventilation

If the cannabis dispensary owner wants to let the outside world see their merchandise, there is a need for more robust security. With compact impact glass and a heavy-duty grille, it is possible to stay away from the world’s sight when needed.

Easy custom orders and installation makes it an excellent choice to adhere to the security demands. Heavy-duty grilles that have rods closely spaced and strong interconnections are difficult to lift and attack than the standard grilles.

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The rolling grilles become even a much better option to protect the counters in the cannabis dispensaries. There is no need to do any modifications to adjust it behind the glass door. It can be easily installed in small places where the ceiling is low.

Tip #3 – Separating Cannabis Dispensary from the Store

Cannabis dispensaries in the high-end stores need extra protection, and thus, important to separate them from the rest of the shop. Cannabis dispensary separated from the rest of the shop can have different operational hours like some states have specifically specified.

The mesh metal grilles look much better and significantly affect the aesthetics of the store. It can deliver both beauty and security while customers can easily view the cannabis products of the store. There are manufacturers who are even designing logos on the grilles to give aesthetic pleasure.

Tip #4 – Secure Delivery to and from Cannabis Dispensaries

The cannabis dispensary owners usually tend to forget about secure deliveries that are most prone to attacks. Deliveries being made at the store back and the receiving areas are usually the areas of concern. It is extremely important to track down the time of delivery, people present there, and the stock delivered.

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The heavy-duty service rolling doors provide exceptional security than those traditional sectional rolling doors. They are made to meet the demands of beauty and security, both as they are highly customizable and can be easily adjusted to limited spaces. They offer the idea of security by using stainless steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum in the grilles.

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Impaired Driving: A Must Consideration for the State’s Cannabis Bill



impaired driving in New York

Even with the concept of Vision Zero and more raising concerns for the traffic rules, Albany legislators aren’t focused on it, while rushing to legalize the use of cannabis in New York. Silive shares the thoughts of how important it is to slow down the process of legalization and first pass on a bill that would stop impaired driving and hold marijuana-impaired drivers accountable for accidents.

Before the legalization of marijuana, to create a safer environment, it is extremely important to put pressure on the notion that studies categorize all intoxicating substances as unsafe for driving.

Impaired Driving Same as a Speeding Ticket

No consideration against the impaired driving would make people think it unimportant as a speeding ticket. This indirect message by the leaders would eventually lead to a greater number of casualties with each passing day.

It is nothing but a truth that marijuana has the potency to affect concentration, response time, motor function, and movement. Also, the science links a high concentration of THC in the blood due to cannabis intake to impaired driving. Surprisingly, marijuana is a second substance that has a major influence on driving capability after alcohol.

Need to Reinforce the Drug Definition in New York

Apart from considering classifying impaired driving due to marijuana as a minor criminal act, some light should also be shed on revising the term drug as other 45 states have done. Any substance should be called a drug that can compromise the ability to think, focus, and react.

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If this act is not taken, according to the law, they cannot be charged if the alleged impaired drivers refuse to have a chemical test. The dismissal would eventually result in chaos and poor law enforcement. Such impaired drivers could not be held accountable and would be back on the roads again, risking the lives of hundreds of people.

The legislators of Albany must think about the message they are conveying to the younger generation out there. Already, as shown by the personal accounts of many teenagers, marijuana is nothing big for them and seems harmless.

Different treatment for impaired drivers than those drunken drivers would further strengthen this perception among people. Since neighboring states have already legalized marijuana for recreational and other purposes, New York seems to be next.

Strict Laws and More Investment in the Traffic Sector

Along with the modifications in the law to serve a better criminal justice system, there is a need to pass on better provisions to ensure safety on roads. No person should become a target of  people managing a 3,00 pounds vehicle while being impaired by marijuana, asserts the source.

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There should be provisions in the law to hold such people against the criminal act. To run a smooth traffic system, it is mandatory to design out complete traffic safety rules. There should be more people, funding, and resources to train the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) officers and create awareness of the possible effects of drug abuse, including marijuana. As time has changed, the use of synthetic drugs has made it difficult to articulate a specific one; thus, the need for DRE officers has become as important as the need to include the provisions in the bill.

The legalization in New York for cannabis should be set straight from the start. Before the bill includes and assures safety on roads, the legalization of recreational cannabis is a non-starter. All the roads

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Cannabis Sales Reaches Skies, Set Highest Mark With $17.5 Billion Sales



Cannabis Industry On Rise

The novel coronavirus has been devastating for most industries. For some industries, however, it was bliss. Concerning cannabis, 2020 was a breakout year. Across the United States, 15 states granted permission for adult use, while 35 states allowed medicinal use of cannabis. According to a recent  report by Forbes, there was a 46% incline in cannabis sales and use in comparison to 2019, with a budget of $17.5 billion.

Cannabis Sales Increase In Different States

Generation of sales or profit occurs from both medical and adult-use of cannabis. However, recreational or adult-use generates the highest portion of sales, especially in markets like the Colorado marijuana market. In Colorado, the sale of marijuana increased by 26 percent resulting in business involving $2.2 billion. 

According to BDSA, an improvement in sales of Oregon occur by 29 percent from 2019. Moreover, the Oregon market makes a business of $1.1 billion. The cannabis market in Illinois is under progress and development. Yet, it was able to achieve the highest sales in 2020. 

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Moreover, during 2020 Illinois marijuana industry expanded from medical use to adult use. As a result of legalizing adult-use, an increase of $784 million occurs in sales. Besides, now Illinois is doing sales of over $1 billion in its marijuana market.

Sales in California and Florida also increased. $ 586 million increase in sales of marijuana in the California market occurs, a total of about $3.5 billion business is happening in it. Moreover, the rise of $473 million occurs in the Florida marijuana market. 

What causes The Rise In the Economy Of the Marijuana Industry And Market?

According to BDSA’s insights and analytics department, the cannabis industry is recession-proof and continues to progress. Moreover, it has the most potential of evolving and flourishing. 

According to Kelly Nielsen, the rise in the marijuana industry was due to three reasons. Firstly, during the coronavirus pandemic, dispensaries were major-businesses, and many individuals built their own. 

Secondly, more devoted customers enter big markets like California, Colorado, and Oregon. Third, multiple states legalize the use of cannabis for both medical and adult use. As a result, the overall sale of marijuana products increased remarkably in the previous year. 

Moreover, another major factor is that individuals have begun to consume cannabis in larger amounts. Furthermore, more and more people are now involved in marijuana consumption.

Cannabis users agree that their consumption of cannabis has increased by 25 percent since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the demand for cannabis in legal markets has risen since legalization. According to Nielsen, alcohol penetration is 60 percent, while marijuana penetration is 50 percent.

Cannabis Industry Achieves Mega Sales Hits

Urban Leaf co-founder Josh Bubeck states that 2020 has been a tough year due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Urban Leaf was able to enhance the market penetration of its cannabis products from 37% to 39%. Moreover, according to Bubeck, the company had its best sales during the last week.

Cannabis companies that have dispensaries at the places of tourists’ attraction suffer the most losses. Similarly, Urban Leaf‘s flagship location near Sea World suffered the biggest-drop. 

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The legalization of marijuana enables doing business legally and prohibits doing illegal activities. As a result, legal-activities rise, and the pressure of high demand in legal setup rises. Similarly, the closing of illegal dispensaries moves more individuals towards legal dispensaries, leading to a further rise in sales. 

Like other cannabis companies, Sava also gets involved deeply in the market. Moreover, according to the founder of Sava, the company observes 60% more growth in their sales during 2020.

According to Andrea Brooks, people are getting comfortable with new legalization and decriminalization policies. Moreover, as people are getting-used-to cannabis policies, the demand for cannabis products is rising, and so are its sales. Despite large profits and sales during the pandemic, no marijuana industrialists want to relive the stressful 2020. 

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